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 Jan 2022 psyche
Pain is both a pesticide
and growth hormone

It is necessary for all growing things
but not even the bugs like it!

And someday
You’ll know
That you never knew

And someday
You will do
That you never did

And someday
You will say
That you never said before

And someday you have
To let it all go
That you always held close

And someday
You have to leave for forever
But today, you live, as you should

And someday
Someone will believe
As you did
And someday
Bad gateway
Will vanish
As it should
 Jan 2022 psyche
 Jan 2022 psyche
It was taken

and I’ve been
to catch it
ever since.

 Jan 2022 psyche
Sarah Spencer
People who write poetry
always wear their hearts on their sleeves.
They’re not afraid to feel
or look weak.
Poets aren't afraid to look for answers
in the binds of their mind,
or to sit and reflect over regrets
that most people try to forget.
Poets look at a sunset
and instead of seeing the opportunity for
a perfect picture
see the opportunity for
a perfect poem
that only they can write.
Yes poets are not only a different kind of people,
they're also a different kind of beautiful
 Jan 2022 psyche
Carlo C Gomez
to be your
all webs
and legs
and tasty things
in the parlor
and then when
the eggs
hatch away
it's curtains for
you and me
 Jan 2022 psyche
If you want to be
Disappointed, lone and hurt...
Then, start expecting!
Another name of "Expectation" should be disappointment...

Read this poem if u want😅😅... in case u've missed it 😅😅👇👇👇
 Jan 2022 psyche
i wish, when he was green,
he'd think i'd look just like a dream
and maybe be the prettiest girl he's ever seen
from the cover of a magazine
and he'd just couldn't place his finger on
what it was about me, there's just something about me
 Jan 2022 psyche
Carlo C Gomez
It's not about justice or the truth
but rather, how good the attorney
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