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psyche 2d
She held back for reasons
she had tried to count
and at last,
she saw the borders,
the lines
that ceased
the fear she kept
her anchored feet.

Yeah, she was afraid
she might lose
herself- the empire
she built within for years-
the gravity that keeps
the balance in her.

until she realized...

how at some point
breaking an empire
is the only way
to rebuild its damages

and facing imbalances
is the only way
to regain the center.
she fin'lly crossed the line.

She'll never be lost
psyche Oct 2
What auroras do with freedom
that rains do consistently
is the same thing that
makes lightnings and
thunderstorms roar

so real
yet so intense

yet so chaotic

just like how
two strange souls
collided from
two diverged cosmos.
yet magical.
psyche Sep 22
When time isn't matter.
You wouldn't be ready.
It's when you are in
the middle of
tossing a coin
and knowing it's a tail
when it landed head.
psyche Sep 22
What reason
will be enough
to take the risk?

not what's in the ending
but what's to the ending.
psyche Sep 22
You have been
pouring all of you-
emptying yours
just to fill one's cup

it's ironic how
you get so drowned
when deep inside
what you're made
is hollow

you were so used into it
like how you unconsciously
rub your scars
without feeling anything
at all.
psyche Sep 20
Two short words
same old sounds
one's we hate
the other's called fate

But nay,
one you had to meet
so the latter you'd greet.

And so with wisdom
you'd breathe...

You have to leave
to live.
psyche Sep 20
So much stories to read
and ours is my fave
to tell

Sometimes I whip
through it
but most
I ponder to live.
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