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Oct 8 · 39
Who is.....???
Who is a good person to know?
Each has a path to follow,
I do good things for others, you see,
Remaining kind  and so friendly,
Hearts do need folk to look after,
Souls need peace and laughter!
My path is that of a bard, as well,
Who is good and really swell?
I am being modest, what the hell!
Feedback welcome.
Oct 8 · 68
IF I WERE......
If I were a world dictator,
I would make peace now, not later,
I would ban bombs and guns,
A new way on Earth begun,
Big dreamers start with dreams,
We could change the world, it seems,
We need peace now, not later,
If I were a kind dictator.........
Feedback welcome.
Oct 8 · 37
Girl met boy one day,
She dumped him along the way,
He was a ******* for thee,
He called her a ****, you see,
Now he can't get his rocks off, tee hee,
Try not abusing any woman, enough,
You're not an excuse for a man, tough!
Feedback welcome.
Oct 8 · 56
I, giraffe, stand long and tall,
Am I the tallest of you all?
I have such a long elegant neck,
I see above the crowds, by heck,
I can tower over you all,
I, giraffe, stand long and tall.
Feedback welcome.
Oct 7 · 35
I was asked to create a holiday,
What about a pyjama day?
We would not get dressed at all,
Stay in bed, hide and stall,
Sit around in flannelette,
Stay in PJ's, don't get dressed,
In fact, don't wash or cook,
Do mental slumming with ****** books!
Feedback welcome.
Oct 7 · 49
If only this dog could talk,
We'd chat as we went for walks,
Indeed, what would a dog say?
"Hello tree, how are you today?"
"Hello, each blade of grass,
Hope this walk's not my last."
"Hello, cute little poodle,
Puppies we could have oodles!"
But what would a poodle say?
"Just keep on walking, on your way!"
Feedback welcome. Feedback welcome.
Oct 7 · 81
I'm a teacher for forty three years,
Does that make me an expert dears?
It's a rocket science yet,
Teaching reading to the pets,
Some folk are born to teach,
Educating our students each!
Feedback welcome.
Oct 7 · 40
Being positive is my thing,
But I do have an evil twin,
I imagine some weird things,
Like being a gastric surgeon,
Give laryngospasms for these durgeons,
I don't think they'll ever be men,
Ah, it's no use snivelling, you ken?
Hope they get chicks better than me,
Else, who is going to cook your tea?
You must stop being such sooks,
Get off buns, and learn how to cook!
Feedback welcome.
Oct 3 · 38
A writer gawps at society,
I went to a bus stop after tea,
Littered with used syringes,
Drugs evolving, slightly unhinges,
Why do we accept this as normalcy?
It's a challenge for the authorities,
Or for changing norms in society..........
Feedback welcome .
Oct 3 · 134
It was a dark and stormy day,
Cooking tea in the usual way,
This was my mother long ago,
"Don't touch the pressure cooker, no!"
Subtly, she left the scene,
Forgot the cooker, its head of steam,
Bang! Did that curry explode,
Mum's response, implode!
"Why didn't you check that stove?"
"You told me not to touch it, no!"
All I can say on this, fifty years later,
Don't use pressure to cook my curry or taters!
Feedback welcome.
Oct 3 · 59
A member of the dating scene,
Only online, giggles it seems,
Today a man did 'wink' at me,
Can you imagine, hilarity,
He lives 3000 miles away, by the sea,
****** fungus covers he,
He has more than slight obesity,
Should I wink at the walrus? Tee hee,
I'llpack up my gear and get out of here,
You'll manage without me, non-dear,
I'm off to a walrus by the sea,
You'll learn to cook your lunch and tea,
Byeee! Yeah, well in reality,
I've got cellulite and jocularity!
Feedback welcome.
Oct 3 · 50
Yes, I'm 65, now elderly,
That's the term, officially,
One day, shopped locally,
Bought a lotto, luckily?
Someone wins tonight, says she,
Dear God, why can't it be me?
Yes, yes, this lotto is lucky,
Wait for the draw, breathlessly,
Anticipate now I am elderly,
Old folk can be winners too, says she,
This is going to be my lucky night,
If I win, I can sort the bill for the light,
Getting old is not for hissy fits,
Come on, lotto, let's have a bit!
Feedback welcome.
Sep 28 · 50
Yes, once I did a newsboy job,
With a newsagent I did hobnob,
Our little town at four o'clock,
In depths of winter, quite a shock,
In New Blithering I did search,
Why did Heathcliff leave me in the lurch?
Not to be a drama queen,
I did retire from that scene,
It was quite amusing I say,
Second breakfasts every day,
No wonder we were obese and fat,
No longer a newsboy, that's that!
Feedback welcome.
Sep 28 · 29
I rewrote a song called, "Denim and Lace,'
Hope this brings a laugh to your face,
"Pyjamas and Fleece,
I look fat in everything,
And you are a fat old king,
Making me do everything,
Wearing P.J.'s and fleece!"
No hot speed dates to me,
I remove my bra at half past three,
No need to be a sook,
I'll curl up here and write a book,
"Wearing P.J.'s and fleece!'
Feedback welcome.
Sep 28 · 76
My ancestors were a funny lot,
Christians, or Atheists who lost the plot,
I meandered into a world of Faith,
A Christian woman, praying for Grace,
We're all on a mission for God,
To a path beyond, we're trod,
Every faith is for free,
It's up to you what you believe,
I must say I am atheist friendly,
All inclusive Christianity.
Feedback welcome.
Sep 28 · 101
I must confess my love,
Ships in the night, my dove,
I do but see you driving by,
I'll love you till the end of time,
But I do not to pieces to fall,
Fragments of love, that's all,
A smile, a wave, a brief hello,
I confess my love, where did you go?
Or where do you come from, my dove?
To you,  I confess my secret love..........
Feedback welcome.
Sep 28 · 39
I cast a wish into  the world,
A message from a good old girl,
As  I wish for good intentions,
From a pacifist, I mention,
Make the best of every situation,
Step back from their manipulation,
Nasty makes negativity,
Let's hear it for positivity,
I am okay here today,
Are you okay this way?
Yes, we're both good as gold,
It's a ****** to be growing old,
So let's pray for tranquil ways,
Peace means calm, hooray!
Feedback welcome.
Sep 28 · 43
We're all in life's long race,
Pondering on a distant place,
Where we are spiritual beings,
Our souls free beyond dreaming,
No, we can't take stuff beyond,
Immaterial thoughts to wonder on,
Do you believe in the afterlife?
Why wait for peace, no strife?
If we all had a Peace day today,
The world could unite this way,
A distant place, how far away?
Feedback welcome. .
Sep 28 · 19
Virgins define their shelves,
Are they left on the shelves?
No, virgins are doing for themselves!
Feedback welcome.
Sep 28 · 227
I bought a coffee the other day,
Gawped at society on the way,
Coffee shop like the undertakers,
Here no conversation makers,
"The  crowd" sitting in total silence,
Gazing at phones, is it sense?
So much for that coffee shop,
The solitude of worshiping Microsoft,
Alone together, where does it stop?
Solitary silence in the coffee shop!
Feedback welcome.
Sep 26 · 81
Ripples in a slow river, lazy,
Flowing down time for thee,
All the nostalgic memories,
Ghosts of the survivors, yes,
Living in our hearts to bless,
Then we'll all fade away into space,
Floating away in the ripples of grace.....
Feedback welcome
Sep 26 · 55
Yes,  I was born a helper, the Elf,
Though thanks were left on the shelf,
Buddy the Elf is no fighter,
Smiling in peace makes us lighter,
Helpers find solutions, you see,
I am nice to people so nasty,
All I can say is, "Good for me!"
Feedback welcome.
Sep 26 · 35
Mothers know best, or do they?
We get used to anything these days,
It is all conditioning in these ways,
Why was Pavlov's hair so soft?  I say,
Because he conditioned it! Hey, hey,
Mothers know best, or so they say,
Who is conditioning whom today?
Feedback welcome.
Sep 26 · 122
Virus alert! Virus alert!
Not feeling quite so pert,
These are the germs God sends ya,
I woke up with influenza!
Pucker up, you Casanovas,
One kiss will give you pneumonia!
Feedback welcome.
Sep 25 · 43
Between the stars,
There are particles afar,
Between dreams for each,
Ghosts appear beyond reach,
Between flames a'glow,
Sparks fly for us, we know,
Between shadows and light,
We're all shades in the night,
Between water and air,
Mists can form anywhere,
Between notes and song,
Music can linger along,
Between breaths that meet,
We share kisses so sweet,
It's between you and your next wife,
Time you got a life!
Feedback welcome.
Sep 25 · 75
This poem brings a surprise,
Once I came home with bits of pies
In my hair, kids did what they dare,
Food fights all over everywhere,
All part of sacramental life,
Church celebrations full of strife,
No, I am not kidding,
In cream puffs we were skidding,
This Dracula  finally left the scene,
You try teaching all those tweens!
Feedback welcome Old teachers have hides like elephants!
Sep 25 · 87
Yes, it was an incredible aroma,
I walked past a shop called, "Pizza of Roma",
In our little Oz suburbia,
I'm having pizza, not to disturb ya!
Tantalizing scent is this,
Yah, pizza, full of bliss,
Ah, aroma incredibilis!
Feedback welcome Have a laugh.
Sep 25 · 30
Long ago, in a youth now gone,
I spent hours at a pond,
A clay base , sun adorning,
Tadpoles swimming, half forming,
I spied with magnifying glass,
Frogs finally hopped at last,
Now, no frogs, cause no rain,
Is is all because of climate change?
So I ponder on such ponds,
Where have all the tadpoles gone?
That was our ecological health,
How can we restore our planet's wealth?
Feedback welcome.
Sep 25 · 90
'Twas after a frosty night,
I caught a glimpse of sunlight,
Sparkling on a spider web,
Miracle, enough said,
Patterns so intricate,
Did not brush aside, delicate,
Yes, 'twas after a frosty night,
Spied a web of sheer delight!
Feedback welcome.
Sep 17 · 68
Have you ever seen a sad retriever?
Of their true love, we are the receivers,
How many need to change a light bulb? None!
To them, there is a perpetual sun.
Tongues lolling, tails wagging,
Always smiling, never flagging,
Yes, we love our happy fur friend dudes,
With their positive mental attitudes!
Feedback welcome.
Sep 17 · 87
Here is what I need to say,
We're all human with feet of clay,
So, do lay off us chicks today,
Go look in a mirror some day,
To older men with your spare tyres,
Yes! Your gynaecologist has retired!
Feet of clay ,bit of fun, feedback welcome.
Sep 15 · 121
Of fur friends I am a fan,
Have you tried a Catscan?
I wander the dark backyard,
Finding Kitty is really hard,
Where are you now, naughty thing?
Do not me any dead mice bring!
I do not need such morn offering,
Catscan for you, do please come in!
Giggles, feedback welcome.
Sep 15 · 82
Once I was a teen,
That's when Mum got mean,
Dragged us off on long drives,
Her whinging did give me hives,
Maybe she could not hack us growing,
Autonomy we wanted knowing,
We tried not to be like our mother,
Turned each into totally another,
Nag, nag, nag and moan,
Not again,  I'd  sit at home,
With music and a fur pal,
A book, a pen, a suburban gal......
So, in half a century,
Not much changed for me,
I sit and scribble, solo,
But never alone, my muse, lo!
Feedback welcome.
Sep 15 · 41
Long ago and far away.
I drank a glass of wine one day,
But I was allergic to grapes,
Wine o'clock for me don't rate,
Just listening to you is enough,
Whine o'clock now, tough!
Feedback welcome.
Sep 15 · 52
Am I gullible or not?
Why listen to you, or what?
Your opinion does not rate!
Totally futile, great!
What would an Einstein say?
Why listen to BS anyway?
You don't have to like me,
I don't have to believe thee,
Not everyone likes everyone else,
I get to please myself!
Bit of rant, feedback welcome.
Sep 14 · 53
How do you.....?
How do you thank a friend,
Whose kindness never ends?
Thanks for our happy memories,
Sharing simple fun for you and me,
Such thoughts are ever sweet,
Can't wait until next we meet!
Feedback welcome.
Sep 14 · 79
A pensioner's long walk today,
Yes, the mailman's been, no yah!
What  bills did arrive this way?
Postman, postman, stay away,
I am putting up a sign,
"BAN THE BILLS!' about frigging time!
If all bill payers went on strike,
Bills would go down, not upwards hike,
Yes, it's that dreaded long walk again,
Should I throw the bills down the drain?
A gutter too far, or in the bin?
Bringing us bills is the postman's great sin,
Can't afford that, can't afford that,
"I'll shoot you, postman, now don't come back!"
Is shooting postmen a capital offence?
"BAN THE  BILLS!" on everyone's fence!
Sort of not funny, feedback welcome.
Sep 14 · 50
Everyday Bliss.
Ah, this is everyday bliss,
Fave author's new book, a kiss!
There are some people like me,
Who read the end first, tee hee!
Then unfold the plot's mystery,
In my book nook for literacy,
Daily reading time is bliss,
Open a new book, do I kiss?
Feedback welcome.
Sep 14 · 114
A morning offering,
Prayer is my best medicine,
People do throw rocks,
Thanks instead would be a shock!
I am a Christian, I say,
As here I sit and pray,
All's well that ends well, my boy,
Prayers to God are efforts of joy!
Sunday funday blessing. Feedback welcome.
Sep 3 · 65
We are all spark people, I believe,
Always evolving, ideas we conceive,
I believe no one is alone,
We bring our sacred space home,
We must have faith in destiny,
The future of humanity,
We pass our baton on the young,
Their steps on Earth have just have begun.......
Feedback welcome..
Sep 2 · 149
A Day in the Life....
Arise in the pre-dawn hush,
Everything moves, ask the toilet brush,
Then a morning offering to God,
On with the routine I do plod,
I think to rise and smile,
And send each one positive vibes,
To my cyber buddies across the miles,
To my pen friends in the USA,
Hope you dodge hurricanes today,
Then it is breakfast time,
Compare our statins in a rhyme,
I have learnt this yet, you see,
Aging is really not for wussies!
Feedback welcome, have a laugh.
Sep 2 · 67
Religious Statue
I stand here, a plaster saint,
Somewhere else, I'd be a haint,
A ghost of a distant century,
But I'm a symbol of Christianity,
Or of another faith, you see,
People come to worship with me,
I present to them a gift of faith,
All who pray for blessed grace,
No sacred space is ever empty,
The divine is here with you and me,
We're all part of this mystery.............
Feedback welcome.
Sep 1 · 105
This is an Autumn year,
How does it feel, my dear?
Autumn wakes up crisp and fresh,
But soon chills creep upon her breath,'
Autumn is a grey old dame,
Clouds and rain here again,
Autumn looks back on youthful summer,
Golden glow all gone, total ******!
Get ya giggles, aging is not for wussies. Feedback welcome.
Sep 1 · 94
Here is my famous recipe,
Ingredients for love, you see,
You need to slake your thirst,
Here are the elements: First,
Bring your patience kind,
Sense of humor springs to mind,
Laugh together through the years,
Sometimes there are days of tears,
But Cupid ever strings his bow,
Healing hands on his arrow,
Yes, this is Cupid's recipe,
Naughty little chap is he!
Feedback welcome.
When I had a much younger face,
I traveled to a far off place,
To a site where I fell in love,
Riverside, patch of Heaven above,
There we sat and fished a'while,
Memory lane can bring us smiles,
Golden dawn on a riverside,
Under hills where eagles glide,
Spring blooms of wildflowers,
Where we passed those happy hours,
Riverside to fish a'while,
Yes, memory lane can make us smile!
Feedback welcome.
Sep 1 · 202
We Shall All be Dust.
People do like mischief and chatter,
Really, what does it all matter?
It is only about chaff and stuff,
In 100 years, we shall all be dust,
This is what makes me meaner,
As I empty more dust from the vacuum cleaner,
We shall all be a little pile of dust,
And our pets, a tiny heap of fluff!
Feedback welcome.
Aug 29 · 23
Long ago, once we were teens,
We all read "Mad" magazines,
Now we read of  Peter Fonda passing,
Down the tarmac ever blasting,
Always in a '****** Rider" cartoon,
Forever young, a classic lampoon!
Aug 28 · 181
Today  I sat in the sunshine,
I lingered for a time,
Flowers are budding,
Insects are a'buzzing,
Seasons have turned, somehow,
The air is milder now,
Spring is in the air,
Lighten us up everywhere,
Human to earth, human to earth.
Thanks for Spring, for what it's worth!
Human to earth, thanks for Spring. Feedback welcome.
Aug 28 · 117
Here am I, a fur detective,
What is a pet's perspective?
Fur friends make us happy, you see,
Have to return their love, ask me,
What would your pet say to thee?
Thanks for the cuddles, good company,
Thanks for meal and comfy bed,
Thanks for the snacks, enough said,
Message from this fur detective,
Turn your eyes to the pet's perspective!
Feedback welcome.
Aug 28 · 47
No Imelda Marcos, she,
One good pair of shoes for me,
Plain, flat, sensible, black,
No **** high heels, alack,
But I can walk where I want to be,
One good pair of shoes for me!
You wait till you get old! Feedback welcome.
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