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Luvanna Nov 18
Me: A series of fifty-five emotions
interchanging every ten minutes
love me, adore me and I shall grant you your deepest wildest dream
upset me, disappoint me, and I shall consider you dead
Luvanna Nov 18
it was your sweet lips
sugary words drip
your eyes, your gaze, make me twitch
a knot in my stomach
when you flirt
when you touch my sensitives
all the small gestures
and your act of service
suddenly I'm your Queen Bee
I'm in a sugar rush
addicted, obsessed, hooked on
and I just ignore all the nutrition facts
Luvanna Jan 2020
I contemplate
the wonder of why people
only remember us
when they are in need
only to realize
we only need an umbrella
when it rains
Luvanna Oct 2019
Turn down the lights
It's too bright
I cannot see any faces
Just shadows looking up on me
Take me down the stage
I don't like the feeling
Standing alone on spotlight
I'm lonely
Luvanna Oct 2019
I hate to remember when
your eyes met mine
when we laughed too hard
I hate to remember when
your hand touched my thigh
and you whispered 'mine' in my ears
I hate it the most when
I tasted a hint of lie
right after your lips touched mine
Luvanna Jul 2019
I wanted to be an open book
until I realized I don't like being read upon
as if I am predicatable and have no twists and turns
Luvanna Jun 2019
In my dream last night
I was blunt and brave
I have my own voice
In my dream last night
I wasn't afraid to stand alone
And made my own decisions
In my dream last night
I was a puppet who finally cut free
From the strings controlling my behaviour
And have my own muscles
In my dream last night
I have my own capitalized 'I'
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