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Sarah Spencer Feb 24
I'm the happiest I've ever been,
yet I still find times
where I feel frayed.
I have no reason to be sad,
yet there is this constant dark cloud
that won't go away.
I don't want to cry everyday,
I don't want to feel this way,
I  just want to smile
and truly believe that I'm okay,
But no matter how hard I try
this dark cloud just continues to stay.
Sarah Spencer Oct 2022
You betrayed yourself
when you were thinking bad things
about your body
Sarah Spencer Oct 2022
Love is one hand on the steering wheel
and the other holding mine,
Love is trying too hard to make you laugh
just so I can see that smile again,
Love is being able to tell you
every little thing that comes to my mind,
Love is knowing that I will always
have a best friend,
Love is never wanting this feeling to end.
Sarah Spencer Oct 2022
You could give her the world
but she wouldn't be happy,
you could make all the money
but she'd still starve for more,
you could work all the hours
but she'd still miss your touch,
but if you give her your heart,
she'll have more than enough
Sarah Spencer Sep 2022
It's my fault
that I never got to see you grow up,
that you died.
I was selfish and cared about
my own needs over yours,
I was irresponsible and now
I'm paying the ultimate price.
and no matter how much I want to turn back time,
where your heart was still beating
and hope was in your eyes,
I'm stuck with my mistakes.
I'm so sorry and I can't even say it,
because no matter how strongly I feel
I can't fix what's been done,
I can't make your body rise up from the ground,
I can't put you back together,
and because of those reasons I can't be okay.
Sarah Spencer Sep 2022
Big nose,
droopy eyes,
big sigh.
Too fat,
too flat,
skin dry,
I wanna cry.
Sarah Spencer Sep 2022
I miss you sometimes
even after what you did.
I wish I didn't.
Such a short haiku I almost didn't even post it
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