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 Dec 2014 Luvanna
 Dec 2014 Luvanna
drown me into your mind,
i want to fall deeper.

hide me inside your heart,
i will be your beating heart to make you feel alive.

sway me to your soul,
cause i yearn to kiss all your pains away.

prowl me to your darkest door,
i promise to shatter all your insecurities.
this is for my best friend, luvana. keep this in your mind. i will always be there for you.
 Dec 2014 Luvanna
Ena Alysopriono
You can be surrounded by people
And still feel lonely

You can be with people you love
And still feel lonely

I just
I feel like I've been stabbed in the chest. Idk why
What is a family?
A group of people that uncannily
look, sound and act as one?
A shared DNA strand?
A whole of many parts?
A scientist may have the answer.
A psychiatrist, a therapist, an evolutionist.
But, my theory is this:
a family, hurts, cries, argues and defies
those who want to tear them apart.
Bloodlines, evolution it's in the mix
but, family hurts, loves, hates and
forgives in equal measure.
Hurt one of us, hurt us all.
Hurt us and I as elder sister will pay you a call
00:24 BST
 Sep 2014 Luvanna
my town
where wild flowers grow
between tram tracks.
there was a time when
it was hardly morning,
no bridge into daylight.

walls had ears,
neighbors had eyes
whispering behind the curtains
there was an emptiness in the guts
of the city
and poetry locked in the drawers,
Borges was read under the blankets
while Dostoievski was  a comforter:
demons were embedded.

yeah, people were clapping and smiling
watching the nub of history, numb
they had a life to live,
what can you say?

one day the radio
burst on in the streets
some were shivering in the attic
"we are free", they said
"we are free",
came the echo in trance

"shhhhh"! said others,
let us wipe the blood
don't disturb the sacrificed
so we can sleep
without dreams

it's Thursday in my town
streets are weary
and our souls are
slowly expanding
Thank you, Eliot, for this choice! I am glad that this poem was chosen for the Daily Poem because for me it is a reminder that people died for freedom and struggled against oppression in times when "Cruelty knits a snare,/And spreads his baits with care", as the poet says. (William Blake, The Human Abstract)
I wanna see that look in your eyes that used to give me all the time
A look of seduction, fear, and lust.
Otherwise known as the "come hither" look.
It makes my heart beat grow faster
My palms start to bead with sweat.
It makes my insides quiver and groan for your presence.
I don't think its love,
but its **** sure not just friendship.....w.e
what should i do? They're like perfect in every way possible
 Sep 2014 Luvanna
PK Wakefield

"What have you been doing these days?"

"Trying to become myself."

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