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 Feb 2020 melika
Everything has moved so fast
It's already February
I can't slow things down
The current is drowning me
I want to go back
To the things I can't forget
Too old to stand still
Too young to regret
But that's all my life is
I wish what he said didn't hurt
I wish I was good enough
I wish I could forget you
I wish I never met you
Fast lights and fast life
I wish I was dead
But too scared of what comes after
 Jun 2019 melika
 Jun 2019 melika
I can’t wait to go on my first date with happiness.
 Mar 2019 melika
 Mar 2019 melika
this man,
and this woman.

this man,
and this man.

this woman,
and this woman.

this person,
and this person.

this love,
and this love.
we really have come far.
 Mar 2019 melika
F*ck me over
 Mar 2019 melika
Lick my lips
Cradle my face
Gaze into my eyes
And tell me I'm safe
 Jun 2018 melika
yellow soul
WiLl NeVeR sToP
wIlL sTaRt
WiLl BrEaK
 Jun 2018 melika
yellow soul
It’s summer vacation No school, no anything,
But I can’t relax, I can’t be happy
I’m feeling like packing up my things,
and moving to the other side of the world
I’m so sick and tired of
the same people, the same school,
and the same rumors,
I’m caught in this small town where everyone knows everyone,
Every single day I feel like running far away
Like to a forest, and just scream,
scream so loud, and so long
Scream until my lungs are out of air,
And I pass out on the cold hard ground,
in a river of my own tears,
I’m caught in a relationship with a person I don’t love,
But I can’t cope with hurting him,
so, I just smile and act like nothing is wrong,
even though I cry inside all the time,
it’s getting clear to me that I don’t have any friends
at least no anyone that really care about me
not anyone that knows me,
but that’s because I keep everything to myself
they think I’m pretty and funny,
that’s the reason why to boys love me,
and the girls hate me.
I’m so messed up,
I don’t know how to be happy anymore,
I don’t even care for what my parents say,
I get drunk on school days,
I’m basically the kid my parents always told me to stay away from,
And I would love to, but I can’t,
Because the place I’m caught most of all,
Is in my head,
Me and my summer depression.
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