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Kaumudi Feb 2018
For me, a poem is not just for display, an appealing art piece.
It's just I'm  v om i t ti ng  the excess of emotions to be at ease.

For me, a poem is not just a  ran d om  rhythmic rant on a  ra n do m  topic.
It's a description of memories where words create a graphic.

For me, a poem is not telling the world to appreciate someone I appreciate.
It's my perspective about someone which is shown in the poem I create.

And lastly, I don't write poems to please YOU.
It's my mind's whimses I'm catering to.
©2018, Why Do I Write Poems? by Kaumudi.
Kaumudi Feb 2018
Feel so excited by inside
Look so calm on outside
What's happening to me

Your entrance in the room
Drives away all my gloom
What a pleasant view to see

Oh please lock me in your love's cage
Cast your magic that will last irrespective of age
Let me be a bird trapped who still feels free.
Writing this for the sake of no one.
©2018, Love Locked by Kaumudi.
Kaumudi Feb 2018
He looks at me
His eyes have a shine
And such a unique innocence
That these eyes of mine
Can't stop looking at them
And think about them all time.

Whenever I enter the room
I don't know how
His glance always falls on me
As if he were going to say, "Wow!"
And whenever I think about it
It seems that I'm blushing now.
For the V-Day crushes.
©2018, To That Special One by Kaumudi.
Kaumudi Feb 2018
Nose too blocked to sense what's happening
Eyes too blinded to distinguish between lies and truth
Ears too deaf to hear anyone's advice
Mouth too soar to speak out the problem
Skin too numb to understand the pain
I only knew that in my own tears I was drowning.
When sorrow has no limits.
©2018, Drowning by Kaumudi.
Kaumudi Feb 2018
U        were with me
Us      then we became
Use    all my love
Used  I felt in the end.
Poem for the heart breakers.
©2018, 'U' by Kaumudi.
Kaumudi Feb 2018
Saw your charming face
Forgot everything happening at that place.

When you looked at me
No one else could I see.

Heard you talk
All the other thoughts were put to block.

But since I heard you sing
Your voice in my mind would still ring!
Trying to get the right rhyme.
©2018, Sweet Voice by Kaumudi.
Kaumudi Feb 2018
I was told to write a poem during my French class. The product:

Je ne sais pas cette langue
Je ne sais pas comment écrire des mots et des phrases longues
Je ne sais pas comment faire des poésies françaises
Désolé, je voudrais partir pour aller chez.

I don't know this language
I don't know how to write words and long sentences
I don't know how to make French poems
Sorry, I would like to leave so I can go home.
This was my first French poem. Please tell me if I've done any mistakes if you know French.
©2018, La Poésie (The Poem) by Kaumudi.
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