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 Feb 2019 No Name
Nigel Finn
The End
 Feb 2019 No Name
Nigel Finn
No more poems, thank you;
I think that I'm done.
My notebook's half empty,
And apathy's won.

Please turn off the music;
My songs are all sung.
I think the night's over,
Although it's still young.

No more words, I beg you;
Just slice off my tongue!
They're just wasted air,
From a withering lung.

I've no more left to say;
Time to blot out the sun.
My notebook's half empty,
And apathy's won.
This space to be left blank
 Oct 2018 No Name
Krizhe Ming
 Oct 2018 No Name
Krizhe Ming
You deserved to be loved
Even so much more
Than you can think of
You are worthy
Of tender care
Of profound affection

The world is just
Not that generous now
Kind of stingy
Making you feel insecure
And unwarranted affliction

But please believe
You deserved to be loved
More than enough
Soon you will see
This is the truth
Not just some consolation
Hopes this brings some comfort and hope.
 Aug 2018 No Name
there will be tears,
there will be screams
there will be whispers
there will be dreams.

there will be chaos
and there will be confusion
there will be problems,
until you find a solution.

there will be fake;
and there will be real faces
there will be competition
and there will be races.

there will be angels
and there will be devils
there will be practises
and there will be levels.

there is always reality-
and there is always your vision
so don't ever think
that you're trapped in a prison

you might think that
you have no scope
but remember one thing
that there will always be hope .
No matter where on what stage of life you are , remember whenever you are stuck there is always a way out.
 Jan 2018 No Name
"You're really good at poetry!"

*"ha, I'm good at romanticizing toxic situations"
Don't know if that's good or bad
But thank you anyways
 Jan 2018 No Name
 Jan 2018 No Name
There are no winners
Nor are there losers
We have a truce
We are not scared
But we aren’t brave
We are no longer empty
But not quite full
We aren’t screaming in pain
But we aren’t laughing from relief
Tonight is a truce
No side won
Nor did one loose
For tonight
We are between
Darkness and light
Not feeling terrible but not feeling great. Everything seems level after all this time.
 Jan 2018 No Name
Mirror Mirror on the wall,
Is my face prettiest of all,
Mirror Mirror lie to me,
Show me what I want to see,

Mirror mirror on the wall,
Why don’t I like the girl I see,
Mirror Mirror on the wall,
When will you leave me be,

Mirror Mirror on the wall,
Tell me who’s the biggest fool of all,
Mirror Mirror on the wall,
Why did you leave me to bawl,

Mirror Mirror what do you see,
Please tell me what you decree,
Mirror Mirror on the wall,
Am I the fairest of them all,

Mirror mirror why do they laugh,
Am I only a false half,
Mirror Mirror why do they stare,
Mirror mirror why do I care,

Mirror Mirror on the wall,
Who’s the ugliest of them all,
Mirror Mirror on the wall,
Who’s most damaged of them all,

Mirror mirror,
On the wall,
Lie to me,
Show me what I want to see,

Mirror Mirror,
May I see a little clearer,
On the wall,
Oh how I appal.

All that look my way,
Mirror what do you say,
You should only speak the truth,
You should only speak to sooth,

Mirror mirror why do you lie,
I know I asked, but please don’t make me cry,
Mirror mirror I whisper goodbye,
Mirror Mirror let me die..
 Jan 2018 No Name
you were my sunshine
i was your sunflower

i mean, you were my lifeline
and i filled you with power

and now that you've left me you shine just as bright
but don't you know that flowers die without light?
 Jan 2018 No Name
Me and Time
 Jan 2018 No Name
Time is always catching up to me
Doesn’t anyone understand how hard it can be
They always say
Get your head out of the clouds
And your heart out of the dark
Don’t they understand how hard it can be
Of course they don’t
Cause they aren’t me
They don’t understand how hard it can be
With time always catching up on me
Just a poem I made one morning. Kind of one of the first ones I actually wrote down and thought about sharing
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