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Oct 2012
I deny the feelings i have for you.
I deny every time you walk down the street and my homie ask if i love you and i say ******* but in the back of my mind all i can think about is how much i l rlly love you 
I deny the fact the when you got a new man that it dosent hurt me because i know i can treat better then any ***** ever will
I deny that you are not the most beautiful thing in the world because your beauty is what wakes me up in this world
I deny that i dnt want you as my future wife Knowing deep down that all i want to do his hold you tight right by my side you as my bonnie and me as your clyde 
I deny how intellectual you really are even tho your the most intelligent woman in the world
I deny that i dnt think about you when i sleep but we both know your in my dreams always holding hands taking on the world as best as we can
I deny i dont want to be your protector even tho i wont let anything hurt you
I deny that your eyes arent pretty but gorgeous like the sunset over the seas
I deny that your not all i want but you are the only thing i need
I deny i deny i deny i deny
I dont know why i deny
I deny to tell you the truth all the time because  it might hurt 
I deny that deep down inside that your not my favorite girl
I deny your not my whole wide world
I deny that this poem wasnt made for you to show my love for you. 
I guess you will never know how i really feel for you because of my denial
Written by
Dougie london
   --- and Carter Ginter
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