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Luvanna Oct 22
Turn down the lights
It's too bright
I cannot see any faces
Just shadows looking up on me
Take me down the stage
I don't like the feeling
Standing alone on spotlight
I'm lonely
Luvanna Oct 20
I hate to remember when
your eyes met mine
when we laughed too hard
I hate to remember when
your hand touched my thigh
and you whispered 'mine' in my ears
I hate it the most when
I tasted a hint of lie
right after your lips touched mine
Luvanna Jul 28
I wanted to be an open book
until I realized I don't like being read upon
as if I am predicatable and have no twists and turns
Luvanna Jun 19
In my dream last night
I was blunt and brave
I have my own voice
In my dream last night
I wasn't afraid to stand alone
And made my own decisions
In my dream last night
I was a puppet who finally cut free
From the strings controlling my behaviour
And have my own muscles
In my dream last night
I have my own capitalized 'I'
Luvanna Jun 16
Lift me up
Place me onto your desk facing the newly rising sun
let the sun kiss our curves and edges unknown to the lights
I'm fresh and clean from the shower
ready to get *****
study me, as if I'm the map you always possess
**** me rough
the neighbours could care less about us
Luvanna Jun 16
I'm so bad at life
But maybe with you
I'm not afraid of making mistakes
and maybe
just maybe
if you are willing to share your umbrella with me
the rain won't feel so harsh
and the wind won't feel as cold
as when I get through the storm alone
Luvanna Jun 15
Mom asked me a simple question
'What do you want to be?'
So I answered proudly
'I wanna be an astronaut,
simply because I want to thank every each
of the stars and the galaxy,
for taking care of you and letting me have you
in my humble life'
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