Lalo Nov 9
Are your jokes still funny now?
The shoves, the trips, the sadistic grins?
You stole everything from her
Your words tore her fragile being to shreds
Because of you, she lost her soul
She lost her heart
She lost her will
She lost her joy
You killed her in every way but physical
But yet your mouth hangs open with shock
When you discover her,
bleeding on the ground,
content smile on her lips,
Two feet from the school building
Every bone in her body broken
You did this to her
You killed her mind,
her will to live,
And now her body has followed.
Lalo Oct 30
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Sugar is sweet
and perhaps you are too,
But the roses have wilted,
the violets are dead,
The sugar bowl is empty
And your wrists are stained with red,
The sun isn't shining,
The sky isn't clear,
there's no silver lining because your gone
Rain keeps pouring,
There's no end in sight,
you're standing there frozen
so far from the light,
Your beauties unreal,
your smile the sun,
but time can't be turned nor your actions undone,
The words you wrote that only I read,
"I love you so much, please don't cry when I die"
A bond that we formed,
a love that ran deep,
a pain that we shared,
a friend I could keep,
I wanted to hold you,
wipe the tears from your eyes,
been there the moment you said your goodbyes,
I want to forget but sometimes I don't,
I want to let go,
but I know that I won't,
Tears on my face,
memories burned in my head,
The roses have wilted,
The violets have died....
Lalo Oct 29
Feeling hollow and weary
Fighting a duel with an invisible enemy
Everyday is a battle to feel alive
And now, i'm struggling to survive

Life is the sleeping at night
It's the only time you have peace at mind
But death is the working at day
Where you feel the pain that always stay.

Home was like a prison
I can't feel the love anymore
****, don't know the reason
Just please, leave me alone

I really wanted to tell you, my friend
But I decided to just keep it to myself
The girl who always makes you laugh
Is now on the verge of giving up
Lalo Oct 24
Can't run from it
Always a step behind
The worst is that i'm trapped
In my own mind

The end is near
I can't keep trying
Stop asking if i'm okay
I'm tired of lying

My fake smile is getting heavy
Eyes can't hold back
My mind has won
Done living in the black

Going through the motions
It's almost time to quit
Most fear death
But others pray for it
  Oct 24 Lalo
This is for you:

-the girl who is so ashamed because of her acne,
-the girl who cries in front of her mirror because she doesn’t
look like Picasso’s muse,
-the girl who forgot how to smile because of her problems,
-the girl who cries her eyes out every night because of him,
-the girl who is so terrified to attach because of her past relationship,
-the girl who is different from the others,
-the girl who wants to save every soul she meets, except hers,
-the girl whose heart, blood and soul runs wild,

-you are so much more than the sprinkles from your skin.
-you're not Picasso’s muse, but you definitely are ***’s muse.
-don’t waste your life being so stressed, just enjoy the journey.
-you need to be strong.Cry your heart out, but stop,your tears are too worthy , make them rare, for the real ones.
-try to love yourself first, then someone else.
-your future is not defined by your past.
-you need to save yourself first.
-run with them, darling, and never look back.

This is for you, girls.
You, no matter what, are good enough.
You are lovable.
You are strong.
You are independent.
You are different.
You are rare.
You are you, and that is your power, learn how to use it.
love yourself, girl
Lalo Oct 24
If you're going to
Leave my life
At lease close the door
Behind you
Because the cold winds
Still rush through the door
And linger around my home
Leaving an eerie chill
That just reminds me of you
And of course I get curious
So from time to time
I follow the footsteps
You left behind
And each time I see you
You seem
Perfectly fine...
Lalo Oct 23
It took me seventeen years
to understand
what they meant
when they said
That the monsters don't live
under beds.
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