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Dougie london Dec 2013
A reflection of an angel
A woman with attitude and perfect in every angle,
Your kisses are sweet as pie
Every time I see you I get butterflies,
I put on a disguise to be a tough guy but you see right through it and turn me into a little child,
Laying on my chest our hearts connecting with each beat,
When we make love you leave me speechless
Im addicted to your body baby and all its perfect features,
Phone calls every night ending with I love you and good night,
One of these days my love will be my wife
Dougie london May 2013
Waking up in the morning to your beautiful face, no ******* on so we can skip straight to 3rd base

Wet desire between your legs, I begin to start it off with just a taste

Grabbing the pillow to put on your face to hide your moans because it feels like your going into outer space

Switch places to make my body feel oh so great,in my mind I never want to leave this place

I put in slowly and you have a deep gasp, slowly stroking to feel every sense

Grabbing your **** to transfer my energy within, you whipping your hair perfectly in the wind

****** at the same time and we both collapse on the bed

Wake up and walk down stairs to see you only in my favorite shirt cooking breakfast and you ask with a smile what I want for dessert
Dougie london May 2013
Don't compare me to another teen because I have my own individuality even if that contrasts to reality.

They want us all to be the same, test us and want us to have the same grades but we all have our own brains different minds and in time no one will ask how our grades were in senior high.

They tell us to be different but compares us to other kids  I don't think this is fair because individually our minds can never be compared
I am who I am and there will not be another like me I am unique like a precious jewel found in the sea.

Artist say urban art is amazing but the graffiti on the side of building that actually shows a beautiful art technique with passion that shows the beauty in the streets is vandalism but scribbling on a paper is really creative what a shame to put down a kids dream and tell them there nothing but dirt in a desert plain.

But at least when  I become a man I can say I did it on my own plan but i don't think society doesn't understands I want to be my own individual.
Dougie london Apr 2013
I will be someone  special

I might be the next Fortune CEO or Michael Angelo
Whatever it is I will be someone special

I might be the next Maya Angelou or Langston Hughes
You may laugh but in the future Ill look down on your *** *** and say I told you I will be  special

I might be on the next Sports Illustrator with my face all in the papers
If I know anything it is I will be someone special

I might be the next bright intellectual mind who discovers something divine
Whatever it is I feel that I will be special

Theres a chance I can be a religious figure or a spiritual enlighten guru who you will come to for excellent advice
I just got a feeling I will be someone special

I might be the next  Steve Jobs or Bill Gates who will create something that will cause a national debate
Im telling you I will be someone special

I might be a Political mastermind who creates laws to stop crime or a powerful Military figure who you see in the street and say he is my hero
If you don't got it figure out by now I will be someone special

My future is bright
I will cherish life because,
Deep down inside I know I will be someone special.
Dougie london Apr 2013
If I must die today
I want to say that I was alive
Not alive by just breathing
But by seeing the world and actually living
Not just on the weekend
On a everyday basis
Enjoying life
Fighting for whats right
To love
Not hate
If I must  die today
I dont want to argue
But actually have an intellectual debate
Accept my fate and destiny
Wish upon a shooting star
If I must die today
I shall say I love my enemies when they hated me
Cherish the ones that envied me
Say I respected my parents for those were the first to love me
If I must die today
I hope Ill leave this world my way
Dougie london Feb 2013
Pressure every where I go
Will I succeed or have nothing to show?

I don't want to fail in my fathers eyes
The look he gives when he is betrayed  inside

Father tells me to be a recruit
I don't want to be one of the man coming home like a zombiefied stoop

He  says money will make you happy
But if he really knew poetry makes me happy

He doesn't think English is a good major
So I might join the army and do him a favor

Father doesn't know I will live life in regret
If I make him proud he wont sense that im upset

Father just wants the best for me
He doesn't realize that I only know whats the best for me

Should I live an unhappy life and fight?
Or should I stay and live a regular life?

Father wants me over seas
I want to be between my love ones knees

Father says have a career in the army
Im on the path to have a wife and a family

He says women come and go
I only want one woman and I want her to stay for good

He says you will see the world
But I might have to **** innocent souls

What father wants is usually what father gets
So what should change with this show
Dougie london Feb 2013
I am who I am
Not what they think me to be

I praise myself to Allah  and all the wisdom he has teach
A sober mind can see all the deceit in the shadowy streets

My defeats are my greatest victories
If you just look at me you will see a young man with no interest in the world at all
If got to know me you will know that I love poetry and historical sites

In spite failure is my greatest fear
Fear that I will be nothing to the world at all but a *** with a  beard

I work to gain money
I work to gain respect
I work to prove to myself that I am something of worth

I am young man on the road to success
I have a temper
I laugh
I cry
I love

Outside I show a smile on my face
Inside I hide the worry that I will not survive

I am who I am
Not who they say me to be
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