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Upon the warm winds of time
glides a perfect single word,
a flick of a wing sublime,
takes flight the faraway bird.

Space leaves room for another
who's adventure now would fly,
whispers the faraway bird
'Peace to thee, farewell, goodbye'.

© Pagan Paul (19/11/19)
 Dec 2019 Lady Misfortune
I finally cut myself free from you. And it's the worst feeling in the world.
Seize the pain
Grasp reality
Escape madness
Impossible task
Infinitely insane
 Dec 2019 Lady Misfortune
Your hands are soft,
They grip firmly on my hips and
your eyes are fixated on my...
My everything
You move boundlessly and complete me effortlessly...
your groans give me certainty that your satisfaction is profound
And in my last gasp for air before I relinquish all the power from my body,
My nails dig into your back and my legs curl around your waist for support.
We are one.
You asked
What is the scariest part?

I answer
The scariest part
is not the feeling of loneliness
or the darkness that fills you
despite the looming pain
of emptiness

The scariest part
is the realization  
that you have lost yourself
sinking in as you lay awake
at 2 AM
because you lost the ability to sleep
and you can't even cry
because you don't even care
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