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rosy solo
23/F/Philippines    \ˈrō-zē \adj. characterized by or tending to promote optimism; hopeful "no matter the frail, faints, and fails, there IS a rosy triumph"
Xian Obrero
24/NC, USA    I just love writing ... and giving everyone the feels haha !
16/F/lilac sky   
15/F/united states    lover of cats, hozier, rainstorms, and contemplative walks. hoping to discover some peace of mind on here through all of your beautiful words & gather ...
60/M/california    I have been writing for most of my life, I have been fortunate to have married the love of my life for the past 25 ...
26/M/Lusikisiki, South Africa    New born Artist who appreciates Art
16/Cisgender Female/My mind    Words Seem To Pour Out Of Me... Oh Poor Me... Just Pour Me a Cup of Tea... And Hopefully Tears Don't Pour Out Of Me...
Malikah Awan
15/F    Just another paper-cut survivor
19/F    Your poetry is probably better than mine ;)
Keith Edward Baucum
Hello fellow poets and artist My name is Keith Edward Baucum. I look forward to reading your poems and art. Literary art is an art ...
17/F/PA    thoughts into words :p
27/F/Nairobi    Writing is my therapy. On the outside people think of me as an extrovert but in real sense, I tend to hide alot with my ...
Charlene Barcelona
18/F/Wonderland    "Paper-thin and Pencil-tall, she was the loose pages of an unfamiliar romance masquerading as crime..."
M/PLACELESS DESKTOP    You guys are welcome to use my poems for most purposes, especially for educational ones. Copyright for commercial purposes reserved. Yours Mikey Kania
Angel-like rain castle
30/F/Over the moon    I smile so people don't loose hope
Manila, Philippines    The world will never ever be the same, and you're to blame. ~
Writing poems without target audience since 2010.
42/M/A Sandy Beach   
F/drifting    and despite everything, i am still alive in this moment.
Slightly Lovely
15/F/A small town in WA    Hi, I guess I’m creative, I write poetry, love music, and draw. I love my cat, and fandoms, and yeah, I’m kinda boring.
18/F    "Champagne to my real friends, real pain to my sham friends" - Irish saying
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