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 Oct 8 Dominique
Amber fire cooled
Smooth over water hardened
To soften the burn.
 Oct 8 Dominique
Today an angel
sat upon a rain cloud and
watched the rain fall down

Sad day today I still can’t bring myself to talk about it even though I shared a poem recently but I took it down for the words tto forever sleep peacefully x
Agreed, that love is attraction
    - though not only surface sensual,
      as you maintain,
      not only toward the external -
But that sweet involuntary pull is
      also inward for expansion;
      for interior sifting
      and resolution.
Love is primarily attraction to
      unexplored depths
      of the self.

- fr
 Sep 30 Dominique
a gaudy toxic tapestry
of filthy lies

dogma and tribalism
on parade as
 Aug 5 Dominique
Luca C
Thats the thing about poetry,
you think im talking about a
broken heart,
when really,
Im talking about a broken
Words can hide things
 Aug 5 Dominique
 Aug 5 Dominique
i'm clean, i tell them
they smile
they tell me they're proud
they tell me that i'm a fighter

but when i say i'm clean
it implies that the rest of me has always been

that the girl with faded scars
and an empty heart
and a full head
was filthy
 Aug 5 Dominique
i admit
my life has become an
endless blur of days
and nights
conversation i never had
and poems i have yet the strength to write.
Blank piece of lined paper
Is who I am
Im just blank
 Aug 5 Dominique
Whenever I think of happiness, I think of sunflowers.
The funny thing is, I don’t even like sunflowers.
They’re obnoxious.
They are tall. Stretching to the sun, selfish.
They are bright. Blinding all who look at them.

But they are unapologetic.
They love. They are love.
They live their life.
They are confident.
They are everything I need to be.
They are happiness.
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