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I met a genius on the train
about 6 years old,
he sat beside me
and as the train
ran down along the coast
we came to the ocean
and then he looked at me
and said,
it's not pretty.

it was the first time I'd
Flames so high, so hot
that they turn green
and blue;
I hope darling
I really do
that you realize
that's the way i feel
for you
So much thrive
never ending
quest for the
that we do
my love
we do
for the vast and divine world
around us
that gave us life and keeps us
do not get me wrong darling
i just wanna say;
is a wonderful
Perhaps, looking at the peak of the mountain can sometimes shroud the very present path only man can walk.
I woke up late last night,
To a bright burning light,
Heard people talking,
People fighting,
the world turned upside down.

I Wake up,
Then Black out.
How many hours has it been?
3? Maybe 4?
The light is gone,
It's all dark now,
The voices have quietened,
And the fighting has stopped.
I'm alone.

I thought I was in pain when the commotion was going on,
When the fighting was all around me,
When there was fire as the sky.

But I can tell you now,
That nothing is as painful as no one being around, as there being no noise,
And nothing is worse than being lonely.
If i told you i needed help
would you listen?
Or would your silence
Echo off the walls.
See my life is like a car,
Sometimes moving fast
And other times so **** slow.
If i told you i feel hurt inside
would you not just hear
but listen
to what i said
I need someone to care.
Im tired of trying to fight alone.
Im tired of trying to survive at a table for one.
If i told you
I cry all over my body
And each tear is a knife
And they are leaving scars on my flesh,
Would you cut me a bandage,
Sop up my blood,
Or leave me to bleed out.
If i told you
I was alone and my demons are taunting me
would you get me out
Or would you keep walking
or keep scrolling...
Im not begging for attention,
But one cannot be expected to be alone and silent like a life long detention.
If i told you
I was ready to confess everything
Come clean from my secrets,
Strip myself naked so you could see my imperfections
would you care even the slightest bit
Or are you so selfish
And so ignorant
To walk on
And leave this person to die.
If i told you i was ready to die
would you blame it in cliche,
Or believe it and save me from damnation

Its time to think.
It could be up to you
This isnt just my world,
Its yours, too
and dont you want to be
To someone?
I need you.
Because all of these "if i told you's
Are becoming
**im telling you
Help people. Dont leave them alone. Provide help. Depression is very real, and it is all around us. Repost if this means something to YOU
Patterns of the past follow you like fire blazed,
Ever wondered if they will still find your scars and be amazed?
Changing yourself wouldn't undo the mistakes,
For in this life you will get one time takes.
The soul is always hungry for something wild,
But because of the undenying deeds, the heart turns mellow and mild,
It is afraid of someone looking at her naked face,
Ashamed & embarrassed still holding up with the world's pace.
Maybe in the end we all have to find our kind of people,
Just as shady, wild, bound by the demons of a great keeper,
No matter how much you run, your feet is already set on fire,
Are you gonna choose between pure love or the well-aged desire.
No matter how much escape & how  much you run.
Everything settles,  even the shimmering sun.
Look at you & look around, you think suffering is just in you and you are the only one?
Pain & sorrows lies in every soul and that spared none.
The unsettling desires , the relentless pursuing of dreams.
All hide under the reality when it screams.
The despair and powerlessness take over the soul.
Plant your feet and fight for your goal.
Past is a demon , past is cruel and the past, it sure teaches.
The wild experience and inexplicable lessons it preaches.
It beholds immense complexities and innumerable lessons , for past is the creator of future and past is a dauntless teacher*.
Collaborated piece
What is that we fear the most...
It is call death.
But death...
Death is the most beautiful thing in life
We all most catch it
Before it goes.
He is our best ally to the next life.
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