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Apr 2020
Since April 16th, I've been dressed in fatigue
I'm emotionally damaged with my blood on the leaves
Death purged my soul from my body; Ancient One's Creed
Natural selection took her, made me realize I failed her
How do you have the apple of Eden and still miss her?
They say don't hold your life for a pet; I'm still held up
Watching my heart swim laps in pools of bourbon cups
I should have been there to see the innocence check out her eyes
To hold her paw and camouflage my cardiac scars in disguise
I find pleasure in resting my eyes until the new day interweaves
And I have to walk this path looking into the sky with disbelief
Reality wipes you out like Japan's tsunami rolling up to receive
I had to find a way to deter the sob filled days and time freeze
And when I have it on the ropes I see pictures and the recycle begins
Recently, I have been pondering about mortality and where I stand with it. A death in the family only amplified those thoughts. Cherish every moment that you have with your loved ones.
Written by
Brandon  M/Louisville
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