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Brandon Aug 2019
Set I
We're not in love
Just talking and earning brownie points
So far in these waters my head's above
I'm confident even when I'm alone
You make me wonder why I am feeling this way
Your butterflies flock to me when you pull up
The reaction goes both ways?
We walk up, smile, and kiss new life into the day

Set II
Za Warudo; Jikan ga tomaru
I wish I could replay every moment with you
It aches me
This romantic metamorphosis calms me
I wonder how it must have been to feel it
I wonder how it must have been to feel it
You ever just wish time stopped for you whenever a good moment happens? I wish Jojo Bizarre Aventure was real.
Rexhep Morina Sep 2016
it kept raining,
it kept raining and pouring
I could hear the trees,
I could feel the relief,
the city was breathing.

existance kept it's paste,
but somehow,
everything slowed down,
seemed like even time,
time itself, took a break.

a break from reality,
a tiny pause, as a grain of sand,
in the vastness of the beach,
and the ocean,
combined together,
to rejoice,
rejoice the oneness.

it kept raining,
it kept raining and pouring,
washing away,
all the sins
all the memories
all of it.

only leaving behind
that which always was there,
and hopefully will be,
that is us.
inspired by rain

— The End —