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efni 2d
my body pressed into you
violently, desperately
ribs crack and crumble
piercing my lungs, my heart
don't move. don't leave.

if i let go now
everything will fall away

"maybe... just maybe... i dont have to be broken." - 10.27.21 (poem: unbroken?)

i'm sorry efni. it seems like you do, and you are.
efni Jan 21
shock me again
with anything
with anyone

just enough to start me up
so that i can keep rolling
so that i can keep running

dont leave me here

i cant move on my own anymore
i cant move without a jumpstart

i cant just stop
im begging you

dont ask where im headed
i dont want to know that either

lets just keep going away. please.
efni Jan 21
pour me a tall glass of tiny tasks for the day
just until i get back to my ***** in the nights

more, more, more, another, another, another

keep em coming and dont you dare
let me stay sober long enough
to think
when i cant silence my thoughts
i keep them just loud enough
that everything gets lost in the noise
efni Jan 21
im certain my fingertips will form blisters
when they touch my neglected journal
as they are already burning now
with every tap of this keyboard

because theyre sick of the mud

theyre sick of of pouring water over my dirt
theyre sick of rinsing and washing and scrubbing
while it relentlessly sticks to my hands

its just not going to wash away
so why would i burn when
i can just let it stay.

what's so wrong with a rock and a hard place
when i can just make a pathetic home right there
efni Jan 4
i survived, barely
but where is this strength
that i was promised
that's how it works right?


not everything is a lesson.
some **** just *****.
  Sep 2022 efni
Poetry Art
i wanna write more
but my mind is empty
soul is missing
heart is shattered
i am broken
i am lost
how i wish i'll be able to write again.

hoping for better days,
efni Sep 2022
my birthday is in six days
and i only want to spend it with you

but we are dead
and you're gone

my birthday is in six days
and i am going to spend it alone

i miss you every day. i think i'll love you forever. my best friend, my heart.
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