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Mar 30 · 155
happy basket
PJ Mar 30
Its a good day
to be happy and free
its cold out
its okay to stay in this warm bed
all cozy and still

I'm happy you see
staying in this cold breeze
drinking this bubble tea
feeling loved
while wrapped in these
soft blankets
a hand inside
my purple jacket

its a beautiful day
like happiness
tucked inside
a happy basket
Mar 29 · 62
PJ Mar 29
Its night again
its time to say hello
to my old friend
Hi moon
I have been thinking of you
since high noon
last night was a shame
cause I didn't see you
cause it rained

You take allot of shapes
you maybe half
a crescent
or full
I love them all

You are powerful
you take control of the tides
and gives light
when its a dark night

yes you are bright
but not as much that it hurts
cause your light is only bright enough
to warm up my cold heart
your light holds it near and dear
keeping it from falling apart
with the warmth of your light

I can gaze on you till
dawn comes
be at awe at your beauty
and will remember this night
then wait for you
to come again
Mar 27 · 66
PJ Mar 27
Kahit mahirap ang buhay
lumaban ka
dahil araw araw may bagong pag-asa
lumaban ka kahit tagilid ka
tanggapin ang sakit
wag kang kukurap
wag kang pumikit
kasi ang hamon ng buhay
ay hindi para sa mga patay
at buhay kapa pre
laban lng
kahit puno ng pasa
kahit ang pagkain ay wala ng lasa
kahit pa lahat ng pinto ay naka sara
tumayo ka kung ikaw ay na dapa
sipain lahat ng mga lata
hanggang dumating ka sa iyung
patuloy lng sa pag laban
hanggang nanalo kana sa laban.
Mar 26 · 26
"Help me see"
PJ Mar 26
Help me see
cause my vision is distorted
my perception of things
is in a stir
all the pictures in my head
are now a blur

pls help me see
one more time
before I ran out of time
before I fade away

I wanna see again
all the pictures in my head
pls don't turn around
pls don't walk away

cause even when the pictures
are a blur
I caught a glimpse of that world

I wanna see again
the yesterday
that have run out of time
the today
that's in time
and the tomorrow
that's just a matter of time

Help me see again
guide me through
hold my hand
lead me the way
take off the dirt
wash it away
will believe you
and everything you say

Help me see again
will take the leap of faith
help me see again
before I run out of time
before I fade away.
Mar 24 · 51
PJ Mar 24
I stare at the sky every night
cause I remembered that you admired the moon
hoping that our eyes will meet
on the light that it emits.
Mar 21 · 24
Cotton Candy Skies
PJ Mar 21
Hey its a beautiful day
There's a strong breeze
the buzzing bees
everything is at sway
the leaves, the trees,
the very mint green grass
that's always perfect on a canvass
as you can see
just above the thin line of the sea
or above the tall mountains
there's a picture perfect
that always amazes me
the perfect curves
the soft fluffs
the pillow for a thousand hugs
and squishy cuddles
Mar 19 · 21
PJ Mar 19
Your the beauty
that's filled with the suns power
a light that shines
as bright as ever
rejoices in the rain
gives comfort to those
who are in pain
gives smiles to those
who are in love
definitely a gift
from above
You are perfect
my dear sunflower
Mar 17 · 106
Heart Song
PJ Mar 17
I'm puzzled
maybe confused
of what I lack
or what should I have done
cause right now
I'm left with none
my soul is drained
and my mind is tired
but my heart still beats
and its sings a song
where feelings
and words meet
to make a smile
and make everything

I will ask
the moon
if it still shines
even when stars
are afar
cause I can be okay
even when I'm alone
cause my heart still beats
and its sings a song
Mar 11 · 38
PJ Mar 11
I want to die in my sleep tonight!
Mar 5 · 37
second chance
PJ Mar 5
2 years ago
on this day
I tried to take away my life
just to run away from pain
cause the walls that I build
came crashing down
and nothing
can take away the frown

Yes I was scared
I was weeping
as I planned it
holding the knife
close to my throat
saying the goodbyes
without any halt

The fear came
so very strong
as I have thrown
the knife
that would have taken
away my life.

I was crying without
an end
cause I felt it was
a second chance
to start a new
that only happens
to a few.
Mar 1 · 32
im sorry
PJ Mar 1
I know this wont make you whole again. I know this cant complete  you nor compensate to all the hardships you had with me but I would like to say sorry.

I'm sorry for being me. I didnt know any better.
I'm sorry, I was clueless that you like me from the start.
I'm sorry that I shared all my hardships and life and didnt heared yours
I'm sorry that I was sharing how my days went and didnt had the time to listen to you.
Im sorry for always being so sweet and caring. I didnt mean to break your guard.
Im sorry for always talking to you constantly even when I dont have anything to tell you.
Im sorry for always answering your late night calls and talking to you until dawn.
Im sorry for sharing my 1st love and it wasnt you.
Im sorry that I always scream to the world how she meant to me and letting you see it.
Im sorry for telling you I will court her and ask you for advices
Im sorry for having someone as the moon for my tides when I was your moon.
Im sorry for talking to you when she broked my heart.
Im sorry for the days  I was so broken and all I have to talk too is you.
Im sorry for failing to see that you where there all the time I was so down
Im sorry for telling you I wasnt loveable when you have loved me.
Im sorry for going into deppression and pushed you away.
Im sorry I was ****** that I started hurting myself.
Im sorry for not noticing your late night calls.
Im sorry for not answering for chats and text.
Im sorry for not caring for your care.
Im sorry for calling you when I was slowly becoming okay.
Im sorry for being insensitive, I didnt know you were having a hard time.
Im sorry for being okay when your not.
Im sorry for not giving you a chance.
Im sorry for saying thank you, when you said you love me.
Im sorry I cant give the love that you gave me.
Im sorry for making you wait.
Im sorry that you have grown tired.
Im sorry for not making that leap.
Im sorry that I was afraid.
Im sorry for thinking I can make it on my own.
Im sorry for the love I cant repay
Feb 25 · 24
unsaid goodbye
PJ Feb 25
The Hardest Goodbye
are those you didn't expect
to those you love
and give respect

It was like yesterday
when you said
see you tomorrow
lets have some fun
we just wrote
our bucket list
but did none

Now I found myself crying
I know its not a dream
I expected the worse
and accepted the pain
but nonetheless
it caught me off guard
now my heart is in fragments
its in shards
cause there's a goodbye
even when its unsaid

There's allot of things
I didn't had the chance
to say
cause up to now
I cant accept
that it was the last
the last
the last giggle
we had

I remember your words
and I don't want to forget
even when it will hurt
when I
Finally accept
the unsaid goodbye
when you said
see you tomorrow
lets have some fun.
Feb 12 · 100
My Reality
PJ Feb 12
You are my sunrise on my east.
The sunset on my west
The moon for my tides
The darkness of my night
The light of my day
You are
The reality of my dreams.
My dream becoming reality
Feb 1 · 61
PJ Feb 1
Writing a poem is as easy as 1,2,3.
But then again you will be at 6,7,8
Without writing the 4 & 5
Now you try think back like 8,7,6,
But still skipping the 5 & 4
cause you thought
Writing poem was easy as 3,2,1.
Writing a poem dilemna.
Feb 1 · 231
PJ Feb 1
Is it ironic?
      that I lost everyone
Who promised they wont leave me?
I didnt pushed them away. I clinged to them until I reached the feeling that Im already bothering them
Jan 15 · 105
PJ Jan 15
Asking question
But I dont know why
Its hard to answer
Without wondering why
Questions produces
Answers followed with a why
Is it so hard
To stop the why
The unlimited question
Continues to the infinite whys.
To infinity and to the unlimited whys.
Jan 10 · 86
Was that Goodbye?
PJ Jan 10
You were broken
   I was too
and I took my time listening to you
for I thought it would help me too

   we shared our thoughts
   and talked about it

Wrote a poem of the beauty of your chaos
the undying strength of your resolve

         time flew by
         as days has passed

                    we talked about the moon
                    with coffee in hand

months have past and we were going strong
even though there's no label on what we are

but one day you just disappeared
without a trace

              I was left searchin
              for you and the feeling of you

Few months again
I received a poem and
I know its you

        was devastated for I cant reply
        for the stranger also left
        without a sound
        just the poem
        saying goodbye.
Pearl Im very sorry. I want to hug when we meet again, I know we will. In my time and when Im in control. So that I will be brave enough to hold you close!
Jan 10 · 30
PJ Jan 10
I waited for the sunset
at the beach
with salt in air
and sand on my feet

I wandered far
and wandered deep
now the tide takes
me off my feet

now I see the lighthouse
at the beach
I yelled , little lighthouse
light my way
when I comeback
but for now let me stay.
Dec 2018 · 42
Silent whispers
PJ Dec 2018
Was I afraid
when I was young
or I just followed
the whispers in the wind

those whispers
didn't disappear
even when time
has past

they keep telling me
stand back
don't go,
just stay.

but my heart
take flight
and do what you must
ignore the whispers
in the wind.

So I listened to my heart
and took flight
I did what I must
and spread my wings

I'm still hearing whispers
to stand back
don't go,
just stay

So I listened well
to the silent whispers
Now I realized I was
missing something

it said
Stand (OUT! never go) back
don't (wait, just) go
just stay ( and let the wind carry you).
poem for a friend
Dec 2018 · 52
PJ Dec 2018
Why am I still filled with suicidal thoughts?

       When I want to live on.
Dec 2018 · 413
Im Tired
PJ Dec 2018
Today it will be
different when I say
I'm tired

I'm tired of standing back
when I know I
was born to stand out

I'm tired of waiting
for opportunity to knock
that's why I will be the one
to knock on opportunity's door

I'm tired of the grass being
greener in the other side
that's why I will plant on mine.

I'm tired of being better than yesterday
that's why I will be the best today

I'm tired of taking a step at a time
that's why I'm taking all the steps every time

I'm tired of having only Plan A
that's why I will have Plan B-Z
even 1,2,3.

cause I'm tired of being mediocre
when I can be best
of what I think I can do better
Dec 2018 · 468
PJ Dec 2018
Depressed, Sad, Burdened, Anxious, Scared?
Yes, Im all of that and more
I dont think I will last
But with writing
I want to stay
In this world
Thats hard
to live in
But not hard
To fell in love with
Dec 2018 · 65
Not my ordinary poem
PJ Dec 2018
Life in pour and flow
Pouring in fun
Flowing in tears
Everybody runs
Away from what they fear

Its scary you see
To be in my shoes that wouldnt
Even fit me
My heart beating so fast
And I dont think I will last
As I ran away from the demons
Who's always chasing me.

Let me name them
Myself and I
Yes those are my demons inside

Yet I always fret
Knowing I will not be free,
Free from being me

But still im ready
Even though its scary
And everything feels so eerie
For no one is better
Of being me

I have done what I can
And  I will just believe,
That believing
Is the only way
Of truly living

Cause its time to put my weight
On this scale
To be the one writing my own story
So I wont be sorry
Because I have carried
My demons into the end
and showed them to the world
That they are not scary
Embrace your inner demons until those demons are the ones that will company you
Nov 2018 · 415
3 Steps, 3 Words, 3 Places
PJ Nov 2018
1ST STEP is to tell her you "LOVE" her
Take her to the SEA
and understand her depth
don't be afraid of the 1st step
  don't worry for love is cheap
its also a big leap
for love is priceless
and its also timeless
2ND is to take it slow
enjoy every moment
cherish it all the time
climb every MOUNTAIN
that both of you & her
will face and
"TRUST" that you both
will see the summit

3RD is to have
and to remain
with each other
its time to take
and to stay
in the SKIES
you and her
deserves the feeling of
cloud nine.
The recipe of a happy relationship , this might be true for others, or this might not be but I truly believe its for me.
Nov 2018 · 39
3 am
PJ Nov 2018
There's was a time
that 3 am is the best time
brain is all functioning
imagination is at its max
body is tired but not burnt out
writing became simple enough
that words are plenty
and unlimited
everything I write
is beautiful
yet simple
there was you and me
talking about life
laughing on how we ******* up
and telling each other
the people we lost
now it became a curse
cause every time
its three
all it reminded me
you and me
but don't get me wrong
though its a curse
its not the worst
that's why i'm here
at 3 am
once again
cause I miss you
sorry I didn't see the spark.
it was 3 am
when I started writing this
cause when its 3 am
it you who I see.
Nov 2018 · 215
In Truth
PJ Nov 2018
It might rain
on your happiest day

There will darkness
on your light

There will be monsters
inside the kindest people

In every war
there are battles you will

when you are pushed
there will bruises
when your up

Your cuts will eventually
be scars

There is sadness
behind those smiles
be kind to people we dont what they are going through right now they might be smiling or extremely irritated just understand that we cant be all light and happy everytime!
Nov 2018 · 196
Poem Heals?
PJ Nov 2018
I fixed you with a thousand poems
         yet you broke me with only one!
why did it have to end with one poem! why did you just gave up, why didnt you let me reply, why did you disappear!
Nov 2018 · 840
Dear Self
PJ Nov 2018
I know you're afraid
but keep those fears
keep them near
face them
until the time comes
you don''t need too

I know how badly you want to cry
let those tears fall
until you cant cry no more
until its dry

I know you miss her
keep her in your mind and heart
until you realise
she's still there
no matter what

I know you are confused
but keep seeking yourself
keep searching
don't stop
until the day
your question will be answered

Dear self
Keep pushing
keep seeking
fight on
a reminder for myself , specially right now I need this!
Nov 2018 · 69
Silent Footsteps
PJ Nov 2018
I run to the world
to find a person
a person who is still a blur
a silhouette.
cause I run to the world
not knowing
who she is
cause in finding love
there is no map
no gps
no guide
you just have to the world
and hope for the best
I turned every stone
climbed every mountain
dove the deepest sea
and chased the horizon
but I guess
Love didn't want to be found
by me
I retraced my steps
and found another prints
and when I turned around
I realised I didn't need
to find love
cause love
was following me
there she is
with her
silent footsteps
who didn't run to the world
cause she was following me.
a prequel of my poem invisible smile.
Oct 2018 · 154
Invisible Smile
PJ Oct 2018
I just want to say
I'm still puzzled and confused
allot has been happening
so fast and so soon
It's a rush
my mind and my heart
just can't keep up
but I want it
I want everything
that's happening
even when I don't understand
even when I don't think
I deserve this
I want to keep it
cause even though I'm confused
there's an invisible smile
that you cant see
the happiness and joy
inside of me
cause I want it
I want you
I want to keep you
the love.
Maybe you cant
see this smile
but it wont fade away
This invisible smile
will going to stay.
For those person who you thought thats just a dream but they are not they are real and you have them to hold and to love.
Oct 2018 · 100
The Hero
PJ Oct 2018
How badly I wanted to be
A Hero
to be exact
The Hero of your story
cause life is full
of twist and turns
that I believe
heroes will not be forgotten
I wanted to be the Hero
so won't forget about me

So I started to be one
to you and only you
I was the hero when you where crying
held your hands
when your life was rough
said we will push through
cause I'm here for you
as a start it was easy
because when I held your hands
you held mine
I said I could really do this
protected you from all the harm
you paid me with a sweet smile
that had me charmed

Eventually you got used to it
that I will always have your back
that's why you never look back
you got used to the Hero
that will always look out for you
that you forgot to look at the hero
Now its starting to get hard
cause I wanted to be the your HERO
so you wont forget about me
but life doesn't work like that I see
cause the Hero
I wanted to be remembered
have been forgotten
no notes just words
Oct 2018 · 90
PJ Oct 2018
I ran out to the world
All light and happy
Sharing the happiness
Inside me
Now everyone is joyful
when I went back
I forgotten
How to laugh
Cause I gave it all
Now the joy inside have died.
Dont forget to keep some for yourself , give some but also leave some
Oct 2018 · 8.5k
Una't Huli
PJ Oct 2018
Ito na ang una't huli
ang una at huling tula
para sayo
sapagkat ang tagal na dapat
ko tung tinigil
Tinigal ang pag ka tanga ko.
Ang hirap diba
sa simula pa lng
para na akong sira
kasi sa simula pa lng
wala na akong magawa
bigla na lng ako nahulog sayo
at sa lahat ng iyng pinag gagawa
kahit maliit na mga bagay
ay napapansin ko
sa pag kumpas ng iyung mga kamay
sa matatamis **** mga ngiti
sa mapupungay **** mga mata
ako talaga ay na bighani
pero anu ba't
ang hirap talaga
pero sinabi ko na may paghanga ako sayo
ayun na ang pang gitna
nagkakilala tayo ng lubos
ang paghanga
ay naging pagmamahal
d mo naman ako binigo
minahal mo din ako
pero bakit ganun
d naging tayo?
ang hirap diba
kasi kahit ikaw
d mo yan nasagot
ilang taon din ako nag hintay
aking sinta
pero sa mga taong yun
hirap na hirap na ako
pero ako ay naghihintay parin
na parang tanga
umaasang may tayo parin sa huli
pero wala pala
kaya nag paalam ako
kasi d ko na kaya
nanliliit na ako sa sarili ko
bakit d kita mapa oo
tapos biglang sinabi mo
minahal mo talaga ako
akala mo makakahintay ako
kahit gaano katagal
sabi ko oo
kaya sana kitang hintayin
kahit gaano katagal
kung sana sa paghihintay ko
wala kang kasamang iba.
ito na ang una't huli
na tula
para sayo
kasi pagod na ako
sa paghihintay sa wala
salamat sa iyo
at nagising na ako.
gusto ko makawala lahat ng sakit , d ko naisip na ganito pala ang mag sulat para sayo buti na lng hanggang guhit lng ako. mas masakita pala pag naka sulat na kaysa mga larawan lng na aking mga napinta
Oct 2018 · 84
Fallen in Love
PJ Oct 2018
Yes I have fallen
in Love
now I'm too deep
a little more
I'm 6 feet deep
cause I have forgotten
how to value
I only loved you
only you
not knowing
that I needed that too
cause I gave you all my love
but you didn't
give yours
there's no love
I just fall.
#12 for a friend , pls value yourself. I'm always here to hear you out pls dont forget you dont deserve to be just a 2nd choice
Oct 2018 · 89
PJ Oct 2018
A thousand story
to a thousand journey
a thousand pens
to the thousand poems
a thousand drafts
that leaves no mark
a thousand words
that no one hears
cause the other thousand
you wrote
will cover them
I leave no mark to my drafts, Im sorry fallen ones
Oct 2018 · 57
Fight on
PJ Oct 2018
Yes Fight on
no matter what
I know its hard
I'm walking everyday
thinking I'm okay
I always feel like something
is missing
Its like the feeling
of knowing
but forgetting
but I wont let my turn
just past by
will stay
will fight
cause tonight
I'm ready
don't need anybody
don't need reasons
will scream
I will be strong
I will fight on
#11 poem. I think I need some rest.
Oct 2018 · 75
Are you okay?
PJ Oct 2018
Face me
I will ask you
is it okay?
Not to smile
not to laugh
not to play my part
cause I'm tired
and I don't want to say
I'm okay
cause I'm not
Is it okay?
that I'm not okay!
so that I can stop
pretending to be someone i'm not
again I ask
is it okay?

cause for now
I'm not
but soon I will be
so wait for me
will tell you
to ask me again
the question
"are you okay?"
by then I will be.
#10 poem, thank you for being honest and its always okay not to be okay
Oct 2018 · 122
The branch and the leaf
PJ Oct 2018
We are from the tallest tree
on top of the mountain
feeling so free
you hold me so tight
so the wind and the rain
wont take me
when the lightning hit
you didn't let go
you hold on to me
and broke the fall
now the flood pushed us
to the stream
yet you still hold on to me
telling me its just a bad dream
when rain was out the water was calm
now we continued to flow down
telling me its okay
we will reach the sea
and we will again be free
but it rained again
now the water is harsh
it flowed so fast
didn't thought I will last
but you hold me close
and hold me tight
We got stuck in a stone
against the flow
I was shocked that you just let go
as I continue to flow I saw you smiled
and yelled
I'm stuck and can't get out
so continue to flow
and reach the sea
I just wanted you to be
#9 poem. I got no words for this one
Oct 2018 · 46
Little Tree
PJ Oct 2018
I just sprouted
and all I see
are tall trees
beside me
all big and strong
bare fruits and all

Now I'm scared
cause if I didn't grow
like them
I will deemed
a ****
an unwanted ****
a plant in a wrong place
Now the pressure is on
I want to grow tall and strong
bare fruits and all
but before that
let me enjoy the sunshine
and air.
I promise when the time come
I will make them proud
with all the fruits
I will bare.
#8 poem for a friend, enjoy the countless joys in life, its with joy that you will grow.
Oct 2018 · 45
Happy Sun
PJ Oct 2018
Positive vibes
as I ride to tomorrow
with so much pride
will give my all
I swear I will not fall
I'm motivated
I'm heading to the horizon
to break the dawn
yes I feel like the sun
all shiny and bright
will show everyone the light
cause today
Is not just another day
today is the day
that I will make
the past go away
cause I will ride tomorrow
with a smile
and forever
be the sun
who shared
its shine.
6th poem for a friend this one is extremely fun and positive to write
Oct 2018 · 56
PJ Oct 2018
I'm trapped
in this old house
and old life
with walls as high
as my will to fight
Pls let me leave
will climb these walls
make a hole
cause as long as i'm here
I don't feel like i'm whole
something's missing
a longing for something
The freedom
I seek
to see my dreams
over these walls
#5 poem for a friend. everyone is trapped in our own cages. let us seek to overcome these walls
Oct 2018 · 181
I'm not okay
PJ Oct 2018
I'm not okay
even if I lie I am
my face will show I'm not
for my life is in knots
all *******
and in shambles
my head is in scrambles
don't know what to do
or what can I do

I'm walking in circles
but i'm still lost
and I feel I was just a lost cost
I'm sorry I gambled
in you.
I really thought I won
but why do I feel I'm the one
who lost.
4th poem for a friend. I dont know how much can I convey but Im sorry I can only just do this.
Oct 2018 · 1.0k
PJ Oct 2018
Yes I'm tired
so very tired
but I don't care
will push through
with all the will
even if I be ill
cause hope is present
the dream is near
head held high
will climb the summit
and raise my hand
and scream
I win.
Oct 2018 · 52
Tired and Done
PJ Oct 2018
The kid within me screams
lets go out and play
The sun is out and its a beautiful day
again she screams lets play

I'm afraid I can't
I replied, i'm tired and done
I hope I can still rest while I can
I can feel it!  The regrets
the time
the second
the minute
the memories
of the past when I can just play
cause when I was young
I didn't care
about bruises and cuts
as long I have those long laughs

Now time is catching up
for I'm Tired and done
but I don't want to lose the fun
I hope I can still stand
cause I still have the kid in me
telling me to lets play
and run
Telling time you can't catch me.
this poem is base on what my friends send me when I ask, how she is? basically this is how I picture it out on a poem, Kat this is for you!
Oct 2018 · 46
Double Thoughts
PJ Oct 2018
Hi Im new to this
So let me start by
breathing in and breathing out

Hi! I'm afraid
oh no! I mean I'm scared
No I mean
I'm actually HAPPY
but the same time scared
and afraid
for I'm in doubt
without a doubt
or its also a doubt
that the future is uncertain
certainly that's certain
Double words
doubling the doubled
for my mind is in a split.
with double thoughts.
Sep 2018 · 60
PJ Sep 2018
I wont shave
In 2 weeks
Make that
Or not shaving

Why wait for
When I can start now
And forever look like
A bearded cow.
A fun poem. I dont know why I have written this haha.
Sep 2018 · 531
Fight On
PJ Sep 2018
My mind is clouded
And I'm dumbfounded
My hearts in doubt
My soul is in blue
My body still works
Cause the world
didn't cared
Dont have no clue

The world didn't
Stop when I was sad
Nor it slowed down
When I was Glad

Life continued,
It always will
Even if you're not well
Or what emotion
You're going to sell
It will carry on
Thats the truth

Its the reason of this mask
To carry on
Even if I'm like a robot
Busted and full of rust.
I have Allot of writings when I'm sad practically most of my writings are written when I was in blue. But it didnt stop me. I always need to get out there and join the world, cause I know I can't stop the world nor it will stop for me. A harsh reality.
Sep 2018 · 192
PJ Sep 2018
I will hug you
When your down
Will make you feel safe
To take away the frown
I will be gladly
Be your clown
Just to make that frown
Upside down.
smile I'm here will never leave you. Will protect you. Will make you feel secured. Will make you smile no matter what.
Aug 2018 · 165
I wont Cry
PJ Aug 2018
I will not cry
I will hold onto my tears
Even if I'm swallowed by my fears
Promise I wont cry
Will keep this eyes dry

I will let you cry
In my arms tonight
Cause I know you lost
The will to fight
Will protect you from all of your fears
Just to make you smile
It will be worthwhile

I will do everything
And anything
I will fix you
Even though when your okay
You will not be mine

I will just watch you leave
With a smile
A smile
Thats holding my tears.
I will be your superman even though I'm not super.
Aug 2018 · 81
How do I?
PJ Aug 2018
How do I?

Stay the same
   When you already change me so much.

How do I?

stop my madness
   When everything is in chaos

How do I?

Unlove you
   When all I can think right now is you.

How do I?

Start over
   When I don't want this to end

How do I?

Stop crying
    When I already lost more of myself.

How do I?

Run away
  When my feet wants to stay.

How do I?

Make everything all right
   When I can't reach you right now.

How do I?

Stop writing
   When poem and writings are the only ones who hears me.
My question to the world
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