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It's not over until it's over
If that is true
Then I'm pretty sure that we are
Pretty ******* over
i guess we are over
I miss you
Not your body but your friendship
Not your kisses but your laughter
Not your touch but your kindness
I miss you
missing someone makes my heart ache
 Nov 2020 seamlesslyrics
sing me your inspiration,
so that words may blossom
through the rings of the tree
in my paper.

gift me your passions,
so that pathways may carve
through inked rivers
and graphite daydreams.

paint me your love,
so that I may palette
your rainbow
and color my canvas

with my favorite colors of you.

the soft pink
of the inside of your lips,
and the offset grey
haloed through your eyelashes.

tiger lily freckles framed
by sweet peach
and wallflower blushes.

rainfall wrists
and dutch cocoa silk.

all my canvas needs
are the colors of you.
acrylic affirmations and watercolor whispers
 Jun 2018 seamlesslyrics
will you hold me
let's catch our rest
pushing storms
towards the west
can you feel my
heated breath
dragon fire
from cigarettes
shall we still live
in silent motion
love potion
number nine
sprays your body
smells my mind
let's palm some sand
and filter time

there's here and there and nowhere in between,
we've reconciled our hearts with our dreams,
can you imagine life without free,
i'll paint the portrait to release.
4 minutes and 31 seconds
When our darkest day comes
We must learn to adapt
So that one day
We will triumph once more
 Feb 2018 seamlesslyrics
v V v
I saw an old blue jay today
unashamed of his baldness.
His beautiful crown reduced
to wispy sprouts of gray,
every which way
like a patient after chemo.

Beauty cannot exist
without suffering

I saw our rabbit’s kits yesterday,
they looked like little piglets
nestled in her nest of fur and hay,
plump and tender bodies,
tempting feasts for
creatures of the night.

Peace cannot exist
without fear

I saw a hummingbird this morning
and heard her vibrating chirp.
Cautious yet eager she
bobbed and dipped for sustenance
a thousand miles from home
like a prisoner of war.

Home cannot exist
without longing

I see an orangey moon tonight
pierced across the breast by clouds,
in halves instead of whole.
A symbol of the way things are,
a broken world that
few take time to notice.

Consciousness cannot exist
without ignorance

I looked in your eyes just now
and saw love.

Sickness, disease, danger and fear,
loneliness, loss and uncertainty
is, was, and forever will be
washed away in their blue,
at least for me.

Certainty cannot exist
without love

Of this I am certain
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