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  Jun 30 Val Vik
Pagan Paul
Four little lines you get,
just a sweet verse quartet,
please, take it home to pet,
a warm cuddle when you fret.

© Pagan Paul (28/02/19)
  Jun 30 Val Vik
Pagan Paul
Alas we are cast into an ocean of grief,
prey to the monsters that lay deep beneath,
to shake and rattle the core of our beliefs,
rendered shipwreck shattered by jagged reefs.
Are we to grace our souls 'pon Neptune's teeth,
adorned and garlanded with a salt kelp wreath,
should our existence be so stunted and brief,
I beseech to expire like a storm silent leaf.

© Pagan Paul (03/03/19)
  Jun 30 Val Vik
Pagan Paul
Pain should be written beautifully,
achingly displayed upon a page.

© Pagan Paul (20/06/19)
Val Vik Jun 30
in both exciting and trying times
move like the moon, progress
to let go of the past
Take an example from the sky
Val Vik Jun 30
One should not seek eternal bliss -
find contentment in your presence.

for an endless sun would run a drought
for an endless night would blind our path
for an endless rain will cause a flood -

One should seek 'peace of mind' instead.
Experience the balance of life
"Good Vibes Only"
  Jun 25 Val Vik
Gazing up to the starry sky
It's all beauty I can not deny
But it's not up where my thoughts fly
It has always been you, but I'm too shy
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