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Jan 2017 · 305
It's about you.
My heart is broken once again, and so I see you standing there, without your smile, without your care.

I wish that I could speak the truth, of how I really think of you, for every time I spend in youth, I never really can see two.

Time know how I try to show, the feelings that invisibly flow, this empty shell I call my home, is just misleading for those unknown.

I say to you, Adieu Adieu, for I never wanted to scar you blue, I wanted to see that yellow hue, like the touch that cleans my cue. Please be yellow, and I'll be blue.
I hope one day you read this note.
Jan 2017 · 285
Today in a nut shell.
You try to trick me, doesnt work, ignore me, schooled you for your hate, end up being the hater.
So why do sickly, current dorks, adore thee, fooled to core door plates, bent cup fleeting a crater.
Too sigh woo crick bee, paws rent torque, be bore three, cool two so more ate, red pup lying remaker.

In short,
Today is weird,
You understand what happens,
But the meaning behind is either vague,
Or downright inapproriate,
But still,
It's fun.
Jan 2017 · 718
Hello goodmorning
Today for calling
So low so snoring
I wonder why we say good morning

Tonight in your place
I help you like im waze
In honesty been daze
I can tell your tired for some days

Get back in bed
Few minutes before Wed
I know it's still a more hours from my bill
But I'll see you right through
Because of my choice of do
So take dudette and dude
Across the globe I'll help you too.
Few days in a new job, hope you guys are doing well across the globe strangers
Jan 2017 · 1.5k
Ako sa
Gumaganap na
Alam ang tama.

In english as a more accurate translation...
Since I actually **** more in my native language....

I am
Definitely against the
Information given by
Oppressing and assuming
Total majority

So yeah, just so you know
Anything is correct, probably, possibly.
Just for fun, imagine someone calls you an idiot for being yourself
Oct 2016 · 768
Some days I feel good,
Come ways dry seal crude,
Done says vile meal dude,
Bites you back til' you bleed food.
The Golden Rule is the most forgettable thing for me, I hope you guys never forget that.
Sep 2016 · 432
Commanding eyes, open,
Read the thoughts,
Scribbled onto the fabric,
Words that are set in stone,
Matter that is untouchable,
Ghostly syllables that have no means,
Interconnected by differential seam,
Like a sweater hugging the truth,
A fluffly mask than enslaves an essence,
Just to supply a relieving sigh,
Just to claim a means to get by,
Just to instill a feeling of a high.
Maybe we want to be strong,
But I'm sure we have a hard time finding out when it is already wrong.
Sep 2016 · 201
When you don't speak
People may think anything,
Create anything,
Take everything.
And when you do speak, people may invent, may dissect, or intersect.
Sep 2016 · 197
The Picture of the World
There is a blue sky,
It's probably really colorless,
Insanely the lights reflect them,
On and off the surfaces of anything and everything,
It is a surreal place where even the weirdest creatures take form,
Some help, some destroy, some are like paperweights flying along the storm,
Silently sound just talks, it takes action without anyone knowing when,
It begins to make sense of every piece in place,
On top of a giant floor filled with invisible mazes,
Where some take, some give, some steal, some respect,
While some feel, some judge, some analyze, some expect,
Tuning into the frequency of inevitability,
While listening closely by the amplitudes of insanity and entropy,
Closely intertwined, it never ends the same way.
Sep 2016 · 228
I always hear this word,
But they use it blindly,
As they project themselves downward,
In aspiral of chaos and confusion,
Leaving nothing but a meaningful weight,
That sends them to the feet of their hosts,
Like parasites that only know how to feed,
Sadly it is not in their capacity to realize,
That no harm and disgust is reflected onto their spirit,
But they continue to rot their own soul,
Excreting an immaterial gas,
Filled with toxins and emotions,
Feelings that make the insides of your stomach tumble,
Up and down then around the bounds,
Boundaries that they could never cross,
Because they are too young, maybe,
Too ignorant, slightly, remorsefully,
Going to schools and institutions,
Just to forget to ask, yourself that is,
And blissfully believing the facts that are handed down, like a vitamin pill,
A placebo that makes you smarter as it seems,
Beneath the soft exterior of a false personality,
Not fake, but inadequately you,
Not enough to be the own individual,
Living a lie handing down whatever the time dictates,
Never asking, why, because it is easy,
It is easy to fall away,
It is easy to hand out words,
That indefinitely hold meaning,
It is just a game of chance and luck,
In a head that refuses to ask,
It is so easy to make labels,
To project the self onto another who does not know,
To another that is seemingly ignorant,
But who is well aware,
But maybe decides to not give a care,
Never ceasing to wonder, why?
They are thousands of four letter words in the hundreds of languages,
And yet they choose to represent themselves in a word that they avert their ego.
Good ears, not eavesdropping, just loud whispers, and a paranoid mindset, given unending patterns, and stale overused personas
Aug 2016 · 194
Empty Dreams
This lies in a far enough world where our family found peace,
A realm where none other than the likes of us could only seek,
We played music to our hearts content,
We made love to the women that set our souls unkempt,

It was the good life or so it seemed,
Until the morning came and we played to spring,
Blooming into adults that is what it sings,
Doing our duties to keep the place at peace,
Killing ghosts and monsters well ain't that obscene,

As forever goes on it stopped with a niche and a nudge,
Like when sleep is done we wake up with the sun,
Whoops I am awake I think that's won,
A given, well this world is better than none.
Dreaming of random things.
Aug 2016 · 858
Fearless vs Courageous
Once was a man just a young boy,
He threw and he drew in the lost playgrounds,
Here is where people met,
They collected stories and secrets that they kept,
It was a vast field of majesty,
All who ever walked on its paths never ceased to live,
But only few have ever died,

Ceasing to exist while the heart still beats,
Breathing softly and surely until their presence turns to mist.
He was one of the few,
He tried to save the tiny compassion left inside a rotten dew,
But alas he was in turn corrupted by the nectar of its dark and creepy hue.
He forgot what it meant,
What it took,
And what it is to be real,
Concrete and strong as steel,
Burning with a passionate spirit of Courage,

With succession he twisted and he toiled,
Ramming the hills of the land and crashing into it's mountains,
There he presumed a title that was astounding for the sound that it makes,
Fearless are we,
Fearless are they,
Fearless with no light,
To embrace the dark fully,
Here his spirit lies,
And his spirit decays,
Never to see a more shaded day,
Brimming with a look that shines more dull each way,

Each way he went it was just mere,
Never was a day that was bland as that,
Until that fateful eve,
Where only downfall would rise with the Sun,
Alongside the humming of the Moon,
Where the cosmic embodiment of Death soon became,

Paranoia juices flowed into place,
For whispers of deceit foul the mortality of the brain,
Corroding the mind until it took him away,
That was the night,
Where one of his deaths took stage,
That was where,
He should have been brave,
To face all in his mind,
And to follow the whispers that were holier than you or than I,
Because that was the end,
*Of the truth on his plane.
He is now reborn but is still dead, among a vast majority of zombies. :p

I'd rather be courageous and be afraid,
Than be fearless and pretentiously perfect in every way.
Aug 2016 · 167
The more I feel,
The more I know,
The more I live,
As a mortal woe.
Be wary of brainwashing internet ads.
Aug 2016 · 372
In present times the world is filled up,
Like a crazy cartoon with characters that build up,
A new hope for an inadequate concieved pup,
Be wary of the real undead whose hearts that still pump,
They live and breathe and talk in their pin ups,
Like the crimson they seek to fill up
Their stomachs of ego will still thump,
Unto the light of the unexpecting machine clump,
Running on programs of unending ****,
That is, what they think, for they forgot the time that they believe is up,
They too are humans that are machine dumps.
Know your friends, or do this and try to protect your friends, if any of it makes sense.
Aug 2016 · 463
Are you afraid of the Dark?
Inside this room, the halls fill with the illuminating darkness,
Where it shines a spotlight on the truths we often hide,
Fall and behold to its witchcraft in earnest prowess,
Cannot seem to unravel the long painted ties,

Maybe it chills to think of the possibility,
Remembering past and futures of an infinite,
Resolute but twisted that is a trap for *******,
To a world only in the imagination where it is not an illusory,

Be careful for naught it is fury of red that will be caught,
Although in this black hallway it would only seem like a pretty thought.
Look yourself in the mirror and ask, maybe dream of the sub conscious and track, where ever you may go it will lie with you, darker than a shadow the temptress (gender and species undefined) may turn you.

P.S. Middle stanza inspired by Jack Black lines.
Aug 2016 · 287
The Secret
Eager to move we take control,
Of the caustic ties with their ebb and flow,
Living it full without the hint of sweet remorse,
To dive right in and seizing the main course,
Carpe is what we were taught to complete the day,
So that is one of the things that we think is right in every way,
But in reality it is a lie in the methods that we feed reality,
When you keep everthing in the dark that then gives you insanity,
Even when it comes to light both deeds and sins they softly bite,
The whole of your mind in sweet delite when secrets are killing you in darkest night on sight.
Paranoia, secrecy, conspiracy.
Aug 2016 · 537
Not death

Breathe slow

Past coil


We don't know

Sad as plain sight

Fake intents

Misdirection and dense

Regrets for tomorrow

Until the demon runs

Mind will be blank

Conscious without reprimand

Disgracing self

And projected shadows

Into millenium of words

That trick only inside

Gross and perfect

Figured somewhat insect

Fear of movement

Ready to read

Never to explore

A monster that is a bore

No true faces

Just stolen ink

Anger in three ports

Without the eyes to close

Ever so unsubtle

Render one cold

With love as slow as shell

Until they grow the verdure fungus
No to rhyming?
Aug 2016 · 517
The Deciever
He stands and walks, and makes himself as hard as rock,
He smiles and waves, at beauties and babes,
Then whispers into a quiet boys ears, makes him excited and confused with fear,
Then screams and shouts on the worlds redoubt,
I do not engage in a sinful dance, while his hand holds the young boys stance,
Caressing it up and down, while the eyes set on the young boy and frown,
He rapes the young one through and through, Forgetting we are in the Twenty-first century too.
When they still be in the closet, but they gayer than your gay brother, more homosexual than your active lesbian lover, and more decietful than a profesional corporate lawyer.
Aug 2016 · 247
Anyone Can Sing
Crap, Dung, Feces, Manure, Nicotine, Poo, ****, Waste,
It never mattered to the ears just as long as it has taste,
Not the tactile on the tongue but rather the slip of the sound,
The way it dances in the air all day around and round,
To bounce off the walls and the cliffs,
Getting smaller as each corner takes a whiff,
Until the message of emotion is released,
Appealing to the hearts as never it will cease,
Sometimes clear as the springs harvest bring,
While other times it comes in discording rings.
Anyone can sing, finding your voice, well, that's another thing
Aug 2016 · 240
What's Up?
It's that time of day,
Where all of your sound starts to decay,

What is it with being right,
When there will always be a handful to write,

Who will tell us that this piece is perfect,
Why do we need to understand if it is correct,

How is it that we just stop,
Hushing onto the last testaments spinning on the top.
It seems it is really rude to just stop talking, especially when you do it back, the demons come out, and you are left with the twin barrels loaded and the tips of your bones pulling softly to whisper goodnight.
Aug 2016 · 200
Its Done
The famous last words,
When you are finished with the world,
After the deed has been made,
Or the blackmail has been laid,
Following the end of the job,
Or when lives have been robbed,
This is what they mostly say,
After swimming through every day,
Some are given the sweet remorse,
While others bury the neat discourse,
Not all are clean of debt,
Especially to their revenge of death,
Because they never died,
They **** everyone they like,
For every soul they vied,
Never reciprocated they vile pikes.
Is it done, especially to people not fighting back? Is it done because you say so? Is it done because you won? When every end is a beginning, so when the world dies will something be born out of its period?
The plot unravels in a place where there is a conflict,
The Just turns the **** locking arms with the Instinct,
Wrapped around a ribbon of constant struggle,
Not an inch of movement was seen to loosen the knot,
Warped under a sheet of plastic paper it carries the thought,
Caught in feet of the moment loved and boggled,
Altruid and Maltruid speaking into the world,
Reflection of mists and essences scuffled into artificial pearls,
It peaks as they peek the unended curiosity,
Whilst the mirror is fuzzing and buzzing,
Of their frail but truthful simple realities,
The key to the treasure they do not see when those eyes are in pus,
They yearn or want to call everybody an "Us".
Have you ever seen two sides in conflict?
Calling the other an enemy?
When in the mirror they can not see?
Eyes, ears, and spirits... Debris...
Aug 2016 · 252
Severe question
Do you not want a happy ending because it's predictable? Or is your life too misrable? Does everybody else need to feel your intangible? Despair or are you indelible?
Just a thought
Aug 2016 · 235
They seek and they seek,
Meek, bleak, and they speak,
That the ones who can are the ones who reek,
Only a fraud for that one is unique,
To their eyes, but not to the peak,
Those who see, whom like to tweak,
With machines of life and of the cheek,
Words that arouse the minds obliques,
Through visions and laws where there is no physique,
Just all even from odds that creak.
The fine lone between megalomania and humility
Aug 2016 · 319
What should I do,
Today's sunny too,
Dear living clue,
Lend me a shoe,
Maybe undo,
The evil brew,
Riding to you,
On your canoe,
So give me two,
Ideas to,
Relate a new,
Concepting stew,
To change the hue,
Of color blue,
So time would *****,
This bolt into,
A place once true,
To brains of poo.
Four syllable fun!
Jul 2016 · 2.4k
Why do...?
Why do you do what you do,
For many it is said for bounty adieu,
To live as long as they can reach,
Held in love that was not preached,

Why do you do what you do,
Made in choice and decisions anew,
Lined with the convictions of the soul and hue,
Written in stone or chanced by clues,

Why do you do what you do,
Searching for a golden cue,
Cure for the soldered shame,
Living towards a blackless blame,

Why do you do what you do,
Is it for naught or is it for thought,
Is it for the righteousness in your mind that you sought?
Why do you remain watching by the side of the road, while they take the gold you have found by the cove, is it not right to not move in time, mimic of a sloth is that all right, then I ask you, why do you do what you do, let me guess for fame fortune and fortudious power asoon?
Jul 2016 · 450
The Saddest Story Today
He said,
Come down here!

I said,
*When you're up there?
Some people never get the point,
From dragging down they evolve into pushing down, leading you astray, and thinking that it was for the best, maybe, maybe not, maybe you need a shrink.
Jul 2016 · 144
In remembrance
I see a picture of a being,
Standing tall smiling and being,
An individual.

Not so similar,
Not so dicferent,
But I will remember you as we pass,
Into the wind as we are the ash.
Jul 2016 · 164
He asks me why wonder,
You can know by a flick of the wrist,
By the bruise on the skin,
Sliding through the memory of memories.

Why wonder?
Because of the questions and the mist,
The uncertainty of holy and sin,
Finess bridging the simulation of falacy.

I love to wonder,
It tells me the story of a stranger,
It may not be true to all, but that is my wager,
It tells me the state of my soul, should I be in danger.

In a world where reality is fantasy,
Where living alive is the ultimate dream,
In the goal of surviving, fictional as it seems,
Where adults are children, having fun in an epic eternity.
Jul 2016 · 338
Somehow He tells me not to sleep tonight,
Whispers of a demon creeping out with blight,
The "Dream Eater", he smiles and says goodnight,
Tomorrows anew, as I cook up a stew, so sleep tight,

Little do you know what your treasures insight,
So scrumptious, they feed me even if they are made of light,
Do not worry little one, you do not need them, that's right,
For they are mine now so just be careful of my bite,

I will not harm you I just came to write,
What is yours will never be yours, because I will always steal your might.
Jul 2016 · 307
Short Term
I can hear a voice,
A melody,
That he, rejoice,
It echoes in tune,

From morn until noon,
Lacking the apathy,
That senses the mood,
No signal, no choice,

It flow inside a symphony,
But just so moist,
Slipping through reality,
He jumps out, and is gone, like a loon.
Jul 2016 · 486
Cost and Wages
Life with peace, prosperity,
Brought to see, who is to be,

From the bonds that broke, and clean blood to soak,
Of friends and fathers, lovers, cease and end.
Jul 2016 · 720
I am a Sloth
Confess, to sins you lie on,
Contest, not a quality of mind,
Attest, reality and fiction,
Undress, utility of pride,
The Sloth still sleeps, blind,
And hide.
Last two lines were made only to rhyme
Jul 2016 · 201
If you're in dire need of a fool,
More so that you burn innocence,
That must mean you ran out of tools,
And your fear is ganging up on you.
Jul 2016 · 280
Different, you and I
Never see, never aye
I hear you scream,
I shout the steam,
We never seem to be,
Connected, you and me,
I dare to care, woe and woe,
Control, so and so
Much we have been,
Oblidged but paper thin,
The bond is dimly stoutly and scrim,
A short shot end of endless whim,
The best I could ask for,
True friend with shaky splendor.
We maybe different, but I guess life slaps you in the face, related by blood surely doesn't mean that you're the same, but family means I'll keep up with your insane.
Jul 2016 · 282
Hello! Help! Is anybody there!
I can't move! Can anybody help!?
It's dark, and cold! I can't move!
Somebody! Anybody!?
I can't feel it!
I can't feel my...
Fear, anger...
I just feel...
Cold, and heavy, but not empty.
Bored at that too.
Jul 2016 · 328
Empty or New? Old or Deep?
What is there in esence today,
We look and,
Then what,
Does it mean,
Lovely, or is it,
Dearly in the eye,
Feudal in a time, frame,
Leveling the inertia,
From the point of potential,
Gravitational on kinetics,
What then,
Laizze Fairre they say,
But does it,
Teach, Learn,
Aimless swords,
Countless pens, painted,
Business, booms,
On life, death,
Satirically speaking,
New, because,
Boring is the Old.
When movies are about CGI and stories are empty or cliché, who knows
Jun 2016 · 638
I wallow in my sleepless nights,
Typing away on this keyboard,
Sometimes it feels more like a page,
From my notebook from those high school days.

Where I would draw unend, ignoring science my best friend,
Fill up the pages with shapes and letters,
Where the lines define the universe,
Where people and stick beings intertwine,
With dancing letters some bold, some shy,
Lettering was also caught in my, little web,
Where a monkey does what a monkey sees,
Where limitless was just a level three,
My ninety nine was at a killing spree,
Then they soon forget as in time degrees,
Where fate was faked in an autopsy,
I guess that is what teenagers be,
A pack of animals, learning to be,
Human, again and again, I see.
When we were young, stubborn, and naïve.
Jun 2016 · 260
8 Hours
I miss you, inside
I miss your running, inside
I miss your loudness, inside
I miss your mess, inside
I miss our munchies, inside
I miss our plays, inside
I miss our bonding, inside
I miss how you take care of me, inside
I miss how you protected me, inside
I miss how you understood without words, inside
Inside, I cry for you, inside
I will always cherish our memories, inside
It's been eight hours, so I still cry, inside, and out
For the dearly departed,
May their spirit give us hope,
May their memory keep us warm
May their legacy bring us life.
Jun 2016 · 293
My Sweetheart that runs on two
Even if She does not bloom
The sweet scent of Her comes too
Even at the peek of doom

My Sweetheart She loves us so
She dies and lives for us to grow
The endless nights of pain She sow
The brightful morning for us to go

The sweet song of Her hummingbirds
Live by their cages as She just yearns
Can they not stop the selfish turns
As they **** Her in selfless curves

She loves us dear but she may die
As apathy becomes obliged
Where the chosen just humbly lie
As false heroes pillage Her inside
In a politically corrupt system, hoping that change comes soon
Jun 2016 · 240
While walking along the path
Something intriguing shall pass
In the event of the start
The end will come to attack

Knowing pitch black will await
Is just another number in a page
We idly look and participate
When the wages come and evaporate

It is never easy to know the fin
Not knowing if the period is win
But the company we bring will pass
Embedded to our memories little lass

So fret no longer for my wish is bright
Even if all heaven ends tonight
In my spirit I will hold you tight
For the hope we share will be our might
Rest in Peace, with love unseen
How awesome must it be to be that guy in Lie to Me

How interesting would this life be to peel into Telepathy




They tell who is blind for they cannot see

They shout who is deaf for they do not hear

They label who is not for they do not know




A never ending scene of entropy

Where lines are ignored when the points are crazy

Eccentric, Hysteric, Psychotic

Mere words thrown into antics




While others see through the untinted air waves

Bearing the weight of the judgement of the stalemate

They pray patience to the fine line of difference

There is good,

Yet there is bad,

But they cannot say,

This is good and that is bad
For those who feel but cannot explain, for those who see but are thrown from reality, for those who see light, breathe light, and bring light in this ridiculous darkness
Jun 2016 · 200
How do I recognize

I believe that we have met before

Maybe it was that time

Now returning to settle old scores

Keeping each detail in light

Confused at what could have

Focused away from what should have

Living in fleeting flight

Sweet dreams waking from the night

If this could be the period of that might

Then please let it be the brightest bright

As someday all will fall, and new comes to light
Get a mirror ******
Jun 2016 · 289
How didoo I am moving as two
Fast I flew just to catch the morning dew
Peek a boo the seargent screams at you
Stay in cue don't move like glue
Just when you try to do
The officer of sloth gets to brew
Trying to be active
Jun 2016 · 182
Never will it matter to do good for someone else

To give and take but to give intense

Soaring the skies as murdering pretense

Dealing with our death in instinctual defense

Never will it matter, for everything matters else
My Truth
Jun 2016 · 242
I see that you feign empathy

For the bounty of pride and glory

But the cost of illusions and hippcracy

What is it that you steal so dearly

What is a throne you covet so surly

Is this the truth of your splendor

But to you we are playthings of this ender

You are not Him but you play to be

Do you want Him to acknowledge thee

Are you of this or are you not

Are you ready to begin your onslaught

Can you tell that we both lie

In a pool that was twisted to be vile

We will clash and will always meet

Even if we are miles apart, isn't that neat
What now?
Jun 2016 · 159
Take Care They Say
I cradle inside my cave,
Awaiting the rising of the day,
Where the shadows are amiss,
And the rays have gone abliss,
Where the rascals came and say,
Take care boy coloured in grey,
With the tongues hissing,
And the fangs grinning,
Where the match stick was struck,
My mind was set a mock,
To worlds that intertwine,
My spirit snuffed the pride of the swine,
Casting the soul with great terror,
With blood lust soaked in fervour
Then the sky in body,
Told me what folly,
How much they play with words,
Sarcastic as mirrors of ****,
The hidden crimson desires,
Take care they say,
Because we will get you someday,
On the ground with your remorse,
With your fear and your discourse,
Your death will be our triumph,
Your death will satisfy our hungering and defiance.
Mar 2016 · 205
A not so Poetic Story
When I was young I believed in all the cool things that I see,
I believed they were great, awesome, and strong as can be,
There I was a boy so little so eager and so meek,
And yet only kindness did I weep,
I thought to myself that I wasn't fit,
To be so inspiring, and weak as a slip,
And so I sought to be higher in all aspects til',
I could see myself greater than any of it,
So I learned to lie was first of my lips,
Because of the scorn of sorrow that oppressors brought with,
So I seized power from their hands of defeat,
But power was maddening to a lad in his nick,
He grew mad and evil until a fate had a frizz,
And the kind words of wisdom gave his heart a big itch,
Then he remembered kindness, it wasn't really a smidge,
So he went on his journeys with a curse on his tongue,
He breathed it so long it stuck onto his kiss,
A taste of poison everyone saw sweet,
Only his fallen enemy knew it,
He tried and he tried yet the boy couldn't fit,
He meant some, he tried some, he prevented but would sit,
He wanted to stop but he couldn't on run,
Like he was on ***, but the honest won't lift,
So farther in the future he sought to make mends,
He started keeping shut with only the truth with his rends,
But sometimes the courage would not work to his blend,
So he struggles to the day with a hint of conviction and then.
Once upon a time a rat met a mouse,
It let the latter was tricked into opening the house,
The prior smiled but hid his knife,
And made fun of the latter and his life,
He hath done wrong to a lot in his prime,
And he ran and ran for none sees the strife,
But when he found the latter in a bind,
He sought a beautiful plan in his mind,
It was a malevolent yet indescribable plan,
And he let the rabid venom of his words seep,
Turning the world and the foundations in its land,
Loving himself so much he ignored the stand,
The conscience of his stand become but a hand,
To smack those in the light and destroy all that who demand,
That what is right is what is wrong in his eye,
He loved to see others in the pan,
Burning and seething and bleeding for his man,
He was a man, yet he loved another man,
There was nothing wrong but he loved to be the Man,
It was not futile yet it would surely take some time in the sand,
Yet he still told lies and stepped on the foot of all in his path,
Then the latter told him in privacy that it was not good to grant,
Himself the power on his current reprimand,
He saw this as bad as he does not see what is right,
He believes only himself to be right which made the latter sad,
Fury in his head and sanity gone mad,
He sliced the latter's face and slice his own in a brand,
He swapped the two and sewed it with iron clamps,
Til' this day the latter would just stand,
As all the world thinks that he is the bad,
When he now tells of the wrongs, and the evil of grands,
He appears as the villain as the villain reeks of his band.
The story of a frame up in a not so easily understandable land.
Mar 2016 · 298
Wealth is a Mind

Where Love is just a Kind

Wholly It looks Blind

But live Two and then Grind

For you know, you will not Find

Another like your Bind

The Differences are Sublime

It's a Shadow that will Remind

That IT will NOT MATTER in due Time
Attended this awesome talk, in a nutshell here is what I learned, not what they taught exactly but what I made of what they were talking about.
Mar 2016 · 700
So is this an addiction, a crude misconception?
Mostly feeling the wind creased in the wrong direction.
What I thought I like, what they told me I was,
Now fades from the glimpses of eternity.

Fashioning a pedestal for a new tomorrow,
Blind but with faith I caress all this sorrow,
I bid you adieu, *******, subdued.
No I am not in remorse, I cannot alter my force.

By the fact that the energy deranges like swollen entropy.
Can be acknowledged yet immaterial to intrigue.
Echoing the silence that for soothers to ring.
Loss of the false feel of psuedo-histrionic-apathy.
I guess we we're all wrong at some point, I still feel confused, it is just a feeling so maybe I need to stick to it?
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