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Leave me to die
with my heart in my hands
rivers down my face
gut-wrenching, twisting, stabbing pain.
Leave me to die
because its easier
to rise alone, stand alone
I hope you enjoy being by yourself
you may have been all I had
but I was all you had too.
Go right ahead
and leave me to die
you'll regret it
when I finally stand up
mend myself
fix the things you couldn't be bothered with.
Leave me to die
because I will be back
stronger than before
and I won't go back to you
not this time.
Leave me to die
and I will leave you to suffer alone.
Wake up,
no breakfast,
it's too early for that.
Go to school,
no sleep,
there's no time for that.
Attend classes,
get stressed,
no time to cry about that.
Survive the morning,
small lunch,
too many people for that.
Go home,
do homework,
no time for anything but that.
Eat dinner,
hold in complaints,
no open ears for that.
Go to bed,
don't sleep,
too awake for that.
Wake up,
repeat the motions,
too late to change that.
Half-full or half-empty?
But does the amount of water
really matter
when the glass shatters...
Giving up isn’t as hard as you’d think
Because I’ve given up thinking as well.
you need to have a bad day,
you need to listen to sad music,
you need to have doubts,
you need to hate your closest friends,
you need to have a down moment,
you need to cry,
or scream,
or just be
whatever it is you need.
Because sometimes,
that is the only way you can recover.
What is love?
Is there really a definition
for something so broad.
I doubt you can narrow it down.
Which is why I say
"I don't know"
when you ask.
Because how do you know
if you've been in love
if you can't even define it?
Maybe I am in love
but how would I know?
How does anybody know
if they've ever truly loved someone?
There are too many
too too many
they fill my head
and pound at my skull
begging to be released
but they can't escape
I can't let them escape
They could hurt
and they could damage
those around me
so I hold tight
to my truth
to protect everyone
even though
its slowly killing me.
Nothing I do
Will ever be good enough,
Will it?
Not for you,
Not for anyone.
And that gut-wrenching realization
Crushes me to pieces
Every ******* time.
Your words,
oh your sweet and wonderful words
your beautiful and perfect words
Your terrible, horrible, misleading words.
Your words
that convinced me
that you care
that you understand
that you maybe even love me.
I was too naive before,
to see the truth.
Your truth
is full of lies
and deceit.
And how terrible
it was for me.
Believing in you
and your misleading words.
If only I had seen through them
before I had fallen so deep
to believe
your blatantly cruel and misleading words.
Maybe then
I could have stopped
the pain and suffering I felt
when you finally walked away
leaving your misleading words
to haunt me.
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