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Brandon Mar 6
With grief blackening
the corners of my heart
As long as I can
Spend time alone
Needing hours of sand
But I'm too connected to my phone
Life is strange
I could wait one more hour
To prove my well-being's far from sour
You ever wonder what you'd think about if one minute lasted in slow motion?
Butterfly Nov 2019
Everything is going slow.
The only thing that gots my attention
is ...
Idk what to fill in
Maybe leave a comment if you have an idea!
Josephine Mary Oct 2018
When I met you, my vision got blurry and I was hysterical for a second.
I snapped and giggled.

“Slow motion” I only thought of that feeling as imaginary, like how I saw it in movies and read it in novels.

I was mesmerized by your charms that it made me breathless for awhile.
You were real, I was wide awake but it felt like a dream.
I realized then how my heart speaks about you.

— The End —