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  Apr 2020 Pyassa Lias
when lights go out
loneliness creeps back in
like a dear old friend that never left
and meant no harm
even though every time we met
i ended on the ground
  Apr 2020 Pyassa Lias
SA Szumloz
We share the same beginning
Birth that seals are human suffering
We share the same end
Entering the realm of the dead
We lead different paths, yet
We're tormented by the same threat
Walking through life alone
Why are we flying solo?
Why are we pushing each other away
When we're meant to stay
Together, hand in hand?
Pyassa Lias Apr 2020
Do the heavens rule that much
I speak of our doomed love, that the stars malign
The joyous day, destined to be apart
From the ambient darkness of the night
Oh farewell, farewell I bid this ****** earth
If we’re to be, only in death
Then to your arms, I’ll race, Where I’m to die
Pyassa Lias Apr 2020
She hums to the beat
Of my racing heart
And my deal with the cousin of death
Collapses and at once I resurrect
With her laying on my naked chest
I transform into a playful child
Fingers travelling at a snail’s pace
Through the traffic of her hair
A world stricken with war
All my life, I’ve run headless
In pursuit of the look of peace
And there it wore your face
And it’s beautiful
Pyassa Lias Apr 2020
Tired flames
Still burn, though they struggle
Tired flames, The wind is to come thy way
And fight you shall, to keep thy light

To the heavens one cries for mercy
Only to be met with rain
Tired flames
Struggle, struggle
They come for your light
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