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My eyes shut,
As the ringing is heard,
Of the bell,
In his hands.

The silence is broken,
As he chants,
The first few words,
To our prayers.

We repeat,
In sync,
Every word,
Is beautiful.

The light,
Still bright,
Sitting in it's lamp,
Sitting on the table.

Neatly cut,
Yet wild,
Pleasing needs.

The scent of sticks,
Drift across the room,
Putting smiles on our faces,
As he preaches.

Everything placed,
Has a deep meaning.
Referring to death,
With reality.

When we have gifted the people,
And the room with our blessings,
We open our eyes to the works,
So he can teach us something.

He talks and explains,
The points of life.
What it is like to be,
One of his kind.

Stories spill out of him,
Yet still keeping time.
That's what a trained priest does,
Know what he says and why.

When he is finished,
We seal the lament,
With a silence,
One can only desire.

We pray and wish,
In our hopeless minds,
For our lives to become better,
For it to extend,
And for the love of our children.

And when all,
Is wished and said,
We leave the place,
And this wonderful, peaceful,
It doesn't really matter if this doesn't get likes, I love my religion. Hope you liked it too:)
The cold is all I've ever known.
My lonely heart is made of frost.
Never has it beaten yet,
not once has it been lost.

The heavy clouds that fills the sky
delivers ice and snow,
and every day I fiercely pray
for winds of spring to blow.

My brittle bones are aching,
longing for her touch.
A smile warmer than the sun
and eyes that shine as such.

She'll set my heart ablaze with love.
She'll kiss me on the lips
and through my body heat will spread
from toes to fingertips.

We stare into each others' eyes,
naked to the bone.
Still fully dressed, though, we know now
we'll never be alone.

Forever will I love her,
my summer buttercup,
and all she has to do
is simply showing up.
Please keep in mind when reading this that this is the very first poem that I have ever written. Also English is not my first language. This is a very simple poem with little depth to it, however I feel like it captures loneliness as an emotion pretty well.

— The End —