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Feb 2022 · 240
You left...
psyche Feb 2022
and I fin'lly understood
why among all
the hours of the day,

sunset has always been
the most breathtaking one.
Thank you...
for giving me this golden moment.
Feb 2022 · 387
Ikalawang Paglaya
psyche Feb 2022
Wala nang hihigit pa
sa paglayang natamo
matapos ang mahabang gabi
ng unang paglayang ipinagluksa-

ang paglayang inilaan
sa pagbitaw
sa mga ala-alang ipininta
kalakip ng pangakong

higit ka nang laya.
Feb 2022 · 491
in pieces
psyche Feb 2022
And while women her age
walk down the aisles
teary-eyed in veils and flow'rs
adoring flashes wishes them the best,

she confidently ramps
along wide-eyed crowd
wishing they have
what she boldly has-
pieces of peace of mind.
Feb 2022 · 145
psyche Feb 2022
He gave me sparkles

Like how fireworks
explode on New Year's eve.


and then
I should've wished
for a firefly instead.
Jan 2022 · 206
her autumn
psyche Jan 2022
He had awaken the flame
that has been asleep
for all seasons gone
only to leave her
ice cold frost one moonlit night

but with a tiny
little hope to fate,
she counted drops
like how leaves fall
on cobblestones

She was left
clutching unto knife
pointing in her
iced stone heart

and though
she cries during
summer eves,
she made sure not to bleed
all winter days.
She's on her season of becoming.
Jan 2022 · 157
when art is born
psyche Jan 2022
When a poet
holds his pen
and the composer
finds the perfect words
the painter mixed the shades
and the singer hit the notes

that's when scars turn
into art.
As for me?
I bottle all of it up.
And I bleed
a million tiny words
on papers
beneath my wet pillows.
Jan 2022 · 199
No, I don't miss him.
psyche Jan 2022
I loved him,
but I am not inlove with him.

I was inlove with the idea
of loving him.

And now I miss the idea
of being inlove with him.
So technically,
I don't miss him.

Just the idea of missing him.
Jan 2022 · 583
psyche Jan 2022
The light was burnin' low;
the sky poured me rains,
he's on the other side
of the pole.

I tucked myself in
and sang a lullaby
for a nearly dead star.
It whispered how it misses home,
and I couldn't agree more.
Jan 2022 · 115
off the boat
psyche Jan 2022
People uttered so much
about how they would do things
for those who they love,
but won't actually jump off the boat
when it's about to sink.

Their reason?

They would rather stay...
And that had made me question
how real love really works.
Jan 2022 · 679
red strings
psyche Jan 2022
And so I cut the red string
to see if it was really love
or peace that I'll be
waving my sleeves with

And to my wonder,
I met both.

Now I am starting
my stiches
repairing the damage
and confusions

this red string
hath brought
to my oh so curious
I wanted him back,
but being at peace without him
holds me back.
Jan 2022 · 105
twin flames
psyche Jan 2022
And so flames
hath turned one to ash
while the other
still fights its light

One begged to live
while the other held to love

Please do enlighten
this wander'ng soul

Who keeps on blaze-
burning herself within
for the one
she once had taken an oath
in flames.
He'll never come back
She knows
But the flame still burns.
Jan 2022 · 264
psyche Jan 2022
Still using the same
language you taught me

and perhaps the very reason

why no one
how painful it is
beneath the surface.
Dec 2021 · 105
psyche Dec 2021
Love came
to heal
an old scar concealed

only to bleed

in hopes
of stitches
from thread
in loops.
Nov 2021 · 134
in disguise
psyche Nov 2021
I loved
he loved
I might not be the one
so fated we never are

and though we cried for heal,
we never lose at once

for within our cosmos
we both have met
same love
such ones
in disguise
Nov 2021 · 144
let it flow
psyche Nov 2021
She can no longer
hold on the pain;
it lingers through her bones
and within

So she came to rivers
and cried all out

as she made sure
all drops will flow
along the coldest waters

that'll never come back
her chest
Nov 2021 · 296
relearned and reminded
psyche Nov 2021
You've renamed
love and let it be
known to me

only to be reminded
of why I had to forget it
on the first place.
Nov 2021 · 124
psyche Nov 2021
If what we are
is just a game,
would you cheat
just to win?

This she asked,
and with a frown
he answered

She knew he meant it
for what they had
hath met its end.
Oct 2021 · 99
psyche Oct 2021
She held back for reasons
she had tried to count
and at last,
she saw the borders,
the lines
that ceased
the fear she kept
her anchored feet.

Yeah, she was afraid
she might lose
herself- the empire
she built within for years-
the gravity that keeps
the balance in her.

until she realized...

how at some point
breaking an empire
is the only way
to rebuild its damages

and facing imbalances
is the only way
to regain the center.
she fin'lly crossed the line.

She'll never be lost
Oct 2021 · 135
psyche Oct 2021
What auroras do with freedom
that rains do consistently
is the same thing that
makes lightnings and
thunderstorms roar

so real
yet so intense

yet so chaotic

just like how
two strange souls
collided from
two diverged cosmos.
yet magical.
Sep 2021 · 147
When is when?
psyche Sep 2021
When time isn't matter.
You wouldn't be ready.
It's when you are in
the middle of
tossing a coin
and knowing it's a tail
when it landed head.
Sep 2021 · 318
psyche Sep 2021
What reason
will be enough
to take the risk?

not what's in the ending
but what's to the ending.
Sep 2021 · 96
psyche Sep 2021
You have been
pouring all of you-
emptying yours
just to fill one's cup

it's ironic how
you get so drowned
when deep inside
what you're made
is hollow

you were so used into it
like how you unconsciously
rub your scars
without feeling anything
at all.
Sep 2021 · 178
psyche Sep 2021
Two short words
same old sounds
one's we hate
the other's called fate

But nay,
one you had to meet
so the latter you'd greet.

And so with wisdom
you'd breathe...

You have to leave
to live.
Sep 2021 · 93
psyche Sep 2021
So much stories to read
and ours is my fave
to tell

Sometimes I whip
through it
but most
I ponder to live.
Sep 2021 · 247
Tell me
psyche Sep 2021
Tell me something
more enchanting
than two souls
long before
a single touch.
Sep 2021 · 135
psyche Sep 2021
I've been marking
my skin
with pain I could
only acknowlege
through pen.

And when he came,
no space was left
to welcome
the story he had to tell.

So I made him pages
in a corner
no one had ever
dared to flip.
Sep 2021 · 231
Haven't you met love yet?
psyche Sep 2021

Not yet.

Not until you
feel that pulse
that says...

You could grow old
with that one.
Sep 2021 · 124
her walls
psyche Sep 2021
Oh what a wonderful
castle she had built
in bricks she fenced
its peace
no thorn could ever

until one cold winter night,
a painter came
with graffiti he whispered
all flowers bloom
on spring
even on fall
all naked trees would bow.

That when she woke up
from a life-time death,
her walls...

yet changed.
Sep 2021 · 137
psyche Sep 2021
I'd never wished for
anything fancy and glittery
and bright
other than a glimpse
of Borealis.

But when a shooting star came,
it made me witnessed
how a single hope
could mean a galactic miracle.

And right there,
when I hoped for nothing
more than a blink of amazement,

my galaxy aligned its stars
to open the universe
I never imagined
I'd be able to see...
through his eyes.
Sep 2021 · 313
psyche Sep 2021
He thinks she's precious
but it's the other way around.

He sees stars in her eyes;
she reaches universe
with his touch.

And while he forsees
his future with her,
she was busy

their safest haven.
Aug 2021 · 395
see through
psyche Aug 2021
Listen not
to what he could utter
for words do fleet
while deeds don't lie

What man wants to
he'll let you see through...
Aug 2021 · 120
psyche Aug 2021
I wrote a story
with an ending not so well.
For the main that I have chosen
chose to leave the chapter.

And so I had no choice
but to close the book
and put it on a shelf
where it truly belonged.

Until one windy day,
a clean sheet of paper
blown by the wind
sat on my lonely den.

And right there
I gave birth to two:
prose and poetry
they call them.

One I nurture for long lasting,
the other makes me lost in a while.

both of them
I found
in a new main
I won't get tired of
writing all my
new beginnings with.
No more endings.
Aug 2021 · 153
psyche Aug 2021
Been grieving over
an unfinished story
only to realize
how I had been wasting time
waiting for an ending
that has already been there

hanging on elipsis.
Aug 2021 · 151
Water and Earth
psyche Aug 2021
He flows like a river
and as his waters fall down,
a heart of stone hath melted.

She nurtures like earth
on ground she keeps her feet,
she made home for his lost soul.

Oh what a mess had been created
the moment these two
hath met!

But even in muds,
a lotus sprouts.

and no matter how chaotic
it might appear...

some things bloom within.
Aug 2021 · 87
love and tears in forms
psyche Aug 2021
I lost the love
I thought I deserved
until it came
in a form of something
I wasn't expecting
it would be.

Now I'm crying
in a form of tears
I haven't shed
Let go...
What comes is always better than what is lost.
Aug 2021 · 1.3k
psyche Aug 2021
You made me crave for more
and left me hanging
on the bridge
when I expected you
to cross the half
of what you asked from me.

Is it still intimacy
or was I mistaken
from the start?
Aug 2021 · 416
Bones, Heart, and Brain
psyche Aug 2021
My bones are aching
for a tight hug
while my heart
screams thy name
to hold its every beat.

But my brain?
it's willing to die first
before it admits
and surrenders.

for it felt pain first
that causes too much

too much for the bones
to ache
and for its heart
to break.
Jun 2021 · 333
psyche Jun 2021
"What did you trade me for?"
she asked.

"Happiness, " he answered,  then asked the same question.

"Unselfish love,"
she wanted to say.

But all she could utter was
"The same."
Jun 2021 · 150
psyche Jun 2021
Jun 2021 · 131
psyche Jun 2021
She couldn't say goodbye
so she wrote him her farewell.

He couldn't read her pain
so he left before she packed her suitcase.
Jun 2021 · 1.1k
You are...
psyche Jun 2021
You are allowed to wake up
and still dream..

like how you allow yourself
to die
and still breathe.
Jun 2021 · 120
psyche Jun 2021
Met my demons last night
told me I couldn't move out

I proved her wrong
by cutting
all my thorns.
Jun 2021 · 91
You can
psyche Jun 2021
You can still care
while honoring distance;
you can still love
and be from afar.
Jun 2021 · 95
Let go
psyche Jun 2021
let go
and let it
let you go.
Jun 2021 · 105
psyche Jun 2021
He who measures love
hasn't met love yet;
for he who counts
what he hath given
hasn't given anything
at all.
Jun 2021 · 96
psyche Jun 2021
Grow in places thy universe
hath planted thee in.
Hold thy roots to the ground;
nourish thy leaves through the sun.

Bloom and bear fruits,
and let those in need take all of thee-

thy fruits to the hungry,
thy blossoms to those who love,
thy leaves to the breathing,
thy seeds to the soil.

Until then,
the new thee thy old roots
were rooting for

shall sprout.
And that,
we shall call
Jun 2021 · 92
psyche Jun 2021
Gone is the girl
who cried in silence.
For in her beaten heart,
a woman had risen.
Jun 2021 · 838
wounds and freedom
psyche Jun 2021
He gave me wounds;
I gained my freedom
to walk away.
Jun 2021 · 699
psyche Jun 2021
I was jealous
I had no right to.

I miss him
I have no right to.

I want to love him
I shall not have the right to.

And so I left...
The only right thing
I have the right to.
Jun 2021 · 115
which one?
psyche Jun 2021
My heart doesn't bleed anymore.
It's just empty
And I have no idea
which one's worse.
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