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May 2017 · 350
CataleaLuna May 2017
I am hear right now
Sitting in front of my table
While thinking of the possible content of my writings

I wanted to write about romantic love
But it seems my heart is so empty and uninspired
Empty because I don't have any
Uninspired because I can see brokeness in most of the people around me

I also thought of writing about human love
Which I thought I have
But as I type each and every words
There's a drop of water that came out from my eyes
And yes, it was my cries
Cries because of human lies

I tried to stop what I wanted to write
And just let the kindness reign
But the honesty inside of me starts to scream and start asking
How could they kept on smiling at me,
when it's me whom they killing?

As I wiped my tears
I have realized something
That PeopleArePeople is not just a stuff brand
But people are people, who will give you pain

But this I promise to myself
That you People can never hurt me again
Jan 2017 · 240
CataleaLuna Jan 2017
How many years had passed
Since my love has faded
Because of the great pain of our past

There are times that I was thinking
Will my heart can be able to go back  in its previous beat?
If the time between us is evading slowly

Is that so treacherous me the chance?
To let the tears, anger, and pain to be burried
But I can't do anything if Destiny is not in favor of me
All I can wish is to give me the person whom I deserve
Jan 2017 · 1.0k
Do Not Settle For Less
CataleaLuna Jan 2017
You thought you're meant to be
And you kept on dreaming that life with him is your Destiny
You follow everything according to your plans

But what happenned?
That when you said that he is your destiny
Is the time that he left you with so much misery

He even cheated a lot of times
Still you're giving him a lot of chances
You know inside of you that you deserve better
And yes you do deserve even better

So Girl, do not settle for less
Because greater things is waiting for you ahead
Jan 2017 · 1.8k
CataleaLuna Jan 2017
You've tried to find the answer, yet you cannot see
You've tried to figure out the reasons
Why it's so hard for you to breathe everytime his around
But still, unexplainable

Because from the moment he left
Is the moment you froze
The moment he said his final goodbye
Is the moment you feel those tears fell.

You cried, you scream, you even passed out
You wanted it to go out
You even wanted it to throw up
But these pain kept on slapping you the truth
That the man that you have loved before
Will never be yours anymore
Jan 2017 · 418
Left Hangin'
CataleaLuna Jan 2017
I feel like picking up the pieces of my heart right now
While seeing him walking away from me
I begged and I even kneel down for you to stay
But everything seems not enough

Walking here in the pavement
While seeing the Shadow of my Broken Heart and Broken Soul
Hearing clearly the sound of my cries

Teardrops won't stop from falling
Because they're are a lot of things left undone
Words that are left unspoken
Now I am Left Hangin'

Would I still be able to receive the Answer?
For both of us know that you are a promise breaker
Jan 2017 · 552
CataleaLuna Jan 2017
You're Like a Candy
Because You wrapped me in your body

You're Like a Candy
Because you're sweet as berry

You're Like a Candy
And I will crave for you daily

You're Like a Candy
That means so much to me
Jan 2017 · 1.5k
CataleaLuna Jan 2017
I have a secret I wanna tell you
But how can I? if it's all about you
This feeling inside of me
Makes me wanna scream because of so much misery

I started to close my eyes
Counting  1,2,3
If you'll hear it, will you walk away from me?

Please tell me this early
So that I can fix my mind clearly
That the feeling that keeps on beating
Will be forever in my heart, hiding
Jan 2017 · 362
It Hurts
CataleaLuna Jan 2017
I'm trying to be strong
Knowing that all we have will never be this long
You even think that my heart is a stone
But remember, Babe it hurts

You are the only one who destroy
Those barriers,  walls, and partitions
I even let you passed in my heart's division
But how can you leave it broken
And it hurts

At the very beginning you let me believe that you are a keeper
Now I realized that you are a breaker
You made me believe with your promises
But now, I am not the one who you misses
And yes, it hurts

That's why I have decided
Not to feel the pain that you made
I'll let go, and move on
Instead of holding on
I'll be fine
Even when it still hurts

— The End —