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Luvanna Apr 2022
Dear feelings,
I'm sorry that we are often being dismissed
I'll stand guard protecting you
from the people who's slowly becoming
someone who they said they won't be
whose mouth full of sweet words
whose real tasks aren't fulfilled
Nevermind them
We'll stay constant
in the midst of fickle hearts
Luvanna Feb 2022
I'm looking for the time
in between the night hours
when is the best time to fall asleep
without thinking too much of you
the pain feels heavier
every time I lower my head on my bed
and my tears
I would want to say you're the one responsible for this
but I never blame anyone
for how I feel my feelings
Loving someone
should be the most natural thing happening in the world
and I don't get why we put ourselves
through too much hassle
trying to be with someone
we are running out of time
Luvanna Feb 2022
shouldn't be this complicated
why it feels like all of us
are in a race against each other?
who has the fancier job
who has the more sophisticated house
how far is the finish line?
Luvanna Dec 2021
Dear love,

I know it's too much to ask
But please bear with my constant insecurities
My constant what ifs
I will never feel 'enough'
But I'll try my best
I'd get competitive with your past
Forgive me
If I always feel I lose
To the ones you've loved before
For they are everything I'm not
Thank you
Luvanna Dec 2021
As I grace myself into being 26
My idea of happiness has becoming simpler
It could just be a free drink from a colleague
Annoying my partner and see him pout
(No he's not mad)
Or seeing the clouds roll on a Sunday afternoon
It could just be a long walk with him
And you talk and talk until you are out of topic
It could just be an arm around your shoulder
Or a cup of hot cocoa
My philosophy of happiness has been complete
Luvanna Nov 2021
Me: A series of fifty-five emotions
interchanging every ten minutes
love me, adore me and I shall grant you your deepest wildest dream
upset me, disappoint me, and I shall consider you dead
Luvanna Nov 2021
it was your sweet lips
sugary words drip
your eyes, your gaze, make me twitch
a knot in my stomach
when you flirt
when you touch my sensitives
all the small gestures
and your act of service
suddenly I'm your Queen Bee
I'm in a sugar rush
addicted, obsessed, hooked on
and I just ignore all the nutrition facts
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