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Lady Misfortune Jun 2017
Because of you there is pain in my heart
I wish I never knew
But because of you
I also know happiness I never want to lose

I'm just not the one you choose
It's partially my fault cause I'm the one that asked you to teach me the mysteries of love
October 21 is when I repaired something that was meant to be left broken. So because of my stupidity now my heart is the one suffering.
Lady Misfortune Sep 2018
You're the reason I go to sleep happy
You still want to die
If a wish could come true
I'd waste it on you changing your mind
Its amusing because she did change her mind about wanting anything to do with me.
Lady Misfortune Dec 2019
Are not easy to appease and quite unsweet
(Special to me)

Are the red ball my mother said it is dangerous to play with
(A world unrevealed)

Yet, I'm drawn to your bitterness
It makes me feel canny.

There's nothing more I love than candy
I mean I would be dandy with an outstanding quantity
Somehow still unequal to the flavor of you

Who pulls my tail and teases my senses
(Convince me my pain is not real)

Are the personified insatiable
And complacency is dullified when you are on my mind

This is my inept attempt to explain
I want to drown in the aroma that is you

Lose my fingers in your skin
Awakening your phobias in hopes I'll forget, my own.

Smear my lips near your hips
And you'll remind me
I only want you because I am not supposed to

Are the olive taste I can not replace
I want to spit you out like gum,
But it would be so futile to.
(For I love you)
You inspired this. And I think it is an inaccurate depiction of how i feel. I don't know where this came from. It is a truth but I think only a truth meant for fantasy... your favorite thing
Lady Misfortune Mar 2018
Halo's over horns
I'm always so indecisive
Playing pretend

I was always bad at board games
Eventually I just learned to cheat

'Cause this girl plays to win
Even when dying within

Success is what I chase
Not feelings
Boo hoo, emotional

Trace the lines
Can't keep track of time

So the mask becomes skin
The old self dies
When the lies begin
Created 8.9.17
Lady Misfortune Jul 2017
Depression has found me again
Darkness my old friend
The window let's the light in

I'm hiding
Sleep all day
What a waste
It's just so exhausting to stay awake

I have no obligation to do anything
Is this me giving up?
No... I just needed a break

Nothing will ever be the same
You came just to leave
Want me to trust and believe
It's not an issue I just don't depend

Independence is needed in my life
Otherwise it'd be too obvious that I was never alright

Depression has found me again
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Lady Misfortune Nov 2017
Time stands still darling
The clocks inside me
The hands can turn
I'm stuck like a flightless bird

Majestic being
Shinning fiend
Why are you befriending me?
Inside my mind
But on a different time line

She dances with blades
She is crawling
"bring the cage"
She is fighting while she sleeps
Just to find a way to breathe

She slices her feelings to make you a peachy pie
Her smile is a lie
Her hands gently create but her mind puts it all at stake

Her heart will break
But her soul won't leave
Her friends will flee
But she stays with me

Get out of my head
You're the void I can't fill
You consume and consume
Nothing that is left is real

I can't heal the scars
Neither can this pocket watch
She watches me burn
'Cause I'm locked in a barn and time won't stop

She is chaos
She is in me
Tainting what was once pure and sweet

I can't go back to the old me
But she lives inside me ...
Her pleads are strong
But I think she is wrong

She kills me in all my dreams
Her message is in between the torn seams
Darkness her palace
Light her agony

Her strings are pulled
She is holding onto me
Blood is her energy
Happiness her thirst
The coldness will burst
Into a million flames

All is lost
Nothing to gain
I am her and she is me

Slowly dying
Time stands still darling
I feel like I've heard all of this before...
Lady Misfortune Jul 2019
Please fill me with love before I flatline
Filtered and withered,
I sigh

Masks are a cancer flooding my blood stream
Staining my skin
Leaving me philosophizing
Over why I'm still living

It feels like I have to end me
Because nothing will mend me

I tried to speak, but the ambivalence outstretched to my throat before it could connect
The message to your screen

Drifting from myself
Forlorn shreds
I won't scream

I only know how to suppress
I've been submerged into thoughts of depression
Due to all I have been neglecting

This is the pain express
Toot my horn and come aboard
If you have the qualifications your reward granted
Is beyond explored

You'll wield power beyond any galaxies in space
Knowing what exist and how to get to what is sick
In order to remedy it

I stopped carrying life the second you dropped that glass
Emptied out
The vacancy poisoned my plasma to vast degrees

Attempting to finally earn a little more than lack of words from the past
The bruises are firm but the alert fluctuates in my brain  
While I wait
To find a cure for what I hate

Oscillating between extremes
I'm not sure who I want to be in this story.
I wanted to give up writing, but the things I create seem to be the only constant I control. Seems like everyone in my life is painting me as the bad guy. I'm not.
Lady Misfortune Dec 2018
I say:
Do you want me to pretend you do not exist?

She says:
Do as you wish.

I perceive:
All I was once you moved onto the next,
A waste of breath.

What a mutual perception process,

You keep on running and now I have nothing but my beliefs.

And what do you have?
Your cup is empty

It would be full but...
You poke holes in all the words I speak
The art of assuming the worst

Created 5.21.18
Lady Misfortune Apr 2017
I've had plenty of experiences with hands
Hands that wave
Hands that hit
Hands that help
To give hints
Hands that are kind
Hands that are mean
All the different ways we use our hands
Hands to welcome
Hands to ban
Another gift from God given to man
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Lady Misfortune Feb 2019
I awoke under a canopy
The vicinity was uncanny...
I remained inane, in need to retain the venues address,

I rolled off the bed,
Impeccable marble bruising my once undistorted mindset

I stumbled onto my feet noticing the luxuriant substances surrounding my loss of balance
Rootlessly searching from one room to another finding ones that only emulated the previous

An amorphous shadow appears before me
I immediately vilify the object

"Why are you holding me captive?"
I ask knowing I am no damsel in distress
Its stolid voice rejects the question's request of knowledge

Intelligence full of compunction fabricated by nadir of the time

I am lulled by the shadow's signs
I hope it will not be onerous to set aside the vestige of my frustration
Replacing it with prestige for the mysterious constrain of the situation

I annex the didactic without further noise
It has hushed me with persuasive manifestation of reasonless roaming
Until we reach a glass door

I assume it to open clearly, but to the touch I'm falling
Into distant realities

I come to realize I am standing on sand,
Observing the gray of the window to the soul of a moonlit stranger I will never know

Holding the hands of a madman whilst eyes of affection hold me
Feedback wanted.
Although I will say I'm sick of writing love poems.
Lady Misfortune May 2017
I realized
The truth hides behind the beauty of lies
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Lady Misfortune Sep 2017
I think my dreams are getting too vivid
I woke up and there was no food in the kitchen
I think my imagination is getting the best of me
I snapped out of the dream and realized there was no clear path to my destiny
I think I get lost in thoughts
I'm so behind on all the trends
I think my dreams are getting too vivid
I woke up and realized I have no friends
So often I'm blind to see the things right in front of me.....
Lady Misfortune Jul 2019
You can not cure my intoxication
If all you know is CPR
You're trying to do the heimlich
I'm not even aware of where we are

And to think you think you can help
Ignites the rushing blood in me

I swallowed all the poison
So I would not see

As it pours out my mouth
And my life is choked up

The sun rises over the bay
As my eyes flutter I know

I will never have to see her again
That's all that matters

As I lie on the ground
And feel the cold earth I will join

I cannot speak
Everything hurts
This is the most my pain has ever been worth

One tries to save me, but it's too late
I ate off the feasting plate

I ate at the queen of the festivals table
I love her and long to be able

To be in the moment once more
I know it won't happen.
So here's my reaction

My action to the action
Of her death in my life.
I dreamt of that rat every night.

Created: 10.5.18
Lady Misfortune Apr 2017
Hole in the curtain
My father says keep the windows closed
The neighbors have cameras
What are they trying to expose
My father lies to find the truth
Eventually he stopped asking what was wrong
My mask was not coming off
He asks for lyrics
And I gave him a wordless song
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Lady Misfortune Dec 2018
Runny noses and black roses
Unquestionable devotion
Unrequited notions

Filled to the brim with unfathomable emotion

A hoax intertwined with me screams
I bask in laughter
The demented bliss holds me

Bathing in remnants of of love that never could

Holds me unlike my belief you would
I crave affection, but
I was left in desolation with my diamond reflection

So when all my dust transforms to glittering gold
I want you to know:
I do not love you anymore.

I plucked you out of fear
I would never call you by possessive name

Crimson to black
My nose runs for all I will never get back

I hope this bird flies tonight
I crave love no more
My heart is empty

My dust is fools gold
What's over my rainbow?

"I love you, just go to sleep"
You **** my soul

I am not sorry... for saying so
Happy 2 Year Anniversary
Lady Misfortune Mar 2018
You are just a baby bird
Trying to leave the nest
Your wings are broken
And the landing was a mess
Created 7.19.17
Lady Misfortune Mar 2017
Play my card
Cut me up
Destroy me  
I'm already broken
Fill my void with lies
Smack me with insults please
Look me in the eye and tell me how much you hate me
Walking blind
Blood pours out
Losing life
I scream your name
All I hear is your laughs
I'm not angry
Deceit flowing from me
No refunds
So don't bring me a receipt of apologies
They mean nothing
Just take your blades and dice me
I'm just here to make you happy
And all you do is take your knife and stab me
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Lady Misfortune Apr 2017
She is nice
She is kind
People walk on her all the time
When she gets mad
They  all laugh
It just makes her look cute
She doesn't like being a carpet
This problem needs to be noticed
She spoke out against their treatment
They spat in her face
She turned the other cheek
Now she is mean
They surrounded her with bad
She tried to stay sweet
But bitterness did now cower
It devoured
Darkness invaded the light
Why would we walk over somebody who treats us kind
And give so much attention to those who irk us
So many things in this world are backwards
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Lady Misfortune Mar 2018
I feel warm and fuzzy
Absolutely comfy
Still a hole in my chest
But I think it's easier to rest when I'm happy

I want my ice to melt for someone
I'm a little too frozen
And my sweetness is always waivering

Vanilla wafers and sunlight
Rainbow, Daisy's and childhood pines

But sometimes I'm in the dark
Where my feelings fall apart
Fear cripples the mind

I'm burning
Frozen in time

Hell cages me and the snow storm is raging
Trying to have patience
Success is awaiting

Bittersweet butterscotch monkeys
Butterflies and cookies
Pineapples and bunnies

The wolf is howling at the moon
Stars guide
But my solar system is unaligned

Welcome to my nightmare
The sweetest thing

Because bad holds beauty
Good and naive and the clueless
Created 7.15.18
Lady Misfortune Sep 2017
Getting hope to let it slip
All these morbid thoughts
I can't seem to catch up to them
A cacophony surrounds me
I don't know what to say
The adversity of life was just eating  away
Seemingly numbered days
I'm so young
But all life has drained
Look me in the face
Look me in the eyes
You say I look good
And I replied thank you
As the conversation always went
The both of us smiling
But I am because of the malaise sitting in the pit of my stomach
Then he said something crippling
As if this was the day I had waited for
But it was all falling on deaf ears
This isn't the person I thought would jump to this conclusion
When I found they were getting too close I started running
No, no you can't know
You can never know
When did you discover I slipped
How long have you known
The words released from his lips
I just sat still
Like a duck on the pond
Something is wrong
But I don't know why I
I didn't say anything just felt up to play games saying
Oh really, is there
What is wrong with me
The same three words repeat
My brain says perseverance
But my heart faces defeat
So bland and bleak
I was at the mountain peak
I fell off so long ago
And I never stopped falling
I screamed and screamed
Til my shadow was all I could see
Maybe you could tell them all for me
The reason she is dead is because there was something wrong none of us could see
And she was just too scared to speak.
Lady Misfortune Oct 2017
Nothing will make the pain go away
I think it's time to move on
Yeah me too
Let's write a poem
Will do
It should be about the internal
What's going on inside?
Tell me what's in your head?
I don't know, there is a storm where everything is red
A storm?
Yeah it's made of sand and it twirls around
Like pretty sparkles on the ground?
No, it swirls and swirls all around me ...
And it doesn't end you think it's fine but you don't understand
That sand is everything I've tried to avoid
Is the sand the void?
A void is not full and this is an occupied place
How so?
It fills me
Then how do you breathe?
I don't breathe I choke and I heave
Gasping for air?
The sand of despair?
Then an army appears
The ones that fight for hope?
The ones that watch me burn in smoke
This imagery is swallowing me
Yep so I keep on thinking I'll keep it to myself
People get tired of sadness wether from within or someone else
The army of bandits whispers beautiful things
But there must be treason set in place
Well of course what other way could it be
Your mind would never be complete without the demons guiding
The red sand blows and as you lie on the ground
The General takes his gun in his hand
He presses the barrel to my head
I think he will pull the trigger
I'll be dead?
Think of all the ****** red
As he squeezes the handle the pressure builds up
I ****** it away and do it myself
But nothing comes out
Over and over again in a never ending cycle I relive this
The death of hope
You let it all go and nothing happens
What's my reason to live?
The fear that consumes me and makes me paranoid like this
My mind is starving and soon I'll become bones
I lie about my mental state and everyone knows
I'm not in denial I know I need help
What prevents me from getting it?
The denial of someone else
The General who held the gun to my head
He said
"Though you think you are weak,
You are nothing near, and your disposition will change
I will place you in a new condition and I won't stop
Until the uncertainty makes your own hand attempt
To **** you again
And then you will know
Nothing ever truly dies
And the tears won't help
But you may still cry
And I think we both know that if you were truly weak
Your hopefulness would never plead
And you wouldn't be here living with me
Cause the bullet would fall through
In full head on collision with you"
As the words were spoke
The blood poured through
I felt as if I had died
But as everything went black the words I heard were
"there is no escape for you"
Lady Misfortune Mar 2018
It torments me,
I'll be the only one to know
As they look into the casket
Wondering why

I'll reach up from the depths of hell
Haunting their dreams
I'll let me them know:
I finally gave up on me

My nightmare has not ended, I know
Although dead, I broke those left low

I was never a good person to begin  
The inside of me does not believe

The little girl sits in darkness
Hiding in the corner,
She dreams

The snake tries to swallow her
She has become immune
I do not know what to do

She is the light shinning
I can not find her
The small light is violently fading
As I annihilate a wonderful thing

I let them take
I have no motivation
Why not snap and break?

The labyrinth I made was no mistake
Can you not see
Confusion leads to clarity
Broken is beauty
Created 12.21.17
Lady Misfortune Apr 2017
Stuck in oblivion
Naive girl
Unprepared for the world
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Lady Misfortune Apr 2017
A bubble inside,
Beauty of voids over scars,
Replaces my heart
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Lady Misfortune Apr 2017
Laughs and giggles
You're to weird to be anything but happy
They depict me as a fool
To them I'm just a tool
Why do I care
They act like I'm not there
Guess I'm a shadow
A ghost
They say it is what you make it
But I didn't make anything
Clear my name
**** my pain
I'm going insane
I hate to be used
Especially abused
But to them I'm a carpet with the words
A woe muse
I'm their stepping stone
But in the end they'll forget about me
Because I'm only an insignificant being
Just a source of entertainment
I'm not their tv's
It's not fair
Yes I am goofy but I'm also smart and dark
Honestly, a piece of art
You messed up my target
When your darts took flight
Never get to know me
Words roll
Your tongue cuts like a blade
Razor sharp
You always have a comeback
Being positive is the ability you lack
I'm too weird to be anything but happy
You're the fool
Anyone can play pretend
And I happen to be good at acting
Because I fooled you
Lady Misfortune Apr 2017
I keep trying to forget what we had
I'm done with my feelings
I'm not mad or sad
Kind of embarrassed but it won't show
You'll never know
How much I tried to forget
And trust me I do
Avoidance of memories is my goal
But the people you chill with won't leave me alone
I'm running home
Constant reminders
That your life is full of butterflies and all I have is spiders
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Lady Misfortune Mar 2018
My mind is blank
But that's not always bad

The blank canvas is filled by colors
Inspired by the works of others

Dip your paint brush and make your mark
You'll be known for your actions
You could be known for your art

Wether it be writing or painting or music
Don't ever give in to doubt
The spirit within will always have color
And you are unique unlike any other

Because only you explain like you do
That's how you know it's genuine
Creativity is found within the thoughts unknown

Something that hasn't been done
Maybe a new approach

We wear this broach trying to fit in
But to stand out will give you remembrance
Inspired by Dani
Created 3.1.18
Lady Misfortune Mar 2018
'Cause that is the only thing that makes me happy
Besides everything else
In spite of me

I'm attracted to the things that hurt me the most
I love when the pain burns
Burns your memory into my mind

'Cause I forget everything
But I do not forgive enough

The boxes of ******* are piling up in
front of my door

I can not take anymore

Walking past the memorial that was
created while I was in a heap

Trapped in my own mind wishing
the one burning was me

How could I forget such a thing

That night I went back to sleep

So now I sing
but I am at a loss for words

All I hear is sirens
In the grand scheme of things
I have no control

Is that scary to you?
Am I afraid of me?

I am facing my ashes
Time passes
This is everlasting

but everything is temporary
None of it is real

And I feel it through the lost lullaby
the birds sing in the morning

'Cause these warnings
are the nightmares that will not let me sleep

These are the thoughts that imprison me
Late nights drinking coffee
I think back to the times I held my peace

I think back to the times
chicken nuggets were the only things
concerning my nose

****** Crossroads

No one knows I am stuck
in this lost lullaby
Lady Misfortune Apr 2017
Her tears were a river during a drought
Her voice was mute
Her doubts uncontrollable
Her demons were raged
Mental breakdowns every day
Here is the toll
Pay your due
Or let the debt build up your choice to choose
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Lady Misfortune Jun 2017
Duck tape on my soul
Screams I'm not whole
They just give me a hug
Saying you're not alone
This has to be a joke
Watching them blow smoke
I wanna die too
Let me smoke with you
Clouds of grey
Draining my lungs
Cigarettes, addiction and Drugs
This is dedicated to anyone who has ever had a problem with an addiction
Lady Misfortune Dec 2018
If you want me to love you...

Fly me into the sky

I'm just getting lost in your dark blue eyes

I resonate in the feeling knowing it's only for tonight.

The blue was the sorrow, and the sky was the hope in all that woe.
Created 11.24.18
Lady Misfortune Jan 2018
You know that feeling when you've faded away
When all your crayons are missing
And all the color drains
Your life is a monochrome mystery
Black and White memories imprinted to forever stay
You know that feeling when your hope leaves
And the burdens won't fly away
You know how it feels when time slows down
And you just block everything else out
Cause you're trying so hard to stay sane
You know that feeling when happiness is missing
But the movement of life takes its own way
You know when the light to your tunnel isn't visible
And all the mirrors are broken
Darkening the hue
You know when all guidance is slipping
And all you're sipping is misery
Do you know that feeling after,
When you can't feel a thing?
I haven't written in a long time and this poem it gives me a lot of relief bc while I love writing ... Sometimes I lose all motivation and inspiration.
Lady Misfortune Mar 2018
I draw masses with my sadness and you
You drag people with a strong inspiration

I feel more effective
From what I have been told

I will never win
Everything I have started
I have somehow outgrown
She told me I neglect everything I touch
Lady Misfortune Mar 2019
You ever absorb a song you can not repeat?
You ever beg for warmth and then melt in the heat?
You ever know the answer before your lips go to speak?

Needlessly moving,
Searching for purpose in functioning
Miserable ruckus,
Pointless nothings

You ever divulge in lyrics you dwell in peace with being?
You ever feel grateful for a pain in your concrete feet?
You ever know the outcome and act unaccordingly?

I do.
Love me I'm a relatable *****.
I'm a cluster of intertwined things.
The most important being continuous searching for the song of my life; my own personal anthem.
Lady Misfortune Mar 2017
I need a way,
An escape
And I don't want to say that faith isn't enough for me
But, I feel myself choking up at the end of the day
I'm staring at blades
I fantasize about suicide
Dying will end it all
But it's such a selfish decision
And I could never carry it through
I have to much provision
I don't want to throw my life away
I know all it will do is cause my family to feel the same as I
Therefore the pain never ends
But I might not make it
Not sure how much longer I can take it
I need a way,
An escape,
Another life
Because I'm dying inside everytime I awake
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Lady Misfortune Mar 2017
I tried to do what was right
But the rumors are just getting bigger
At first I was a *****
Now they think imma thief
What am I doing
I'm dying inside
Because every time I try to do what's right
I mess up it all
This stack of drama is getting tall
And maintaining my sanity seems to be losing its importance
I'm losing it
Everything I do just proves it
I don't think my peers or anyone would approve of this
Why am I doing this
Why do I even try
All I do is mess things up
When I tried so hard to make them right
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Lady Misfortune Mar 2017
Reading old text messages
That should've been deleted
My tears have finally depleted
Never got revenge on him
For all the pain he caused
Part of me still wishes
We were involved
Thinking of the past
Thinking of now
Reading old poems
Speaking my truth aloud
I am not still in love with him
I am in love with a memory
And I want what we used to be
Before the bitter things
I had a dream of fluffy blue and pink
Sweet and sticky
I had a cotton candy dream
Everything was fine until I woke up to reality
Thinking of the past
Thinking of now
Reading old poems
Speaking my truth aloud
I am not still in love with him
I am in love with a memory
I want what we used to be
Before the bitter things
Before I woke up from the cotton candy dream
When everything was still sweet
Ty Harrell
Lady Misfortune Sep 2018
We walked downtown
Around in circles we went
You slid your hand into mines and we held them up high

Strong together, stronger apart
Both dealing with seperate demons
Waiting to be torn

I wanted nothing more,
Than to walk with you again
You wanted nothing more,
Than to escape my presence

Your secret hideout
Your new friends, the dragons
My little hole in the wall
And a tin can of spit

Running towards me,
Your sight piercing through my eyes
It was never a surprise when you left
I just dreaded the department

You got onto my favorite ride and waved at me
I couldn't speak

The music played over and over in my head
And the spinning record led ...

Lead me to your dungeon where all the magic is made
My heart bombed by a gernade
There are no pieces left

Just my hole in the wall
My hole in your dungeon of falls

I wanted to bring you up,
but you let me down
You wanted to get away,
but I wanted to keep you around.
Created 7.8.18
Lady Misfortune Jun 2017
Take my hand and jump off the bridge
I promise if you burn it
The soil will be rich
And you're toil will finally reap the seed you've planted
And then you won't have to pretend you have a bandage to cover a scar
You got when he saved you from the car
Only to rip out your heart
My ex saved my life before we started dating, but in the end he broke my heart
Lady Misfortune Apr 2017
Happiness is blinding
So many things above me
Hope you love me
I live in an unrealistic world
Asking myself questions no one knows the answers to
I am dying
And I'm tired of pretending
I just want help
It's not too late for me
I'm not all the way gone
This isn't the point of no return
It still hurts
Imma let it burn
The fire is churning
I'm learning
Lessons to be forgotten
I'm dashing
They're all laughing
My naiveness
They love to deceive
Take advantage
Bystanders appease bullies
"Friends" leave
Life drains me
I'm in a strainer
So dehydrated
I tried to find the water that'd evaporated
My head raised to the sky
It's just a drought
They said rain would come but it's all a lie
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Lady Misfortune Jan 2019
I grew from filthy pain
As brown as coffee
Dreams grew from my fluffy crown
Down to my roots

Naively awaiting the rain
The sun was my glee

Every thread that sew my chromosomes
Stabbed like the liars seed

Still, I grew.

The higher I rose
The more that was bore
I bloomed into a ****

Soon to be
Well groomed
Cut off with precision
And swift decision

I wanted to shine,
But when I was lifted
I forgot my wishes

There was too much pressure
In being a dream come true

I had grew to my limit.

I feel anguish and ache flow through my chlorophyll
It's what gives me my colors

You picked me.
My clear blood ran through
Green veins

The little life I did have and you blew it away
Your breath slice through my entire soul

Some people become fragile because their strength has been blown out by everything
They have ever known

I could forgive you
I need to

If only I was not emptily floating
Waiting to fall into the dirt

A piece of me makes it, the others are lost
I keep them in my mind, they are my peace
What hushes my insanity

You are wishing on something
That wants to drain your oxygen

I wish I could forgive you all
Instead I scoff down another grudge

You wish in vain when you tear open my veins
I want you to smother

On the filthy pain,
I learned to carry,

Under my crown of make-believe.
Created 10.21.18
I wrote this about forgiveness for a class assignment last year.
I'm numb to it now.
Lady Misfortune Mar 2017
Your first love will never be your only love
It echoes in my head
The truth is I can't heal this scar
Especially when he still has my heart

How do I get it back?
I really don't know
I've never been good at letting things go
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Lady Misfortune Apr 2017
I am feeling very small
Like I don't need to feel at all
But numbness doesn't last
Only a step in my emotional fall
Give me the luxuries of a queen
And shower me with everything I could've wanted
And I still will not find my happiness
Because everything is as black as coal
As cold as a blizzard
That leaves 11 inches of snow
You can try
With material things
Buy me diamond necklaces and a ring
But it won't mean a thing
If you don't treat me as rare as the accessories and jewels
Money can't buy me love just materials
They have no heart
So you ask me if I'm happy
I reply with a thank you for all you have given
But I've been deprived of love
So my final answer is I'd rather have love than diamond rings
Because to me love is rarer than the most expensive items you can buy
Love is a jewel itself
Show me with actions not a stone
Because my heart is breaking
Due to feeling alone
It's only me and loads of cash
Wishing I had what I needed the most looking back
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Lady Misfortune Mar 2018
The slate was white and pure
If I've ever seen one before
But my vision is out of focus

I thought you were pink
Switching my views
Realizing it was blood not red ink

Perspective and mindset
You're making me melt
I know it's my own fault I'm placed in this hell

I manipulate all too well
My lies consume the volume of your truth

You want to get close
I'll close the door on you

You sat and screamed
I ignored the alarm and went back to sleep

Or at least you thought I was on snooze
When you snuck in
I winked ...

Still caressing the knife as I clean your sheets
Sweet dreams

Don't talk to me if you're going to treat me like I don't exist
You try to flip the handle, on me?
I'm a lioness, not a snail
Now your skin is turning pale

Sweating, you exhale
I thought you knew
I told you, I wasn't good for you

Too bad you walked into your own ****** scene
The caution tape, yellow and bright
Just like the moon

You should've seen the light
The night you died

I killed you, I know
But you wanted to die

It showed
This was all a game
I have nothing to gain but pain anyways

So I'm dropping you off
Not my fault you scraped your knee
No need for me to point out the fact that you're bleeding

You swooned,
And at that moment
I bagged you.
Created 1.13.18
Lady Misfortune Nov 2017
I can't flee from you
Feel free from you
Cutting up my knees
Frolicking through the trees
A grin crossed my face
I pirouetted with the sun
I appreciated the iota of things
I realized that to me beautiful was broken
I was a token of a messy art
I realized I was too fragile to remove the dart from my heart
It poisons me and the demons are raging
Plunged in mind
They'll only dream leaving me
I'm in a nightmare you call life
I call myself a ghost cause I've been drained of strength
I'm like noodles being strained
I told myself I'd try to be happy
But all I feel is pain
Tailspin met a whirlpool
The whirlpool met a bigger storm
The storm met the ocean
And I was borne
I know I said I would write something happy but ... that's just not the way I feel
Lady Misfortune Apr 2017
I had a dream and the shoe didn't fit
I woke up and it did
My evil mothers magic
I was Cinderella
The one at the ball
Nah it was all a trick
When I came to realize
I was always the one who wanted the prince
But I never get him
I was the ugly face
That Disney made
They never do tell the whole thing
Like before that story
Because I was once sweet
But eventually my demons caught up to me
And jealousy fueled my hatred
I waited for him to save me
He never came
They call me evil but it's a mistake
Make up covers my face
But inside I know I'm a disgrace
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Lady Misfortune Mar 2018
They think I'm perfect
While I'm thinking am I worth it?

I'm always hurting
They say I'm not a burden

Well my problems are hell so when I share it may hit your face
Just like the mace
Feeling I've made a mistake
Ruined another good thing

Ice burns
And I'm frozen
I cant feel nothing
It's better that way

Apathy by my side
Ice is my contemplate

Sad little ice cube
Your melting

What do you mean?
I cry ice cubes
Although I make it seem easy

That's all very cheesy
As the breeze blows my mind will race

Up at night I sit and think
Am I worth it?
This ice is burning.
Created 7.13.18
Lady Misfortune Oct 2017
My heart just vomited
I can feel the words coming up my throat
Talk to you
I shouldn't but I know I will
I'm always so weak
Who knew the thing I chose to be my reason to live
Would also be the reason I'm breaking again
I want to flush your memory down the toilet
You're at a distant pace
Maybe I'm just too clingy
Maybe we need the space
I'm being persistent in my unstable ways
It's best for me to be alone
But you're my last glimpse of hope
That's why it's so hard to let you go
But I know I have to
I'm going to fail horribly but here is attempt 6 of trying to leave...
Lady Misfortune Jun 2017
To talking I resign
I like to vent this way
Say what's on my mind
Don't need any extra grief
I breathe
Tired of explaining my troubles and pains
Reminding myself to keep it all in a bubble
But bubbles pop
I worry I'll spill too much
So from touchy subjects I'll stay away
Another silent day
If I do speak it's all joke and play
Sipping my tea
Cold, iced and sweet
***** to be me
I have only become a fool to you
No one knows about how the bandaids can't be peeled, the scars or the holes
When I'm moody, they leave me alone
I always forget
I only exist when they need entertainment
People often say I'm intriguing or interesting or funny or just right out tell me I'm weird. Sometimes I feel like people just want to use me. It's all personal gain.
Lady Misfortune Sep 2017
In that moment I couldn't believe the words you'd spoken to me
Something is wrong you said it thrice
As if you were saying something new about my life
You're really clueless
It's kind of sad
What makes you think I'd tell you my problems
When you're like 20 years older than my 48 year old dad
You can't stop me from drifting away
You can't make me not escape a place I was bound by chains
My feet were not made for shoes
And I refuse to be caged
You can make dust out of my dreams
And it'd be used by fairies
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