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Maria Imran Feb 2019
I could paint black and red and pink and glittery golden all over my face
and hands, and arms, and *******
and then spit painty ***** to see it turn into a galaxy
I could cut open my veins
and add flow to the piece
and I could maybe then attract
everyone else to admire this art.
Maria Imran Nov 2018
how much time until it's fine?
Maria Imran Oct 2018
one day i will stop searching for you
Maria Imran Aug 2018
you suppress the urge to check him back one last time
because last time you checked it shattered you so fully even brought home in-sanity
but how can we forget -- the correlation b/w heartbreaks and sanity is less
the lesser time it has been.
tru story
Maria Imran Jun 2018
who inspire poetry through me with your distance
who tease me into pain
so much so that I
finally write this.
Maria Imran Apr 2018
It's been 40 days since I last saw you.
40 days since my stomach twisted that disgusting yearn-ish
and I haven't called you since
So it's 40 days of heavy, heavy courage
One that almost takes my life away
Maria Imran Feb 2018
how do i remove you from my system
whom do i share this feeling with
this deep, hollow, ******* freak of a feeling
how do i tell anyone im "sad"
im not sad.
it's all your fault.
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