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that which you cant control, welcome with arms open and make the most tangible
everything earthly has become somehow unimportant for my mind(even when I respect it still). It is strangly hard to grasp within words what my mind and spirit is longing for but I know that anything tangible within my concsiousness wouldnt quench it.
here at the end of the world
my pendulum stops

I sit here
finally rested

reflecting on all the reds and blues in life
and I lived it

Lived it in ignorance of this moment
but pulled forward like a moth to a shiny moonlight

I sit here
rested well
When all is black and tattooed.
There is no problem for me to spot even a tiniest light.
Under the black blanket with the white dots
I know Iam at home
My blood tells me so
As well as staring at the big waters

ancestors in my bones
called me back
and I cannot wait to join them

Keep looking up
When I was young boy
I never wanted love
I seeked something more

I wanted a partner
who will join up with me to experience
every stupid thing that life has to offer

We would often think that we ate all the wisdom in world
and then again fail together

Our egoes would crush and deepen
in sorrow times we would share the  light
and in marry times
we would respect the  dark

we would understand that life is far too
short for our mutual feelings to fulfill
that infinite we are not
and our bodies must go

Of death we would think
not always, but from time to time
sharing hands, resting our
old bodies in the living room

In the end we would often go to our long walks
alongside the river and smile and rejoice
because that is the ultimate happiness
knowing we lived together, sharing our virtues
and spreading them into the every situation
give life everything you have, don't hesitate to fall
Summer nights with you
got me feeling like
I have so much to pour out
World seems less cruel
The nights that left you with
a feeling, that we could live once again
and the endless chats felt
like a merging of souls
so baby girl
I really hope
it will swallow us whole.
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