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  May 28 Val Vik
wait for breaking dawn
let one side of you be desolate
the pains must bathe in cold waters
the fires must not leave ashes
  Apr 23 Val Vik
Mark levitt
Thank you for the experience of you.
  Apr 17 Val Vik
butterfly's dream
  Apr 11 Val Vik
I am as far as your guess
my presence is in where you look
even if I seem to be a point

all my weight is in your heart
  Apr 8 Val Vik
Eshwara Prasad
The tired twig broke.
A lone Leaf went into a free fall.
It softly landed on the ant hole.
A bustling empire descended into permanent darkness.
Val Vik Apr 6
фиг знает кто
хрен знает от куда

я сижу под рестораном -
Замуж поздно, сдохнуть рано
  Mar 22 Val Vik
LOVE, the greatest gift,
Lies disguised astern cold eyes,
Lost alone adrift.
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