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76.5k · Dec 2014
Joe Cole Dec 2014


Oh such inspiration, such brilliance. Art still lives in my words
12.8k · Sep 2014
Joe Cole Sep 2014
I saw the old man circling the tree trunk
Weather beaten skin, bent gnarled hands
and piercing blue eyes

He seemed to study every knot and crack
in that ancient timber

Then without a word turned and picked up hammer and chisel

The wood chips then began to fly and like confetti on the ground lie soon in heaps some ankle high

Occasionally he would stand back and look but never once a rest he took

Mallet strokes both hard and soft some from under some aloft fell there with unerring skill always busy never still

Long into the night he worked now by the light of an oil lamp and so the tree stump 'neath his hand then became a work of art

At long last he stood and turned to me and said three words " that'll do lad"

I approached to see just what he'd done and there I saw the perfect rose every petal and leaf in place the slender stems in the breeze did sway

With no plan or picture he had made the start
And created the perfect work of art.

So what is creativity? Well that's your next challenge.

No love poems because they've been done a million times. This time something unique
I decided to repost this after reading it, was going to change a few things but decided that its fine as it is
12.3k · Feb 2015
**Ride The Moon**
Joe Cole Feb 2015
Traveling in the last hours of darkness
Down this long and dusty road
Looking up I see the moon so full
On her journey through the night

I want to leave my earth bound life
And on her take a ride
For she is traveling westward
And would take me to your side

I continue on my lonely way
The sound of road noise in my ears
But if I could ride upon that golden orb
It would wipe away the years

To ride the road of the milky way
To your side where I belong
No radio or CD playing
Just the sound of angels songs

Is it just a dream I'm dreaming
Or could it become reality
To be with you my own sweet love
Just us, just you, just me
10.6k · Jul 2015
Joe Cole Jul 2015
A strip of barren land
Stark, forbidding
But I sat there and watched a flower grow
Bringing a bright splash of colour
To this dead land
Bringing a bright splash of hope
To a world sinking into the darkness
7.8k · Feb 2014
Joe Cole Feb 2014
The blue Arabian sea, the towering Western Ghats
This then is Kerala the most beautiful Indian state
Lush green hill stations, lowland paddy fields
All are in Kerala between the mountains and the sea
Fourty four rivers flow so water here for all
Exotic plants in abundance beside the waterfalls
Enchanting emerald back waters put here for your delight
The days are never long enough to view each wonderous site
Kerala is called gods own country, the reasons very clear
Wildlife abounds, exotic birds and sika deer
Here you will live longer than in any other state
Fresh food in abundance and low mortality rate
Why don't you come and visit this paradise on earth
And take away the memories that you will always cherish
7.5k · Mar 2015
Joe Cole Mar 2015
In your smile the warmth of sunshine
In your eyes the moonlights glow
Serenity surrounds you
Wherever you do go
The gentle breeze of springtime
Whispers your name into the air
And the colors of the seasons
Are reflected in your hair
7.4k · Mar 2015
Snowdrops and Aconites
Joe Cole Mar 2015
We all look forward to the snowdrops
The harbinger of spring
In many shades of white
Offtimes tinged with green
Beautiful, oh so beautiful
Sweeping swathes of green tinged white
But they shrink into nothingness
Against the aconite
Aconite of deepest gold
Brighter than the sun
Aconite the first to show
Amid deep winters gloom
When the aconite first does show
Bluetits start to flit and sing
You see it's not the snowdrop
Who is the harbinger of spring
Strangely not many people know that the aconite flowers before the snowdrop
7.4k · Dec 2013
Joe Cole Dec 2013
Syria oh Syria why do you bleed?
Brother fights brother without thought or need
Ruled by a tyrant for so many years
And now the spilt blood is washed away by tears

Democracy by debate you tried and you failed
Now the wives and mothers they cry and they wail
Democracy now sought at the point of a gun
Your country in turmoil, lives being undone

I sympathise and weep at your terrible plight
Your people are dying, no end in sight
Can man ever undo the chaos he's wrought?
Going to war without reason or thought

Syria oh Syria your bloods being drained
By those who would seek political gain
When the killing is done will you be better off?
Is what you might gain worth all the loss?

Your economy gone so how will you live?
The worlds in recession, no money to give
Families destroyed and homes are no more
All destroyed by a political war
7.0k · Jun 2014
Oh Brilliance Lives
Joe Cole Jun 2014
Brilliance in 5 words

                                ­     please
This inspirational work was composed in a mere 6 weeks
Yet again my brilliance is here for all to see
Joe Cole Jun 2014
On this day 70 years ago they stormed across the sand
Boys of many nations to remove the tyrants hand
Heros all those boys so young who shed their blood for us
In that ****** fight for freedom

Across the sand they struggled neath a hail of shot and shell
Never glancing backwards as around them comrades fell
Fear was in their eyes, terror in their hearts
Many never made it and twas on foreign sand they died

Yes they died to give us the freedom that we have got this day
They died to free the world, for us they made the play
Boys from ever walk of life crossed the beaches there
Office clerks and farmers and the ones who cut our hair

Yes they were heroes all who gave their lives for us
But lets not forget the few who made it possible
The girls who made the shells, the men who built the tanks
They were the unsung heroes
They have also have earned our thanks

Without their dedication to the task they had in hand
Many more would have lost their lives on that shell torn blood stained sand
They to can hold their heads up high, they knew they did their bit
In bringing freedom to the masses when they broke the tyrants grip
Afternote... nearly all 4,400 allied soldiers died on those beaches 70 years ago today
6.4k · Jun 2014
To Go A Viking
Joe Cole Jun 2014
To go a viking was the call
To be answered by Norsemen blonde and tall
And so they rode the dragon boats
The powers of Thor and Odin they did invoke
Once more upon a foreign shore
Spared not the weak who did emplore
For mercy from untimely death
A viking was a raid unto death
The weak and feeble felt the axe
Even the strong had no hope to match
The power of its savage bite
And when the blow fell death came in sight
Of those yet to fall
Delivered by a norseman tall
Few were spared and taken slave
To labour for their remaining days
Then the longships turned once more for home
Few Norsemen dead no more to roam
There is a name for what they did
To Go A Viking
5.4k · Jun 2014
Oh Oh I Sense Art In A Fart
Joe Cole Jun 2014
Oh mindless beings bow low before my superior art
For I did have a poetic ****
In that rippling tearing noise I detected beauty and artistic poise
Because the **** was I and therefore art
Who of thee could even start
To view the art in a morning ****?
Thou art lesser beings,  an artless mob
Whilst I are a poetic god
Men bow their heads, doff their caps
In the presence of I
Oh Oh Oh
Art in a **** penned by I
Even Shakespeare could not compare with I
5.3k · Mar 2016
My Words
Joe Cole Mar 2016
My words are but a shooting star
To be seen in all its glory
But as shooting stars fade in an instant
So do my words to be read once
Then fade into obscurity
4.5k · Jan 2014
Its All About Sex
Joe Cole Jan 2014
I guess I should have seen it coming
The **** underwear you never wore for me
Late night texts phone on silent
When we married everything was fine
Yeah there is an age gap but.....,,,
Where is the passion we once knew.......had
So these days I'm only firing on one cylinder!!!
You knew it would happen eventually
But with you its all about ***

Well your turn will come
When you to get old and grey
4.4k · Aug 2014
Puppy Sitting
Joe Cole Aug 2014
Yep puppy sitting my daughters eleven week old
red fox Labrador *****
All long legs big feet and puddles of *** on the carpet
Oh dear, Mollie dogs not happy
This pup is into everything
The contents of my pockets now strewn over the floor,
Teeth marks in my very expensive cell phone
I wouldn't change anything
Its been eight years since Mollie dog was a puppy
And I'd forgotten what fun they can be
Anyway how do I explain to my daughter about
The scratches on Ambers' nose?
Well she learned the hard way about what happens
When a puppy investigates one of my boys
My boys Max and Merlin terrify the local dogs
Joe Cole Feb 2015
Keep your American football
Your helmets and body armor
Rugby is the game for men

Bang on the head, a bleeding wound
Ten minutes off the pitch
Six stitches and a bandage
And the rugby player resumes

Take the hit, take the pain
The tackle must be made
The shattered bones just part of life
Worth the yardage gained

I've had the broken bones
The stitches in my head
I had the very worst
Because in a tackle I broke my neck

But it never did deter me
From the game that I so loved
I remember all the times
Shaking hands when smeared with blood

Yes rugby is a game for men
A game where pains the norm
A game for modern knights
A game where men are found
I played a lot of rugby during my army days, originally as a scrum half but then a wing forward simply because although short in stature I could knock the big boys down
3.8k · May 2013
Joe Cole May 2013
I know you have another and I know that you will go
But I have seen the doctor, my life is nearly done
Any feelings you once had are history, are gone
At least have the decency to wait until my life is done

The arguments we had over the most trivial things
These are the things that happen between two different beings
When we met you said the age gap was not a major thing
That’s why I was so happy on the day you wore my diamond ring

The hours when I’m wracked with pain, find it hard to breath
The only lucid vision in my mind is your body pressed to his
No fault of mine the sickness raging through my veins
No fault of mine the cancer eating at my brain

You scorned me when I told you, said it was all a plan
To keep you as my wife when you wanted another man
I find it hard to write these things as the salt tears blind my eyes
I beg you please stay by me until my untimely demise

You can’t lose now my darling for I am soon to go
You will soon be with the new man whom you love
This is not a sweet goodbye but one of pain and misery
I can write no more words to you for my eyes no longer see
3.2k · May 2014
A Countryside Walk
Joe Cole May 2014
It's early in the morning walking with Mollie dog
I look up and see white wispy clouds floating high above
The early morning mist has been burnt off by the sun
Me and natures beauty merge, become as one
A butterfly attracted to an open summer flower
The muted distant sound of the lowing of a cow
We walk a little further into a pleasant sunlit glade
The growing warmth of summer means that life will never fade
The spreading boughs of leaf laden trees give shelter from the heat
Here me and Mollie can sit and rest our weary feet
We walk a little further drawn by natures magic lure
All the sounds that nature makes vibrate in the air
What is the power that draws me back into this place?
It's the lure of natures charm, her fields and woodland glades
Joe Cole May 2013
I gaze upon my comrades, at the places where they lay
A young man lies beside me with blood upon his face
“I can’t see you friend” he says “because my wound has left me blind
But I beg you to write the words I say and send them to my wife”

“My darling I have left you but I leave you with these words
I love you now and for ever, hold our children close for me
It should never have ended in this way
In a fight for liberty

I am not alone as I depart this life
Many friends lie with me, here on every side
I know not what we fought for or why we had to die
I hope we did not die in vain but I know not the reason why

A young man writes these words for me but I cannot see his face
He will tell you darling in my death there was no disgrace
With my comrades I fought bravely but we never had a chance
We stood and faced the enemy without a backward glance

I can hardly speak the words, blood has filled my mouth
My new friend here will bury me facing to the south
I am scared my darling I did not want to go
I must leave you soon for a place I do not know”

I wrote the words for that young man with the his blood upon my hands
For I’m the one who killed him as he made his last stand
Did I hate him? No for he was my countryman
We fought because a civil war had split our once united land

Yes I killed him dearest sister in the cruel and ****** fight
I would rather it had been me because you are his wife
Brother fighting brother, father fighting son
Has our god deserted us, has the evil won

This fight between the north and south, between the blue and grey
Will god ever forgive me for what I did this day
I will bury him facing south as he asked for it to be
I hope that when it is my time they’ll do the same for me.
Joe Cole Sep 2014
Come walk with me to that tranquil place
That beautiful sunlit glade
Where we can sit and watch the aspen leaves
Dancing to the magic music carried on the breeze
There you will smell the freedom of the autumn scented air
Sit in natures solitude and peaceful thoughts to share
Once you've experienced that peaceful place
The magic will always call you back
Once more to see the aspen leaves
Dancing above the the place where once you sat
2.7k · Aug 2015
Joe Cole Aug 2015

Courage is to face the fears and doubts within your mind

Courage is to answer when you hear your country call

Courage is the father who faces daily toil

Courage is the mother giving birth to yet another child

Courage is accepting failure when you know you tried your best

Courage is your conviction when you know you're facing death

Courage is never giving up when you know you'll lose the fight

Courage is dealing with your fears when protecting what is right

2.6k · Jan 2015
Scammer Alert
Joe Cole Jan 2015

I would post her pm here but I don't know how to copy and paste on this thing but the gist of the message is

Contact me through my private email address so that I will send you my pictures and introduce myself to you. I also have some important information I will like to disclose to you
Scammer warning
2.6k · Jan 2014
Joe Cole Jan 2014
Last night we watched the sunset as we sat holding hands
And now we watch the sunrise casting light upon the land

The gently rustling leaves high lighted by the glow
The birds begin their love songs as the warmth begins to grow

Could you find a better time to be with the one you love?
Azure blues sky and the new days sun shining up above

I turn and look into to your eyes, see the love reflected there
All doubts now are cast aside because I know that you are here

Together we'll experience each and every brand new day
We will have each other until our dying day

Even on the darkest days for us the sun will always shine
For I am yours my darling and you forever mine

Yes we sit and watch the rising sun, your hand clasped in mine
I wouldn't have it any other way, at any other time

As we grow old my darling and life begins to fade
We will always remember the sunrise on this lovely day
2.5k · Sep 2014
Rose Buds
Joe Cole Sep 2014
I liken our young teenage writers here to rose buds
Then visualize those rose buds in full bloom
2.5k · Dec 2014
Shattered Dreams
Joe Cole Dec 2014
I left my broken heart in a box outside your door
But you left it in the freezing rain
Each widening crack as the ice seeped in
Led to one more nightmare
Another shattered dream
We had it all my darling
At least I thought it so until my money ran out
Then it was my time to go
Is that truly what it was all about
You had everything you ever wanted
Until the cash ran out
So was that all you wanted
The good life I once could give
You said you truly loved me
That I was the reason that you lived
Now my shattered heart lies outside your door
Frozen by the bitter winds
And each and every lonely night
My sleep is haunted by one more shattered dream
This is well outside my comfort zone but I had to try it
2.4k · Sep 2015
As We Grow Old Together
Joe Cole Sep 2015
Gone is the wild unbridled passion of our early years
Hands, lips, bodies in constant embrace
Now, as we grow older yet
We are being overtaken by a deeper love
An early morning caress, the brushing together of lips
The smile in your eyes reflecting the smile in mine
This is real love
When the health of Mollie dog and the cats (our boys)
Are the topic discussed over breakfast
This is the time when we become comfortable
With ourselves and with each other
The time when we can reflect on the good times and the bad
The time to reflect on how lucky we are
To have and to hold, real **love
2.2k · Feb 2015
Of Elves, Dwarves and Men
Joe Cole Feb 2015
The anvils rang and the hammers rose
To beat out bright blades of dwarvish steel
These were blades for elven kings
For soon the wars would rage
The Mordor hordes were marching
From the blacklands they would come
Bringing death and desolation
To the green and pleasant lands
But the elven hosts were marching
Alongside dwarves and men
And the eagles circled above them
Eyes searching every vale and glen
Bright were the swords of the elven kings
Tightly strung the bows
Heavy the axes and hammers of the mountain dwarves
Long and fierce the spears of men
The horse lords rode there on the flanks
And also in the van
They would be the first to fight
When the orchish hordes came into sight
Orc riders the target for their spears
Wargs the targets for their swords
To buy the times for the elven kings
To form their battle lines
2.2k · Feb 2016
The Aspen Tree
Joe Cole Feb 2016
The turgid brown ***** rolling river
But above the Aspen stands tall
Leaves quivering, shaking, falling
But Aspen roots go deep
Aspens do not fall
Each leaf that in the water drifts
Another life does fade
Each leaf that on the soil lands
Another life regained
2.1k · Mar 2014
Joe Cole Mar 2014
Lets **** again
this fair land, ***** so many times before.
She cannot cry out in pain
as we steal her innocence.
Take it...take what she has to offer,
care not for the ravaged earth you leave behind
while you earn another dollar.
Yeah, she can recover
but not in your lifetime or mine.
But why should I be bothered?
After all she was put here to provide
Joe Cole Jan 2015
You can be destitute, dressed in rags
But you're a tycoon with pencil and pad
Your office a park bench under the sun
Your income the poem or song yet unsung
Your boardroom the corner of some shopping mall
Where multitudes gather
When you, the writer calls
No microphones needed
Nor fancy backdrops
The words of poetry ring forth
Crowds now do stop
Amazed that a man
Unkempt, dressed in rags
Can bring peace to the masses
And new heart to the sad
All this with no money, just pencil and pad
This poetic  tycoon
Shone in a world so sombre and sad
You don't need wealth or even a great education. All you need is a love of words and a love of people
Then you to can be a king, a queen amongst men
2.0k · Dec 2014
The Woodlouse
Joe Cole Dec 2014
I dipped a woodlouse in the ink
I set it on the page
Watched it craft fine works of art
I was stunned, so amazed by the words that flowed
I's and oh's there in repose as that louse moved its feet
None here could write with such delight
Such a one word piece of art
And so I set a color pallete down
Watched it work throughout the night
Oh, oh such a glorious work evolved
Of color tint and hue
A work so crafted, so wonderful
That could be challenged by so few
And upon that work of wonder
A one word poem grew
And all this by a woodlouse
Using six legs instead of two
Such fine and pure art penned for the artless masses who dare to post their purile work here
2.0k · Jul 2015
Love Thy Neighbour
Joe Cole Jul 2015
In this modern world of terrorism
A world where gun law is king
The old adage of love thy neighbour as thyself
Rings true
But only if he's stood in front of you
And you have the biggest
Do we really know our neighbours any more
2.0k · May 2014
Barbecue Madness
Joe Cole May 2014
I thought 4 gallons of petrol was just about right
To get my barbecue fully alight
On went the steak, the chops and some ribs
On went the corn and a couple of squid
Time to relax with a couple of beers
Glance round at my guests and wait for their cheers
But all I see is looks of dismay
As they blink and cough in the black smokey haze
The steaks are cremated the ribs are no more
The chops wont even be eaten by the old dog next door
As for the corn and the squid well they've gone up in smoke
Well its lucky I don't cook like that
I wrote this for a joke
Joe Cole May 2014
I'm sitting outside my tent in a meadow verdant green
Just sitting, listening, dreaming
Surrounded by stately trees Sillouted
against an azure blue sky
Tall hedgerows filled with blossom
White, like drifts of new fallen snow
That's why I'm just sitting, listening,  dreaming
The storm we had an hour ago long passed by
Now I sit and watch white wispy clouds floating there on high
Why am I sitting,  listening, dreaming
Do you really need to ask?
If I truly believed in God then I've found heaven here on earth
I've no TV or radio but music fills the air
Leaves rustling in the gentle breeze and bird song near and far
And so I'm just sitting,  listening, dreaming
1.8k · Feb 1
Covid 19
Joe Cole Feb 1
My wings are clipped and broken
The freedom I love has gone
I no longer soar over the green fields and forests
I'm doomed in a cage to remain

Do I blame the virus?
No for the virus is just that
A virus is blameless, a virus does not hate

No but I do blame you
The ones who refused to separate
Refused to wear a mask
Allow me to breath your infected breath

And so for you idea of freedom
Another million have to die
Your belief in freedom
Means that I can no longer fly
1.8k · Oct 2015
Beaumont Hamel Febuary 1916
Joe Cole Oct 2015
The death of the Newfoundland Regiment*

They attacked after the Hawthorne mine was blown
But it never saved them
Newfoundland boys then crossed the line
And death was there to claim them
Most never made it to the starting trench
Now choked with dead and dying
For just four hundred yards away
German machine guns were barking
There is a place called Dead Tree
Where we were not to tread
For it now marks the place
Of so many Newfoundland dead
Beaumont Hamel now the resting place
Of boys so far from home
Beaumont Hamel now the place
Where heroic Newfoundland ghosts
Will ever roam
4 years ago I walked that battlefield along with many others of the Somme battles but Beaumont Hamel was probably the most moving
1.8k · Jun 2015
Joe Cole Jun 2015
Take a simple packet of minced beef
Add a drop of water to the pan
Finely diced an onion and 3 chopped garlic cloves
Oh! Don't forget the fine cut celery
Now cook gently with a touch of love
Until the mince is brown
This now is the time to add just a pinch of dry mixed herbs
A liberal splash of soya sauce followed by a gentle stir
Important now please don't forget
A large pinch of marsala spice
For this will be the beating heart before you add the rice
RICE! Did I say rice?
For the amount of minced now in the ***
Cook an equal amount of rice until soft
Of course in another pan
Now just before the rice is done add mixed veg to the mince
In the other pan, frozen veg will do
Now strain the mince but save the sauce
Worth its weight in gold
Now, yes now's the time to strain the pan and add the rice
To the mince so savoury and brown
Mix the rice and mince with love until well combined
Place into a baking dish and set the oven high(160)
20 minutes will be enough so now the dish is done

Thicken the sauce you strained from the mince and bring to a gentle boil
Serve the mince/rice with new boiled potatoes and the sauce
1.8k · Apr 2014
Tranquility (reposted)
Joe Cole Apr 2014
I listen to the sound of the breaking waves
Smell the salt tang in the air
I watch the graceful seagulls
Ride the thermals way up there
No sound of human voice, no strident car alarms
I sit in natures solitude enraptured by her charms
The sea reflects the sinking sun in hues of red and gold
I'll never tire of such things though I grow grey and old
The first gleam of the evening star appears in the ever growing dark
And the golden crescent of the moon begins her journey through the night
No words of mine can best describe natures perfect charm
This is peace, a perfect peace, tranquillity and calm
This was my very first attempt at writing and was written while I was sat on the rocks by the sea
1.8k · Jan 2015
This Is Just A Bit Different
Joe Cole Jan 2015
We've had my challenges which went quite well
We've had The Who's Awesome series which opened
a lot of eyes. For the record everyone who posts here
good, bad, liked or disliked is awesome.

But this time something different, something that's
really going to put you on the spot should you choose
to participate.

Just write 8 or 10 lines about another writer, why and what
you like about them.

The catch..... If your a man your chosen person has to be
a member of the opposite *** and visa versa.

This could be challenging.
1.8k · Dec 2013
Joe Cole Dec 2013
Courage is to face the fears and doubts within your mind

Courage is to answer when you hear your country call

Courage is the father who faces daily toil

Courage is the mother giving birth to yet another child

Courage is accepting failure when you know you tried your best

Courage is your conviction at the time of facing death

Courage is never giving up when you know you'll lose the fight

Courage is dealing with your fears when protecting what is righf
1.7k · Jul 2015
Unusual Lovers
Joe Cole Jul 2015
She is a thirteen month old red Labrador *****
He is a little black Tom cat with no *****
But they are unusual lovers
Honestly they are like a couple of teenagers who can't leave
Each other alone
Amber is my daughters dog who I baby sit
As soon as she gets in my door in the mornings it starts
Running up to each other sniffing noses and bums
Have you ever seen an adult cat picked up by a dog and carried round the garden?
Well I've had cats and dogs all my life and I've never seen it until now
Sleeping time and Merlin is curled up between Amber's feet

It's a crazy world
This is actually happening as I write
1.7k · Jun 2014
I have a parrot
Joe Cole Jun 2014
'Tis true, 'Tis true.  I do I do
He has a vocabulary of a hundred words
And speaks to me inspirational verse
Which I write down to share:-) with you
This bird I own showed me the way
To verbally destroy and then to slay
The poetic pathetic lesser men like you
Oh bow before me bow you serfs
For I are your artistic master here on earth
I are the greatest living man
As artistic brilliance from my pen doth flow
And inspirational words do poetically grow
All this from a parrot gilded bright
Lyrical inspiration into the night
And who here can compare

My bird as yet has got no name
Please peasants give a name
That all men here will recognise
As belonging to the best bird
In the land
1.7k · Aug 2015
For Our Love Of Deborah
Joe Cole Aug 2015
So she's leaving us
Driven out by the mindless idiots
Who infest this site
I had it with my last daily "Hope"
But the writer had less likes for all his poems
Than I've got in just one
We, we who write and post do it for one reason
We write because we love words
We DO not write for torrents of abuse
And so I say to you
Ignore the abusers because they are lessor people
Than you
There is no love in their words
Simply because they are incapable of expressing love
You, you the poets, you the true writers
Stay, ignore the idiots
YOU are the beating heart that keeps us alive
1.6k · Feb 2014
Joe Cole Feb 2014
Beautiful Darjeeling in West Bengal I heard you call my name.
Like a siren you have lured me to your slopes and sun filled glades.
How could I resist the urge to come and join you there.
To be assailed by your beauty, smell your perfumed air.

I sit here in your paradise, from my pen the words do flow.
I sit and write of what I see and hear and watch the poem grow.
I know now and the meanings clear. Darjeeling the abode of God.
For only from his mighty hand could such a place be forged.

And so I sit and write of the glory that I see
And as I wonder at the glories another sits with me.
I cannot leave this beauty but alas I have no choice.
I would sing of beautiful Darjeeling but I do not have the voice...
1.6k · Jan 2014
Malta Through My Eyes
Joe Cole Jan 2014
Gazing down from my hotel balcony, a beautiful breath taking view, acres of landscaped gardens, flowers, trees of every colour and hue

My eyes travel over an azure blue bay. To a thousand coloured sunshades assaulting my mind

An ants nest of seething half naked humanity, burnt red and covered in oil. Surrounded by discarded bottles and cans and wrappers of ice cream stained foil

For a week they're going to lie there, bodies burned raw by the sun. Their idea of enjoyment, their idea of holiday fun

I have walked the length of those bright golden sands, smelt the stench of the stale cooking oil. It gives me no pleasure to linger here while I have the real Malta to enjoy

Beyond the human pollution the sand dwellers love a burnt barren ridge gainst the sky. And yet from this red brown earth an existence bis clawed by the strength of a strong Maltese hand

My gaze travels left to the beautiful church and the cream coloured town just beyond. The old and the new joined hand in hand where concrete marries natural stone

How many of the sand dwellers have enjoyed what this beautiful land can provide? Have they truly experienced this island,  seen life on the other side?

In a few days they'll be up there flying back to the place they call home, but from what they experienced of Malta they might just have well been to the moon
This was written on my hotel balcony 18 months ago while on holiday in Malta, my favourite holiday destination
1.6k · Aug 2014
Hand Me Downs
Joe Cole Aug 2014
I grew up in a family of nine kids
Yes nine
Times were hard then, not much money
So nothing was ever wasted
My school uniform was so warn patched and darned
That you could almost see through it
Its lucky the three below me were girls
Or next year one of them would have been wearing that uniform
Sunday lunch and we always had meat
Cold cuts on Monday and stew on Tuesday
Because unlike today nothing was ever wasted
We didn't have the fancy toys or expensive holidays
Our summer holiday highlight was sleeping on the ground in an old tent on my aunts farm
But you know we were so happy with what we had
During those holidays in the tent we would go out and collect mushrooms
Bacon,eggs and fresh mushrooms for breakfast
What a way to start the day
Then ragged and almost bare assed
Off into the woods, building camps, bows and arrows
Oh yeah with bare feet most of the time
I look at kids these days, miserable with all the latest gadgets and still wanting more
When I was that kid with nothing
I was happy, I had all I wanted, all I needed
YES I was happy
1.6k · Nov 2016
Wild Yorkshire
Joe Cole Nov 2016
I sit here on this lonely windswept ridge
Overlooking a wild place
Of peathag and bog and wild heather
Of outcrops of gritstone rock
Standing like rotting teeth
In ravished gums
Bleak and dreary in the rain
But still a place to be loved
Hardy sheep graze the barren slopes
Watched over by equal hardy men and dogs
Out in all weathers
I'm lucky
Because I know the tracks and trails
Crossing this wild land
I know the streams of fresh water
And the sanctuary for my nights rest
In my small lightweight tent
This is wild Yorkshire
As yet an unspoilt place
1.5k · Jun 2014
A Deep And Heartfelt Apology
Joe Cole Jun 2014
Loghain,  having reread most of your beautiful works on numerous occasions I have come to realise that you truly are one of the worlds greatest:











1.5k · Aug 2015
Joe Cole Aug 2015
B** Bitter words are spilled across the page
I  Inciting an equally bitter response
T Taking us to places we don't want to be
C Causing animosity amongst once close friends
H Hate and vitriol spreading like a foul pestilence
I  Ignorance taking the place of understanding
N No more the poetic repartee of friends
G Gone now are the beautiful days
Yep bitchiness is becoming the norm
Joe Cole Jul 2014
A report assembled over 3 years by NAASA scientists has now confirmed that there is life in outer space
They cannot however determine whether it is Martian,  Venusion or Pluterian.

Whatever this life form is we know that it is posing as a great artist with both brush and word although our cryptologists are still trying to make sense out of the rambling messages this life form keeps transmitting.

Our artistic impression of this being likens it to the right frontal lobe of a human brain covered by a beret

Should you receive email or any other form of correspondence from this being you are strongly advised to ignore them as trying to decipher such messages can cause permanent brain damage
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