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Chloe 3d
If darkness could speak
What would it say?
Chloe 6d
Heartbroken fits me perfectly
Like a dress that clings to every curve
It’s sown it’s way into my soul
And it’s there to stay
Chloe May 9
Till death do us part
You said sincerely
You took my life
And left me drunk
And dreary
Chloe May 9
Forget me  
As i'm the problem
You wanted to fix
But even you
Cannot achieve
The impossible
Chloe Apr 29
Do you believe in angles?
She said softly
His lips formed a smile
Their eyes met
Her cheeks turned red
Chloe Apr 28
When you said
We can fix us
You really meant me
But I’m too broken
Chloe Apr 24
Pleasure seeps through the sheets
Gasps left soft lips
Bodies pressed together
Stuck in rhythm
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