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psyche Jun 2020
You sometimes
find it very tiring
to go on
that you tend
to end the
sentence with

when you are happy

when you seek for answers

when everyone left you hanging

and with these
I came to wonder

haven't we forgotten
the essence
of taking a break
in between emotions?

Until I found
comfort in
a semicolon

learn to take a rest
when you feel tired;
then go on
psyche Nov 2020
Had we've known
how to read between
the lines,
maybe we didn't
have to
end up this story
with question marks.
psyche Jun 2021
Maybe the reason why we feel lonely is the same reason why we were happy.

Mine was
and will always be

psyche Mar 2018
She smiles
when he's around...
the same expression he secretly has
whenever he catches her eyes.
Where it all starts
psyche Jan 2015
If I could only run backward
I’ll place my feet in front my back
The prints I had will then I’ll have
And in that road I’ll meet thy path

If I could only run the time
I’ll move it in its counter route
Its hands will have a heart like mine
The moment’s time’ll last for long
I’ll be setting an alarm – remind me soon

if I could only hold your hand…
when time still favors me
in that pale tiny dusted road
with the laughing shadows of you and me.

If I could only…
Change the period you just laid

Then maybe we won’t meet the end
This way

psyche Jul 2018
He smiled
at me,
and suddenly
I forgot...

I was
psyche Nov 2020
The reason why
people have to
come in our lives
is the same reason
why they also have
to get out of it.

And that reason
we always find
from that piece of dash
between the date
of life
and death.
In memories of...
psyche Jan 2016
I once have met a man of soul
a great of man who never made
a great impression the very first.

I once have met a man of pain
his story broke the heart of town
I heard him cry; it melts my heart
beneath the life no one have had.

I once have met a man of truth
his heart is pure when he have loved
in fact I once have heard, he said he loves
he uttered then the name I have.
I, then have felt what’s love in deed.

And though all the times have past
when all the songs have end
and all the shadows fade,
the love we used to share
will then
forever be remembered.

We will be remembered.
We’ll always be…

*For the man who taught me that love has no meaning at all, not unless you have known it by the heart, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You will forever be here, right here, drawn behind the pages of my every piece.
I was about to reformat my laptop when i saw this piece i wrote months ago.. when i'm still hoping everything will be fixed between me and my ex. i read it three times weighing if i still feel the same. for the fist time, i've realized the changes.
psyche Mar 2021
What's even more painful than
all silent cries you shed
at 2:30 am?
psyche Jan 2020
45 minutes before my real
new decade starts,
45 minutes before
I turn the music off.

45 minutes before another
dried leaf falls
45 minutes before a new
one sprouts...

there from a branch
of a tree
where all mem'ries engraved
with listed names
of those who come and go
while time passes and flies.

45 minutes...
last 45 minutes of holding on.

45 minutes...

then I'll let go.
Turning the page to a new one.
psyche Jan 2022
The light was burnin' low;
the sky poured me rains,
he's on the other side
of the pole.

I tucked myself in
and sang a lullaby
for a nearly dead star.
It whispered how it misses home,
and I couldn't agree more.
psyche Jun 2021
Neither of us
had given a warning sign

And perhaps that's the reason
why we both ended
with aches and scars.
psyche May 2021
She's tough and brave
an adamant no one could break
who hath taken an oath
not to go back from being
who she was...

that sweet little girl
who had given love bigger
than the size of her fist

that very same girl
whose smiles she misses
the most

that she shines
like what all diamonds do.
psyche Oct 2020
I can't hate you enough
to unlove you.

So I'll just catch
all the bullets and arrows.
psyche Apr 2018
When the fire isn't burning
So as desire
When the smile isn't sparklin'
So as love
It hath been precious
And it should have been there
For a lil longer

But if one's not holding
no matter how
the other one's
fight for it

You should know
How one
for once
The other
psyche May 2020
It isn't hate
that pains us most.

It is that word
that makes us
clutch our
wounded hearts.
psyche Jul 2019
you would

that it's

to be


on your own
psyche Apr 2021
Kept myself busy on daylights
to not get drowned
by the waves of missing you.

But when the night falls,
the story changes

and I wait for
another sun to rise.
psyche Dec 2018
You came for a reason
I fell with reasons I do not know
Now I have to let you go with
thousands of reasons.
So much reasons...
psyche Oct 2020
Love's deepest cut
is also its
only greatest antidote.
And perhaps, that's the reason
why I'm a dying poisoned heart.
psyche Mar 2021
Wanna know why it hurts
to love?

because we let our
world revolve
around the thought
of it.

Have a life,

Have a life...
and let thy universe
be found.
psyche Aug 2014
A prison on a castle
Beneath the jungle of sorrow.
A princess in a palace of woe
How life could be this cruel!

I wish I could be Aurora
Who had just slept and awaken by a kiss.
If not so like Rapunzel
Who had been saved by a thief.

If the only thing is to bite an apple
Then I’ll follow Juliet who’d been in a sudden death.
May be the beast for whom I gave my love
Will turn into a prince to save my life.
psyche Aug 2020
Tried to wear make up
and smiled
only to find out
some marks can't be
concealed by colors.

Tried to wear wings
and fly
only to realize
how powerless
I am against the wind.

Tried to step
on the ground
away from fire
only to melt.

And became ashes..

Burnt from pain
by walking away
from someone
I used to love.

I tried.
And still

at least.
psyche Dec 2017
We were the lyrics in every sweetest song one might hear
We collided in our own galaxy and made light out of it
You smiled and I counted the colors in your eyes
I felt like owning the universe knowing we were one.*

We were...
at least
we were.
psyche Sep 2020
Wanna know
what a happy ending
really is?

It's when
you fin'lly accepted
that the story
hath already
reached its

no matter how
bitterly sweet
it may be.

And though with a sigh,
you'd still smile
and say...

"It has to be this way."
No more next chapter.
psyche Oct 2021
She held back for reasons
she had tried to count
and at last,
she saw the borders,
the lines
that ceased
the fear she kept
her anchored feet.

Yeah, she was afraid
she might lose
herself- the empire
she built within for years-
the gravity that keeps
the balance in her.

until she realized...

how at some point
breaking an empire
is the only way
to rebuild its damages

and facing imbalances
is the only way
to regain the center.
she fin'lly crossed the line.

She'll never be lost
psyche Feb 2021
northern lights
ice from my pockets
embracing coldness
love sprouts within.
psyche Feb 2021
You were so certain
of what kind of gift
you wanted to receive
that you focused more
on the wrappings;
you missed all chances
of seeing the significance
of the inside.
you failed to see that what you were praying for is actually wrapped in a kind of paper you never had imagined.
psyche May 2016
Mamahalin kita na parang hindi ako nasaktan
Maghihintay ako na parang hindi pa tapos ang lahat
Iibig ako at iibig at iibig
Hanggang sa mapagod ang hapo ko nang puso
Sa di matapos na pag-asang
Babalik ka
Na babalik ka
Ako maghihintay
At ikaw darating
Babalik ka
Babalik k
Baka sa
Baka saka
Baka sakali.
psyche Aug 2017
We were taught to be tough
Not to be soft with a heart so strong
and valiant, we call ourselves

We were once been trained
under the rainy clouds above
When all legendary tales begun,
our wholeness were made

We began by being just us
fulfilling what we were told to be.
We were filled…

until we got drowned.

And by that
we started
back as empty ones.
psyche Feb 2021
Perhaps I was raised
to be a peasant

fated to buy
faith in trade
of hope,

to purchase attention
in trade of fame,

and to avail love
in trade of happiness.
psyche May 2020
Beautiful people are those
who wear their crowns in thrones
they do not whip nor grim
in awe they care for praise.

Beautiful people are those
who earned a spot in board
like kings and queens in games
protect them or you lose.

Beautiful people they call themselves
in applause they held heads high
chin up, eyes down on men
or the masks and crowns will fall.
Soulless beautiful people
psyche Sep 2019
I loved him
but now
I live
in the
it's over
psyche Aug 2021
I wrote a story
with an ending not so well.
For the main that I have chosen
chose to leave the chapter.

And so I had no choice
but to close the book
and put it on a shelf
where it truly belonged.

Until one windy day,
a clean sheet of paper
blown by the wind
sat on my lonely den.

And right there
I gave birth to two:
prose and poetry
they call them.

One I nurture for long lasting,
the other makes me lost in a while.

both of them
I found
in a new main
I won't get tired of
writing all my
new beginnings with.
No more endings.
psyche Jun 2018
We are written
in a script
full of scenes
performed by actors
and actresses
inside us

we laugh
we cry
we face the spot
and act

at the end
every hand claps

all the praises and salute
on what the naked eyes
have seen
while He who wrote was nearly forgotten
psyche Jun 2016
The days I count hath past…
when hours beyond my grasp
are now tickling the gallons of innumerable pain.
Here under the moonlight shine
with tiny million crystal beans,
I numbered all the scars
they marked a sand of thousand mem’ries.
‘tis has to be done, I know
Oh, moonlight I know you hear!
You witnessed all the tears
from my night to night’s endless mare.

But the gambler whispered all,
I now have to give up all;
my happiness, my love, and all
along the saddest hymn of mine soul.
Goodbye my dearest
sweetest paradise of wound.
psyche Oct 2020
until you
to feed
your heart
with nothing
but the
Who cares if it's a lie, anyway?
psyche May 2020
I often hear them say

"Better late than never."

How better that could be

for a man
who had just seen her worth

now that she's
no longer his muse.
psyche Apr 2021
You are may black crayon

the one I always use
to paint
my darkest nights.

the only color
that could match
through all my
messy moods.

the one I always
run at
when all that is visible
are most painful
in the eyes.
psyche Nov 2014
blank horizon
blank emotion
blank paper
a pen.


i spotted the times i was laughing
floating in the universe
with thy hands holding mine

the horizon shifted into clouds
where sun prepares to set its face

i felt a hundred languages of emotions
filled by those days i've been so glad

by then,
i let my pen kissed
the blank paper i've been holding for an epoch

so much stories to tell
so much laughter to share

i was just hoping that...

maybe you could read it someday.
psyche Nov 2017
Had I known pain would laugh
I wouldn’t put much smile
on this tiny simple thought
of love I once hath had.
now tears aren't just simply falling...
psyche Aug 2021
My bones are aching
for a tight hug
while my heart
screams thy name
to hold its every beat.

But my brain?
it's willing to die first
before it admits
and surrenders.

for it felt pain first
that causes too much

too much for the bones
to ache
and for its heart
to break.
psyche May 2020
thank you
for holding me tight

in times I can't find strength
to move on the next page.
psyche Oct 2020
Darken the sky;
paint all the stars.

I know it's cloudy
and the universe cries.

But please,
do bring me the moon.

and be it known
that we are still
under the same sky.
psyche Aug 2020
tell me something even worst
than falling with someone so precious to you;
you’re thorn between
keeping everything inside to keep him,
and admitting how you truly feel,
then lose him forever.
how not to fall with a friend
psyche May 2020
Never had I thought
how being apart
of what used to be
my ev'rything
would let me
be free
from what had been
caging me...

I never knew
I could fly
I let all of him
burnt into ash.
Now I'm saving me.
psyche May 2021
You burned me
to melt desire
and left me
an ice frozen

Now I'm afraid
I'd break
into river flow
of pain.
psyche Oct 2020
I watched you crossed
the borderline,
met her halfway...

while I was left
at the shore,
wiping all
your footsteps
from the sand.

It might be hard
to walk alone,

but the coast
now is clear.
psyche Jul 2018
what a well groomed
man he is
with a heart
as cold
as the
psyche Oct 2020
She's no one
who's careless
of whom she would
give care.

Until she learned
how she needs

to care...

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