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Acora Oct 21
Taking her in is a wonderful thing
No longer does peace rhyme
with my suffering-
Today it’s rational fears;
A test, eating well-
Going off to college and
dying off to hell-
Now peace is my room in the morning light
It’s Baroque chords and high marks and
skirts tight-
It’s comfort, and people,
And especially her,
It’s her bold mouth and walking hand in hand
The same hands under her shirt-
And finally do I know what life’s meant to mean.
And finally do I realize peace does not rhyme with
mentally in such a better place !
  Oct 19 Acora
I am intoxicated by you.
The smell of your clothing,
The taste of your lips,
The feel of your hair,
The structure of your face,
Everything about you
Overwhelms my senses
And makes me
Pull you in tighter
And bring you in close.
I cannot stop
Wrapping myself in
Your arms.
You intoxicate me.
Acora Oct 14
It’s the way she looks at me with adoration,
It’s the mouth that tilts up with a smile,
It’s those eyes;
her heavy lids- just sweetness, and
lips parted slightly for a while-
It’s the way she’s sculpted marble,
but warm and real in my hands;
It’s the toned biceps and hips and chest,
blending beautifully into round ******* and thighs;
It’s the way she makes me feel so wanted,
yet safe and giddy and shy
It’s her quiet giggle but harsh love-threats,
it’s her optimism that turns to desire;
She’s tender and oh-so-beautiful,
face alight with golden fire-
And when that sweetness trembles, she’s got me flustered too,
I want to touch her slowly,
but also allow her to watch me reduce...
intimacy with my beautiful
Acora Oct 13
With happiness and greed
I use you and you use me
But not just for the means
I’m here because I want to be,
Because you asked me, kind;
I savor your lips on my lips because
you asked if I would mind;
The way the empty cavity
within my chest is now close to bursting,
You destroy me and distract me,
somehow without the pain and hurting.
She teases me but it’s a welcome sensation
Acora Oct 9
I want her in a bad way
to be pressed together, tight
Flustered and enamored and feeling the time is right-
I want to love her body
and grip her tight to me-
I want her to be rocketing
to hear her moan..
Or lay there with her and simply be.
I want to see contentment in those pretty light-colored eyes
Acora Oct 4
a car floor, her, and me-
her hands, my pants, slowly-
A rhythm I’ve only ever imagined,
a look in her eyes of satisfaction-
her arms, her shoulders,
gaining traction,
tighter and tighter
and I trust her-
Two breaths, both rocketing
her something inside of me.
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