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The way I yearn for you
is comparable to the way
that the sun refuses to be
even after it sinks
behind the mountains.
The glaring red hues
stain the sky
if just for a moment
after the sun has finished
providing light,
just as pictures of you
continue to invade my
The glowing strands of color
and wave
and grasp out
until they tire and slip
quietly, sadly
beyond view.
I too will tire, but until then -
let my lovely sunset unravel
for you,
my darling.
 Feb 2017 Mio Seanachaidh
what i write
is a reflection
about my life.
life has taught me how to write.
 Feb 2017 Mio Seanachaidh
I am someone who
sometimes doesn't
really care much
of what's happening
around him
yet i am
a careful observant
who just
Kept silent.*

© 2017
 Feb 2017 Mio Seanachaidh
You are a star and yet lead a double life,
Concealed in the day and then arriving abruptly at night,
The brightness you illuminate, compels those sombre tones,
To form into a perfect twilight,
Even under the vast veil of ebony,
With its cosmic significance,
We open our eyes just for you,
And yet you disperse before we have the time to bid adieu,
Does being under the gaze of seven billion faces cause you to feel unease?  
Perhaps like the consummate performer, you know when to drop,
At the right moment to get the crowd out their seats.
I love the real me - the me I was born to be,
when I am surrounded by the forest trees
in the Australian bush lands,

I love the anxiety-free version of me,
when I am unrestricted and unrestrained
emotionally and mentally,
when I can breathe, as my chest freely expands.

I love the sense of freedom,
as my mind floats and dances through the bushes, like a precious, delicate butterfly,

I love the feeling of the earth grabbing
at my ankles, sinking my feet-- planting them deep inwards,
as I gaze through the evergreen canopy
into a perfect blue sky.

I was born
to be in nature's tender embrace,
if only you could see the satisfied look
on my innocent face,
when I am in the heart
of such a peaceful, magical place,

You would see an amazing, wondrous love,
as I let go and become a free little dove,
because the forests fits my soul
just like a second skin glove.

If anybody should be living in the woods,
It should be me!

City life has never cut it for me,
It's not where my soul chose to be,
Or wants to be.

I love being the real me,

The Rosalie,
that I was born to be!

By Lady R.F ©2017
I want to take you to heart with eternal embrace
I am one on one face to face with my real desires
I want to kiss your golden cheeks all with grace
I want to play innocently with real burning fires

You my beloved carry all taste and flavor to play
Your prime youth is offering whatever love to pray
You are beauty of the night and light of the day
Let me offer whatever I have to sacrifice and to pay

My real desire is to take you in arms and to forget
I want to make you in this entire world my asset
You ****** in my heart my sweetheart from outset
Remain in front of my eyes to make my life just set

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2017 Golden Glow
My love from a far of place says age is just a number
It is a matter of heart and nothing to do with reality
In her own enthusiasm she feels pleasure to  rapture
To bloom in my embrace she agrees on the valid plea

Both of us hail from army so fitness and style matters
We do enjoy aggressiveness,confidence and courage
We both are the fighters of the right path are candlers
With our magnanimity of attitude we can but bridge

Love for both of us beyond any boundaries of our age
Beauty will mellow down all in the light of love moon
Hence we will enjoy physical pleasure and like a sage
With stance of love we are looking forward to meet soon  

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2017 Golden Glow
If one race becomes ready to bear the rel brunt
Then at least seven races are saved from disaster
All those who do care in this regard come on front
The glory of the time only they dare to capture

Our forefathers taught us to survive head high
They were real soldiers whose footsteps we follow
Trained us to honorably live and gracefully die
All enemies to be cut to pieces to leave them hollow

I am a follower of footsteps of my valiant leaders
Till the other end of the world with zeal and zest
In the process I am ready to kiss very many altars
But still I maintain I am nothing they were the best

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2017 Golden Glow
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