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rae Oct 2014
an intense feeling of love that cannot be held between your hands
it’s more than what comes physically
it’s one that amasses all compassion
it’s not for one, but all
Written after an intense wave of emotion; I fully realize that love is not just something is chased by ideal relationships or admiration.
rae Sep 2014
"you should eat", said they
"i can't," said i, "i just can't."
rae Jul 2014
i don't like admitting this but i think i miss the way you held me while i was lining up with everyone else
i miss the way you glanced over at me for no reason
i miss the way you give me awkward smiles as if you knew something about my feelings toward you

but i know you don't mean it
i think
i think that maybe
i love
rae May 2014
i will think about you in the middle of the night

i will remember how almost everything smells like you
you smell really good

the halls i passed smelled like you
rae May 2014
tragically telling you about nothing and everything is spinning around my head but not in a bad way. the color grey reminds me of you because of your jacket. your jacket was nice and everything almost reminds me of you it's getting scary.
rae Apr 2014
let it pour, let it pour. sometimes i don't want to be something that you don't think i am. i want to be someone with you and nice to you and be there, be there. i don't know how am i supposed to feel--when i saw your question out of the open (it didn't even say it was you but i knew) i felt like it was something i did but i did it unintentionally, i really did.
you're becoming someone more cautious (afraid but more open, guarded towards me yet longing for others) and i am afraid it was
my fault
you're obvious and you can't see that it's swirling inside of me

— The End —