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19.3k · Oct 2014
Pax Oct 2014
I’m not ugly,
I’m unique.
Same way as you are.

© Pax
a quote
true beauty of just being you.
to everyone who thinks they're ugly, like me, a reminder to self.
14.6k · Oct 2016
Pax Oct 2016

a smile is just like a ball
it bounce from person to person
with the right


© Pax
just a quote

Thank you everyone. It was a tough year for me. As you have known, i lost a parent a few months ago. Coming back here and writing  is like starting all over again. Smile was inspired on how i wear it on my daily routine in the office, even in tough times. This shows that i still have strengh and will to move forward. So i greatly appreciate everyone's support.
14.3k · Jul 2017
Pax Jul 2017
No lies escapes someone's sharp mind.
just saying, quick reminder, a quote, 6 words story.
13.4k · Jul 2017
left behind
Pax Jul 2017
im used to
being left
so it doesn't hurt anymore.

6words story.
12.9k · Jul 2016
Pax Jul 2016
i was the mango
who left his
too early
too soon
and even in  my
golden stage
i still remain
to the very
12.8k · Jun 2017
Pax Jun 2017
often tough times taught us to write.

© pax
I'll leave this quote to everyone...
11.8k · Oct 2014
darkened soul
Pax Oct 2014

In my darkest days, I held you beneath my warmth.
You indulged me with your feverish hunger.
You embraced me with your piercing emotions.
You were immune to my changeable disease.

I came to a realization that you were my muse,
the best rainbow I received……….

You told me that I was part of your soul.
To me you’re the fuel to my rusty engine,
The energy to my thirsty being,
And the light of my darkened soul.

© Pax
11.5k · Sep 2014
Pax Sep 2014

uncertainty is best left off in
the distance of silence

© Pax
11.4k · Sep 2015
ashen fields
Pax Sep 2015

I sit alone as if I am fading
Invisible in the ashen fields.
My heart longs to be somewhere
to where I see myself
Clear as the new day
True to oneself’s beauty
Away from the toxicity of people’s opinion
Or as far away from my own shadow of doubt.

I sit alone & not running anymore.
Losing strength as the wind passes by
Losing a bit of my edge in this unreasonable persona, I face.
Yet I never give a **** as long as I kept on going
Reaching for something Unreachable,
I can only hope…

I want to feel the life of someone’s at arm’s reach
to feel that I am alive
I missed you.

this feels like a follow-up on my 'ashen gray' piece:
though it is much more in a different road,
a road that i am longing to have..
10.5k · Apr 2017
Life quote 1.2 (6w)
Pax Apr 2017
Friend's Sincerity comes with Silent Comfort.
-six word story-

I've seen far enough superficiality in this world. That's why I don't ask much advice from anyone in the outside world. I've decided to look for them myself. A friend who understand without saying at all, is a treasure.
10.5k · Apr 2015
Pax Apr 2015
Lucky are those who have found love
and been loved.

Lucky are those who bear the gift of face.
   Easy is for them to find an easy case
            for their own taste
     - a goal for their own base.

Lucky are those who has an outstanding confidence.
For by it, they don’t live with a doubtful fence.
Freely as they get any wants in their existence.

I give away smiles, pieces of my lies,
        pretending not having rainy skies.
Hiding my Breathless sighs.

Sometimes I am like a rock
   too dull to feel, a surface too rough.
A sense I lost, an unreachable core,
I don’t know how to love anymore.

*© 2014 Pax
to simply say: "I am just unlucky in terms of love"

First of all I want to give my special thanks to all my friends who supports me not in my writing but the me who is inside in every piece I penned. To all of you, it let me believed that I should not give up on love, with that it is enough for me to stay positive… hopeful for someday someone will come and bring spring to my 'cold landscape', bring light to my 'unglowing star' and a home that I could finally call my own to stop being the 'passerby'...

10.1k · Jul 2018
Pax Jul 2018
There is only
one you in
Multiple meanings
9.7k · Apr 2018
Pax Apr 2018
You've enslaved my heart
before I could ever say
I'm willing.
a quote

I want to say my thanks to my long time friend beth by saying this: your writing searches for truth from our deepest wells of feeling.
9.3k · May 2017
Pax May 2017
I've left my feelings
just a quick shout out, short but it says what is just needed to say. Less but not much. Sorry for being away, its seems like i just bottled up my feelings yet again and stow it away to be a faded unanswered feelings... sigh...

i hope everyone(my literary friends) are well...

thank you for reading...
9.3k · Mar 2016
ashen smog
Pax Mar 2016
loneliness has defined
this old soul.
Bittersweet melody
has tuned my way of

I don't know how much
my heart could stand
the weight and wait
for that simple moment,
that single spark
to feel alive
and stop breathing
the ashen smog of reality.
from ashen gray to ashen fields
comes, ashen smog...

do they care if I'm loved?

perhaps I'm too comfortable on my
own space and too confined to be bothered.

thank you for reading,
9.2k · Mar 2018
Pax Mar 2018
You've loved them
enough to know,
- You'd lost.
A quote
9.2k · Mar 2017
Pax Mar 2017
Where does hierarchy begin?
    Is it where the strong is on top,
and the weak step upon?

Where does your dignity be placed?
   Is it where your always be the winner,
no matter what, even it has bitter taste.

Is SURVIVAL really that cruel?
That some of us are just a tool,
a fool for the strong to be cool.

No, it can't be that bad
yet reality is quite sad.

Despite our hard beginnings
Life still is beautiful
that losing isn't everything.

Dignity is placed -
where you respect yourself the most
and Hierarchy isn't important
to where your love is...

© Pax
yeH! a new poem, a longer one and it's been long i haven't rhyme like this. a bit hard when you have limited vocab, my apologies for its simplicity and many thanks for reading.
9.0k · Feb 2017
Pax Feb 2017
The stronger the obstacles,
The greater the will to Pursue it.
I can't find a word to describe this feeling, is it eagerness or will or perseverance or willingness or wishes to pursue it...

This is just a sudden thought of realization between our human nature, i guess this is a common occurrence in life or goal or love or work depending on each situation.
7.9k · Mar 2015
Money ~
Pax Mar 2015

The poor get poorer,
The rich get richer.
           In some cases it’s a debate
             harsh situations Fluctuate
When money speaks, power escalates.

The poor gets tougher,
The rich gets fragile against danger.

Often times…
Harsh situations make us stronger,
Easy life makes us weaker.

the second one...
thanks again for reading.
7.8k · Mar 2015
Environment ~
Pax Mar 2015

More Structure, Bald Nature.
Intelligences without a Heart of Conscience.
Lost in the battle of Negligence.

4th piece of the series...
all my pieces are just my observation, i can be wrong or right, totally depends on how you see what's around you. Pondering in Rhyme...
tell me what you think?

Thanks to all for reading...
7.7k · Feb 2015
Pax Feb 2015

How many times we starved ourselves
dreaming something that we can’t have…

How many times we deprived ourselves
from wanting the life we wanted the most
just because we lack something or
having the practical mind that it is not for us…

Sometimes we starved ourselves to limit our flight.
Bound by rules, responsibilities, duties,
or even culture, tradition and religion…
Despite all that, we balance everything
for what’s right, what feels right
The Weighing of the Heart ---

loosely inspired by a poem of a dear friend of mine (Belle), somehow this is a reflection on my part.

inspired by her two poems namely: The Weighing of the Heart & Starvation.

probably I'll delete this later on, it hurts sometimes to reflect the moments I passed on and just starve myself on some aspects of my life. I don't regret it, its just that sometimes you can't help to wonder why i've done that, even though you know yourself the reason why...

due to all your support my friends, I decided to kept this here for awhile longer... thanks all for reading
7.2k · Feb 2017
Pax Feb 2017
what i write
is a reflection
about my life.
life has taught me how to write.
6.9k · Mar 2016
Pax Mar 2016
In camouflage,
i dodge those*
six words story
6.8k · Mar 2015
Pax Mar 2015

No bad deeds goes unpaid
strings of fate, never lose its raid.

a shout-out, tired, played to be a fool.
I've been played by my employer.
Manipulative and such a liar.
6.6k · Dec 2016
Poetic strings
Pax Dec 2016

words creates strings of emotions,
it connects from one reader to the other.

i just had a passing thought earlier on what to do next year or whenever i got the time to retrack my life. I really wanted to write a story or a tale. I want it to be completed this time. When writing a story went inside my heart, i manage to write several chapters but i never got to finish them. I always thought that my knowledge or experiences wasn't enough for me to built a solid plot or realistic/fantasy viewpoint. I remember this quote i wrote for a review in wc i did last week and realize that our poetic words is an extension of our life's strings, maybe this is one reason why i write quotes which reflects my life and the life around me whenever it is in writing or reality. It is a reminder, a guide, or even a inspiration to those who write. You know, at some points within my realm of thoughts, i tried to forget and even give up writing because i have a low self-esteem, as i grow older it never went up to confidence, so it went to my heart and become stone that i went on isolation to never finding any relationship, even friendship on the real -world i considered them as acquaintance, i built up a wall upon myself. sigh... i got side track on my life, sorry for that... my point now it that never stop writing, as i am doing myself to keep on going. thanks for reading....
6.2k · Jan 2015
Pax Jan 2015

Perhaps I am hard to like,
     No one understand how I used my bike.

Perhaps it was me,
          who understood first
                  of their perspective's meant to be.

Perhaps that is why I stay away,
                         always a step ahead in my foolish play.

Perhaps you never notice my distance,
                                for I am alone in this charade of existence.

wc link:

sometimes its really hard......
6.2k · Nov 2014
How to Love Oneself ?
Pax Nov 2014

let go of insecurities and judgment upon self,
embrace acceptance.

© Pax
sometimes insecurites blinds us, and being too critical to self, we often forget to love the blessing we already have,
try to lessen it day by day, until nothing is left to ponder and as you'll see clearly the love and acceptance you are looking for because that is what i do, i still have some issues upon self and upon realizing this, i am learning to love myself a little more than i never did.

or i guess if perhaps its always there(insecurities ), then atleast you'll learn how to manage it  day by day to stay away and stay clear to the path to loving oneself.
6.1k · Jan 2015
Pax Jan 2015
Truth holds many faces, like how fractured mirror show multiplicity.
© Pax
I say this in a review in WC before:

“I believed that truth varies in the complexity of right and wrong depending on our beliefs, culture & tradition, principles and values. So knowing to find balance between all this, you’ll never get lost upon looking into yourself. Finding the courage and strength within – is acceptance and understanding everything of who you are.”
6.0k · Jun 2014
self - worth
Pax Jun 2014
Don't measure your self-worth by someone's opinions.

*© Pax
a quote, learned experienced. One of the things that I need to remind myself. You are worthy for your own good not for their own taste.
6.0k · Mar 2015
Growth ~
Pax Mar 2015

Experiences make us wiser,
Learning makes us smarter
All must coincides together
with an open mind to ponder
and a good heart to wonder
--  balancing from right and wrong
  We gain rooms for change
                and more storage
                            to process
      the increasing progress.

With all that often times we waste something good to needful things.

this was part of a one long poem, like the drop of life, decided to share it one by one, starting with growth.
5.5k · Sep 2014
Pax Sep 2014
As I step back, regrets will come stalling, yet I never let it hurdles what’s just ahead.

© Pax
5.0k · Jun 2015
Pax Jun 2015
Every time I lie,
I break a piece of myself.

I dunno the real reason
why I haven't post this,
perhaps it spoke too much
in such few words.
4.9k · Oct 2016
darkness II
Pax Oct 2016
i lean in to the darkness
inside of me
not to the people
that give it to me.
Darkness I :
4.9k · Nov 2014
a star won't glow
Pax Nov 2014

I wish for the star to shine,
Yet it won’t glow for me,

© Pax
I just needed to release this, I feel so sad, so tired right now...
4.7k · Dec 2015
Pax Dec 2015
sometimes you have to stop imagining
and just do it!
Sometimes I need to be reminded about this. We tend to over-think, over analyze, over justified on something we got to do, one major hindrance in most of our choices are doubts the breeds our fears.
4.6k · Oct 2016
life in writing
Pax Oct 2016
Despite all the rejections we go through
life in writing is never ending.

© Pax
just a quote
4.6k · Feb 2017
Pax Feb 2017
My life is an unfinished artwork
It needs a retouch on how it should be.
Sometimes what i badly need is a fresh start...
4.5k · Jan 2015
True artist
Pax Jan 2015
True artist is not all about the talent,
it’s the art of loving your craft.
a quote
4.4k · Nov 2015
Life quote 1.1 (10w)
Pax Nov 2015
My life is not Comparable but Relatable in some situations.
I have been making quote since I start WC/HP and since I learned how to write my own thoughts with conviction and be aware of my experience to be relatable to others. And remember in my quote, I don’t always fallow it, I can be stubborn at times but it is always be a reminder for me and be able to stand to what I believed in.

This quote sprang to mind when I arrived at the camp thinking at the insecurities & envy life has shown me or us… and felt as well. This quote is quite universal in thought but I want to share mine when this quote sprang to mind…  

1. We are equally unique in one way or another. But in some cases life repeats some reasonable karmas of the past making some situations relatable. Or some situations match the other but that doesn’t mean for us to follow the same path as the other.. We have our own choice, our own will to do what we wanted to do.

2. In life we always compare things and situation… and it never gets old… then that’s the time envy comes and let you feel the insecurities stick to your skin like glue.  My guess is that, this two negative nature will always be a part of us... It only matters on how we know which is too much or how you weight it to do good and away from harming others.

3. “Be thankful of what you have”, it goes beyond, it also keeps you grounded and be appreciative of the things you already had/have. When you do, you’ll see it is not worth comparing your life to others, you’ll see the importance of one’s owned.

4. (Comparable) and (Relatable) are two different sets of thoughts and feelings, atleast for me it is…  When you start to Compare, you’ll see it as a race for who’s better and who’s not. While when you Relate, you’ll just see it better to just contemplate and learn something, you become sensitive to once was and able to avoid a repeat process. I guess it really depends on how you used these words. The world is full of misunderstanding, we need to be considerate & listen more in many aspects our daily human interactions and emotions.

Last thoughts: “You can relate with my Life, but never compare mine from yours. We in Live two different lifetimes.”
4.4k · Jul 2015
perv (10W)
Pax Jul 2015

prying eyes, leaking imaginations
urges moves forward,
awaiting opportunity,

I am extremely afraid and anxious to post this piece because its quite a personal experience.

Due to my hippie long hair and rounded ****, I've been sexually harass... but not to the extreme because I always manages to escape. I admit, through my 3 years here, I've been approach by a few indecent proposal, and I always manages to say no AND ESCAPE. But this recent one is a bit extreme, because I have to run to avoid this person. its just that we work in the same place, and sometimes he manages to corner me in the bathroom. Thank God, to people coming in and out of the bathroom. i HATE IT WHEN HE MANAGE to touch me.   I hate ****** harassment but there are just some people are really shameless.

It taken me a lot of courage to put this up. And yes, it is applicable to men. specially weak men like me. Why can't some people understand a simple no or a multiple nos.... please don't judge me, I never really talk about this kind of stuff, I just want to spit it out and forget about it.
4.3k · Jul 2018
Pax Jul 2018
Your pride is too high
you can't
even fly.
just saying.
a quote
a shoutout
a reminder
its really okay to have it we all do but we need to even it out
balance is everything.
4.1k · Oct 2016
{some pain}
Pax Oct 2016
are so small, like a stain
hiding in plain
just waiting
to be found
remains invisible
like its never around.
© Pax  

October 2016

just random thoughts.
3.8k · Oct 2014
judgmental tongue
Pax Oct 2014

Sometimes being alone is much better
than in the crowd of judgmental tongue.

© Pax
if only others think of themselves first before throwing ugly judgment.
if only they think twice before saying something.
if only they think of its effects on the person they judge.
If only they asked first, if it’s okay to throw judgment.  
'if only'
3.6k · Nov 2014
Captured Innocence
Pax Nov 2014
Horror speaks in silence
    and Fear speaks in signs
              it’s written on my face
                        and on the faces I see.

How did I end up here?

A masked man brought us food.
The smell of it drives us mad in hunger.
We eat like we're crazy.
Devouring it like messy animals.

I see the eyes of superiority
            in the sight of the masked man.
I look at them with deep curiosity.
He looks back with a look of intent.
Deep blue eyes inspect the whole me.
then I realized, everyone, including me
            wears nothing but just two pieces of
I quickly cover my well-being,
then he just walks away.

I felt ***** ,
and Cold in this rusty dark place.
Where are we going?
Our future is uncertain.
I felt that our life is for sale,
like animals going to be slaughtered.

Sleep is taking my reality
Hoping that dreams will wash away
            the fear, horror and uncertainty along the way.                      

*© Pax
written May 21, 2012

Justice is blind when money talks
people who treats women as a pleasure tool is just cruel
this poem tackles about white slavery

This is reality, weather we see it or not. A sad case that still keeps on going around the world.

I thank you all for reading.
3.5k · Mar 2015
Community System ~
Pax Mar 2015

Complicated right and wrong,
human mistakes gone prolong.
hard to stop when truth hides
                     from many unseen lies.
Corruptions & conspiracies
        Mimics love for money.

Population demands increase
                and supply decrease.
Shortage of goods from over consumption.
Rare find in a brink of extinction.

sorry for being away, having some troubled thinking here, so here is the third one...
thanks for reading, I'll get back to you all....
tell me what you think?
3.5k · Jan 2016
Pax Jan 2016
there's truth in your

there's a story
in few

six word story.
3.5k · Dec 2015
hug me
Pax Dec 2015
hug me,
so that I'll stop
hurting myself.

hug me,
so that I'll live
another great day.

hug me,
so that I'll stop
being so stubborn.

hug me,
so that I'll be all
warm-up in the holidays.

hug me,
so that I'll stop being
so lonely inside-out.

just hug me,
so I can stay happy...

3.4k · Dec 2015
Contentment’s path
Pax Dec 2015
The fringes of fate frozen my fingers upon reaching you

………But destiny’s hands are within my grasp…

Then I used my mind’s free will to take hold of it and reach you

Together I’ve achieved fulfilling joy with you at my side

.....…towards a journey to Contentment’s path…

September 25, 2012
This was one of those poems that I am happy to say, I didn't write a sad poem today. That's what I say last time, been very busy as of lately...
3.3k · May 2019
Pax May 2019
most of us are lonely
often our pools are too deep and
no one seem to bother swimming in our depths
perhaps it takes a skilled diver to understand
our inner core.

and because we feel too much
we drown ourselves in the pool of
sorrows, dying in self pity.
3.3k · Sep 2018
Pax Sep 2018
I fall into the deepest dream.
Hug by darkness, i give in.
Then by miracle i was torn
to be reborn.
it's been long...
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