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Val Vik Mar 18
\ Rainfall \
welts into the withered plants \
& evokes the memory of thirst \
the memory of being alive. \

*Love to the distant eye\
Val Vik Feb 27
Remember when dreams
brought happiness?
And then, we grew up.
from childhood into adulthood
  Feb 6 Val Vik
Fragile form

of skin and bones,

a gentle heart

that words

like sticks and stones

will break apart

  Feb 6 Val Vik
If being happy means inability to write, then hand me a pen. I want to be sad.
  Dec 2021 Val Vik
Mahdi Akhloumadi
We all have the same ,
date of birth,
Maybe not on the earth,
But some where else,
Galactically far enough
in this universe.
Which fortunately means
we are all
Some how twins!
  May 2021 Val Vik
wait for breaking dawn
let one side of you be desolate
the pains must bathe in cold waters
the fires must not leave ashes
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