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Joe Cole Jul 2015
I sat down and thought
About what my life is worth
And came up with this



Joe Cole Aug 2014
70 miles an hour and the crash called
Said now is your time and I am the wall
To smash you and trash you, turn you into pulp
And the mini bus driver just thought it a joke

I'd just overtaken that bus full of guys
Now the truck getting nearer, I'm nearly alongside
No warning atall and the minibus was there
Filling my windscreen with a heartrending scare

There never was room for him to get up ahead
I thought this was it, 3 of us will be dead
The two dogs as well there would have met the same fate
I don't know how but I stood on the brake

Into the traffic there on my right
I managed to avoid them kept the barrier in sight
Now the rear of the bus less than a foot from my front
The crash barrier about six inches to my right

I stayed in control but I still don't know how
My wife was in tears mother in law white
I'll never know why we're still alive
Someone or something made sure we survived
This actually occurred on the M5 in Devon this morning while traveling home from my holiday
Joe Cole Feb 2014
They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn
At the going down of the sun, and in the morning
We will remember them
The wonderful words of Robert Binyon written 100 years ago

The great war, the war to end all wars....but still it goes on
The weeping mother, the sob of a wife and still the dyings not done

I've seen it and done it, left mothers to weep, left a wife with a fatherless child
But!!! I was quicker on the trigger, he's dead and I'm still alive
There's no glorification in the things I have done, no poking my chest out with pride
I had to do it, it had to be done or I was the one who would have died
Can we still squander the youth of our lands in a fight not even our own
Why must we still kneel to the political will?! Why can't we have minds of our own
I'm not proud, don't boast about the things that I've done but I'm nstill alive in the place I call home...
Joe Cole Oct 2015
And so the bloodshed ended
The war to end all wars reached its ******
Shattered minds and shattered men
Returned to shattered families
But they gave their all for world peace
But did they
For in far flung corners of foreign fields
The killing still goes on
The blood of boys and girls
Nurturing foreign soil
All of you younger generation with beards earings
Nose rings and piercings
Who say to me its ancient history
So why do you bother
I say this
They gave their today for your tomorrow
Their sacrifice gives you the freedom of speech
That you now have
So don't ask me why I remember
Because I understand
11 November, the eleventh month at eleven am the war to end all wars ended
But the wars go on
Joe Cole Feb 2015
It rained again last night
The flooded trenches alive with rats
Behind us pigs from destroyed farms
Feast on the bodies of French long dead
Shell fire ceaseless
Machine guns sing, men die
Yes men die
Just a mile away, a gentle *****
Leads to Pachendale ridge
Just a gentle walk in peacetime
With slow meandering streams
I am long since dead, destroyed by
Shot and shell
I gave my life for you my love
For you, for you not for my country that I fell
Out lads out and the whistles shrilled
Out lad out 'this your time to be killed
Robots of old, numbed, scrambled minds
We left the safety of this place
Into the holocaust of *******
To be mangled and destroyed by burning
Shot and shell
Keep going boys, keep going
There's just a mile to cross
But a mile of mud and devils hell
And for every yard a man was lost
Cleanly killed by the bullets bite!!!!
If he was lucky yes
But more likely to drown in mud and blood
As the gory shell hole ****** him down

Ypres 1915
Joe Cole Dec 2015
We leave this old year to a softly played tune, enter the new in a crescendo of sound
A million trumpets blowing, the throbbing beat of drums all around

We poets hold hand and encircle the world with our thoughts
As we leave the old year and welcome the new
As the brothers and sisters of man

Soon the darkness will give way to light as the new sun climbs high in the sky
Spreading the light of peace on us all as the world is born anew

So open your hearts and open your minds as 2016 is born
Bring peace and love to all mankind
As the new year begins its first dawn
I wish all my fellow poems a happy 2016
Joe Cole Jul 2014
A long haul flight from Amsterdam
that never made it to the end
NO! No the innocents died
when the pressure from the finger was applied
to that simple button
No, their lives never ended in the explosive flash
that caused that mighty plane to crash
They fell over 30,000 feet
they knew there was no hope
The shattered wreck their funeral pyre
dreams gone up in smoke
80 children died there in that war torn land
never to fulfill their destiny
their shattered remains spread over a foreign land

Yes... The innocents died... But for what?
Joe Cole Sep 2015
Yes remember that number
Many of you will never understand the significance of
But that is the number of firefighters
Who died that infamous day on 9/11
Why did they die?
Simply because the lives of others
Meant more to them than their own lives
Yes, they were nervous, even scared
But they never faltered
Their final sacrifice on our behalf
Means that there is still hope
Their solidified blood
Is the foundation that a great nation
Has built an even greater nation on
Never forget that number
Joe Cole Jun 2014
I sit here by my crackling fire
surrounded by all that I desire
nature for all
Bacon frying in the pan
coffee in the mug
the morning sun there in the east
small birds fly up above
I sit and I do wonder
how long can this beauty last
against the greed of man
We spew pollution in the air
about acid rain we do not care
for we now have got the cash
Our fair land now ripped by open cast
in our search for coal, for gold for wealth
but that wealth is but for the few
The multitudes who bend their backs
the ones who have the cough that wracks
and tears apart their lungs
still labour for a paltry sum
not for them the holiday in the sun
the bosses can afford
And so for the years that I have left
I will enjoy the nature that is left
Joe Cole Feb 2015
Yes 60 years ago I did believe
About fairies and mermaids
Elven fires burning bright
Well yes I do still choose to believe
Well why do we adults choose the path
I lose myself in the works of Stevenson
In the the works of Kipling
Masters of there art
But hopefully I bring that art
Into a new world
My world
Joe Cole Jun 2014
Yesterday I turned 69, not a number to forget
Whatever way you look at it it's going to read the same
So at 69 I'm ****** stuck, can't pretend I'm glad
But it could be so much worse
You see the next number with the curse
is the number
Joe Cole Jun 2017
Just been outside and an almost gale force wind is blowing
About a hundred yards away stands a stately oak
Bending in the wind
Small twigs and leaves being stripped away
That hundred year old tree stands tall taking all that nature can throw at it
Just as we in the free world bend and sway before the terrorist threat
And yes our twigs break and people die
We might bend but we will never break because eventually we know the threat will wither and die
Like the bending tree WE WILL survive
Joe Cole May 2014
Now gather round me children come closer to the fire
I'm going tell you noises of the night are not so very dire
Now I know most of you get scared by the noises of the night
Well they're the same as noises in the day but now they're out sight
Shssss,  stop, listen to that noise just over there
That is nothing to worry you, its only Yogi Bear
Do you hear that fluttering sound from somewhere overhead
Thats just the sound of Superman heading home to bed
That grunting sound over there, do you thing its something big
Well children let me tell you, that's the sound of Peppa Pig
Its time for bed little ones but just before you do
Care not for noises of the night, they'll bring no harm to you
I must be  in one of my frivolous moods
Joe Cole Aug 2015
Before she left to work
He promised her that she'd come home to a
Meal to remember
She got home after a long hard day
Excitement running through her veins
And he placed a plate of beans on toast in front of her
Meal to remember she said with raised eyebrows
Honey, I spent 15 minutes trying to light the gas oven
There must be something wrong with it
Babe she said, I'm not surprised
It's an electric cooker
Joe Cole Dec 2014
I pray, yes I pray
For acceptance
For the offer of friendship
From thee my lessors
For as the dust color rubs from
The wings of moths
Thus my brilliance must rub onto
Thee, though, I, oh!
If thee choose not to give
Friendship to I
Then in the depths of mediocrity
Thee must lie
Who but I can rejoice at
Birds in herds and fish in flocks
Rejoice at my offer of friendship
So that thee also can kneel in worship
Before my throne
Rejoice, yeah rejoice in my being
I the lord and master of art
My dear friend logbrain has asked me to post his new years message so that his lessors can rejoice in his artistic prowess
Joe Cole Sep 2015
When I wrote Tranquility and listened to the breaking waves
I never stopped to think of those who hear the breaking waves
In the search of freedom from tyranny
I wrote Normandy D Day 6th of June
But never once while walking the beaches
Did I think of the hell those young men faced
Creativity was penned in twenty minutes
And written on my mobile phone
While sitting in my tent during a thunderstorm
But you are all equally creative
I was sat gazing at the rising moon
Thinking of a special person so many miles away
And imagination just took over
And then I took a long hard look at the world as we now know it
Yes hope was the result
For Sarah Ahmed..Thepoet
Joe Cole May 2014
It's early in the morning walking with Mollie dog
I look up and see white wispy clouds floating high above
The early morning mist has been burnt off by the sun
Me and natures beauty merge, become as one
A butterfly attracted to an open summer flower
The muted distant sound of the lowing of a cow
We walk a little further into a pleasant sunlit glade
The growing warmth of summer means that life will never fade
The spreading boughs of leaf laden trees give shelter from the heat
Here me and Mollie can sit and rest our weary feet
We walk a little further drawn by natures magic lure
All the sounds that nature makes vibrate in the air
What is the power that draws me back into this place?
It's the lure of natures charm, her fields and woodland glades
Joe Cole Jul 2014
What could be more simple
Than to write a poem about a daisy?
Petals,  pristine white
Surrounding  a heart of egg yoke gold
Proudly her head rears to the sky
Attracting bees and butterflies
No pretentious well shapes forms
But one of the oldest flowers known by man
Look, yes look at that simplicity of form
Un biased, un altered by the interference of man

Just a simple daisy
Joe Cole May 2015
and those brave boys and girls who still serve*

It was for you that we gave so much
We who by the terror of war were touched
To the ones who made the final sacrifice
The ones left shattered in body and mind
For us the pain is less with passing years
But the memories remain
Not all did feel the bullets bite
Nor smell the acrid cordite smoke
But all who served are heros still
For they to were there when the country called
Your right to stand free and have your say
Was the reason they served , for your today
Many now lie in unmarked graves
Because the bomb and mortar leave few remains
Now we who are left must lead the way
In ensuring those gone are not forgot
For those we'll raise the standards high
As we remember them
Under freedoms sky
Joe Cole Jun 2014
Loghain,  having reread most of your beautiful works on numerous occasions I have come to realise that you truly are one of the worlds greatest:











Joe Cole Mar 2015
Yes they brought me home
Torn in body and mind
Claimed I was a hero
On the day I should have died

They carried me on a stretcher
So they could pin a medal on my chest
But was it really a tribute
To a man now close to death

My body now a shattered wreck
But a mind still so sharp and clear
I can hear their whispers
Resonating in my ears

This was the girl I married
The one who said that she was mine
She's still with me but with another
Living in a world of lies

Why? It wasn't my fault
That the I.E.D went up
And turned my fragile body
Into a mess of ****** pulp

So I can no long perform
Can no longer be a man
But was that a good enough reason
For you to find another man

You think that I don't know the truth
Shed silent tears in the dark of night
I lost my body but not my mind
On the day I should have died

What worth the marriage vows
When things don't go your way
What now the worthless words
She spoke to me that day

I left here as a man
Kissed my wife and said goodbye
Got blown up and shattered on a foreign field
I lived but wish now that I had died
This is all to often the bitter truth. I have never been to Afghanistan but in my 24 years of service I saw this so many times
Joe Cole Jul 2015
After the guns fell silent
After the wounds have healed

(The opening words from a song)

The wounds in their flesh heal
But the wounds in their minds
Remain for eternity

Why do they do it? Answer the call
Whenever their countries have need
It's not politicians who answer the call
It not politicians who bleed
No, it's the boys and girls from their countries so fair
Who die in the name of liberty
Eight thousand miles away from home
To keep another country free
Joe Cole Jul 2015
Forgiveness is the perfume from a flower
As you crush her underfoot
She knows you didn't mean it
Because she knows you never looked

A few hours ago she stood there
Her sweet perfume filled the air
In gay abandon she'd made her entrance
To reveal her presence there

Now she's battered bent and torn
But her memory still remains
As bright colours start to fade
Her perfume still fills the sunlit glade

Although she's long dead now and gone
She has also stayed alive
Because the seeds she hid inside
Are now scattered far and wide

Next spring she'll re appear
To delight the woodland bees
To stand in her full glory
For all the world to see
This is pretty much a complete  re write of something I posted a long long time ago
Joe Cole Jul 2014
Wow, yes I have a following
232 to be precise
Does that make me great
Yes sure it makes me feel good
I see so many writers here
16, 17 years old with so few followers
Where then is the life blood of this great site?
Joe Cole Feb 2014
After the guns are silent
After the wounds have healed
The opening words from a song.......
But the wounds never heal
After 40 long years the pain is still there
Memories burned into your brain
In the hours of darkness, night mares
It could have been me not him
Why do we do it? Answer the call
When ever our countries have need
Its not politicians who answer the call
Its not politicians who blled
Its the boys and the girls of our countries so fair
Who give there their lives
In the fight for liberty
Eight thousand miles away from home
To keep another nation free
Joe Cole Aug 2014
I thought I should post this in response to my own challenge and at the same time thank all of you who responded and commented. This short piece is slightly different

The trees stand stark and bare 'gainst winters lead grey sky
The snow lays cold and deep and the earth asleep doth lie
No small birds sing, no little things move across the land
The earth in hibernation, a long sleep, as winter makes her stand
I wake once more in early dawn and warmth has come once more
A small bird sings, a green leaf springs from natures open door
Once again the land awakes and life begins anew
And the bitter cold of winter has vanished like the dew
Joe Cole Aug 2014
Yes, a hundred years ago they crossed those ****** fields
Boys of many nations
British, French,Germans, Indians, Africans. Eventually Americans
Did they fight for patriotism. No. For most the army was the only job they could get
And so it is today
Joe Cole Jun 2015
I first saw them yesterday
In the breakfast que
Suitcase clutched in bony hand
Suspicious glances all around
As the numbers round them grew

Now though I found it rather odd
That they would act this way
It might have been simply
That they'd just got off a plane

However later on that day
I saw them sitting by the pool
Suitcase there within hands reach
And wife stuck to him like glue

I had to know the answer
To the suitcase mystery
And so I asked him outright
About what was going on

He said all I hold dear is contained
Inside this case my pyjamas and my washbag
And stuff my wife puts on her face
But surely I said it would  be safe inside your room
He glared at me in shocked surprise
I trust no one in a foreign land
And so my case and contents
Will stay close to hand
The write might be amusing but seriously he told me they always pack their suitcase and take it with them and yes even to meals
Joe Cole Jan 2015
Vitriol and filth spill forth from
Its mouth in uncontrollable torrents
Akin to sewage but not sewage
For sewage is a by product of humanity
And can be recycled
No the filth spewing from this creatures mouth
Has been dredged up from the very depth of
It poses as the feminine form of humanity
But I refuse to address it as such
It, the thing, the creature
Are the adjectives that best describe it
Ebola like it is spreading its filth across
Pages of this fine site
And Ebola like it is already infecting
The less strong for they are now retaliating in kind
Some here might call me hypocrite
Because of my constant duel with Loghain
But I say no because Loghain and I duel like gentlemen
But there is nothing that even fringes on decency
From the fetid gaping chasm that is the mouth
Of it
aka The Gutterslut
OK rant over
Joe Cole Sep 2014
Alexandra is just 15 years old and also my youngest rosebud. In my humble opinion she's writing in a fashion that is way beyond her years.
For her life hasn't been to good lately and I would ask all of you to support her writing.
This is one girl with a great future

Joe Cole Jul 2015
He sat in faded dungarees
Old slouch hat on balding head
Said "write the words for me boy
There's words that must be said"
I did my time and paid the price
For a drug filled violent youth
I thought I was the main man
And had a role to keep
You know what I mean
Anyway son I pulled a gun and shot him in the head
Then laughed at his crying wife and kids
As he took his last dying breath
I walked away without a second glance
After all he should have shown respect
Respect! Yeah I was the main man on the street

Anyway for thirty years I pondered what I'd done
Eventually came to realize
Only notoriety comes from the barrel of a gun
Inside I was nothing
All ill gained fame was gone
Now just a number wearing leg irons
Cutting weeds beneath the sun

Tell them for me boy
That it just ain't worth the cost
Write the words I tell you
Get the message out there
Before more young boys are lost
Not sure about this one
Joe Cole May 2014
He raised the scissors high, I felt them pierce my brain
I shouted out in agony," I came for a short back and sides so man what is your game"
Don't worry son the man replied I'm an expert at my trade
If I'm to truly cut your hair I must expose your brain
And so I surrendered to his skill and the scissors went in deep
Don't worry son the expert said, the incision will be neat
So he slashed and and cut and hewed threw pieces in the bin
I thought that he had finished but still the blades cut in
At last the expert stood aside covered in blood and gore
He said my name is Sweeny Todd as he showed me to the door
As we walked across the room he said that will cost a five pound note
It would have been much cheaper if I'd just cut your throat
Written in memory of Sweeny Todd the demon barber
Joe Cole Feb 2015
Just watching African Dream
Andre Rieu the worlds greatest entertainer
Who else could bring so much emotion
Into the world of classical music?
The man is absolutely amazing
Joe Cole Jul 2014
The Sharps.50 calibre rifle was the rifle of choice for the buffalo hunters

And so the .50 sang her song and a buffalo hit the ground
To lay there with a broken back groaning in her pain
No, the fifty didn't miss, that shot was made with care
The buffalo herd didn't understand and wouldn't leave her there
So the shooter in his stand now could shoot at will
And every time the fifty sang it was another ****
The marksman now in his element, for with ever beast that fell
Was another dollar for the skin, the meat abandoned there

The Indian gazed upon this sight, horror in his eyes
For every time the fifty sang another Indian died
You see the Indians only ever took enough for the survival of the tribe
Starvation beckoned as winter called each time a buffalo died
No warming hides now for a home to build against the winter cold
Starvation and desease would come, bringing death upon the tribes

But the white men didn't care, they saw only dollar signs
Every time the fifty sang and another buffalo died
Re posted for W L Winter (Buffalo Man)
Joe Cole Jul 2014
Just sitting there last night by the fire watching the sunset over the trees
Another pleasant evening,  a cool breeze, peaceful.  Or was it?
A few dark clouds overhead,  they'll come to nothing
But then....Patter patter patter down came the rain
So what, I've experienced worse
So into my shelter snug and warm, a little rain will cause no harm
But then came the wind, not just any wind but a tearing screaming gale blasting the rain with the force of a bullet.  Tearing at the skin, numbing the flesh
My firepit now a pool of ***** grey sludge,  cooking kit scattered far and wide
OK, drop the sides so I'm watertight,  one last warming scotch then I'm in for the night
Close my ears to that wild banshee screaming out there in the dark
The wind has lessened but still the rain is pouring down,  a muddy swamp where was once hard ground
The gentle stream where I keep my beers cold now a raging torrent of ***** brown water
(I never lost my beers though)
I have a routine I rarely miss, a hot mug of tea after taking a ****
And I won't be beaten by a small summer storm
So into a dry bag where I keep some stuff,  a few bits of wood and tumble dryer fluff
Between the roots of a tree a fire soon takes hold, on goes a *** and soon steam arose
On goes a pan with some bacon and beans

And then, out came the sun

To be caught in a storm like that isn't much fun but it's all part of the wild camping game
Joe Cole Oct 2015
And so we left to the trumpets blare
To fight the scourge of commusim
That you all so feared
We, the young, did not choose the path
That lead so many to their last repose
And yet you who did with bearded face
Beaded dreadlocks proud on show
Shouted baby killers to the crowd
Oh you, you brave and nice
And so we returned
To no heroes cheers
We returned to a thousand jeers
Simply because we fought to keep you free
From Communism
Joe Cole Jun 2014
3am and the sky was split
by the mighty bolt that the heavens lit
then Thor did speak, intimidating,  loud
and his voice did shatter both mind and cloud
mighty bolts were more unleashed
to sear the eyes and shatter trees
which burst assunder into flames
but his plan was just to maim
to leave the scars upon the land
and thus came torrential rain
to extinguish trees
consumed by flame
but the pain and scars remain
as Thor played his mighty game
and vent his wrath upon mankind
for 3 long hours his voice was heard
fearce bolts from blackened skys
were hurled
striking fear into mankind
what angered Thor to vent his wrath
upon feeble humans trapped below
perhaps its time for man to change
to revert once more to natures game
and a better life to live
3am yesterday morning and hell broke loose overhead
Joe Cole Sep 2015
Each week is a brand new written page
Each week a finished chapter
When the year closes
A brand new book

Life's a bit like that
Joe Cole Mar 2014
We leave this old year to the sound of a softly played tune, enter the new in a crescendo of sound.
A million trumpets blowing, the deep throbbing beat of drums all around

We hold hands and encircle the world with our thoughts.
We leave the old and welcome the new as the brothers and sisters of man

Soon the darkness will give way to light as the new sun climbs high in the sky.
Spreading the light of peace on us all as the world is reborn anew.

So open your minds and open your hearts as this new world is born,
bring love and peace to all of mankind as the new year begins its first dawn....
Joe Cole Sep 2015
Many words written without feeling mean nothing
A few words written with love
Mean everything
Joe Cole Dec 2013
I went away but I never left you all those long years ago
I always kept your picture in the place next to my heart
You were mind to love and hold but I never took the chance
To fulfill my pledge to you and the promise of romance
Remember that time in the misty rain when we walked my south country hills
That beautiful rainbow as the sun shone through and you became my *** of gold
We stopped at a place called tranquillity and watched the seagulls soar
We talked of dragons and mermaids and tales of our yesteryears
In my mind I still see you, an angel emerging from the sea
You were mine, I was yours, it was our destiny
I remember the time when we held hands and talked of being a child again
How we dreamt of a ride on the freedom bus in search of a new promised land
Then came the day we were torn apart like a photograph ripped in two
One half being me, one half being you
I remember that dark and stormy night when I was lost for words
Now we will never experience the seasons together or another early morning walk
No more will we enjoy the country life or natures sweet beauty
No more will we listen to bird songs or sail on  a ship cross the sea
All I have left are the sweet memories, dreams of how it meant to be
I went away but never left you, you went away my love but I know in my heart that you also never left me
When Sharona and I were on another site we wrote numerous poems, this work is made up from titles an excerpts from many of those poems
Joe Cole Jun 2014
It wasnt often but when I did
Ardbeg would speak in my stead
and Ardbeg then would rule my head
It would speak the words I never could,
the words that should never be said
She entraps me in her golden snare
her pungent aroma fills the air
and the level of the liquid there
slowly and surely drops
The words oft unsaid then leave my mouth
for Ardbeg takes control
and speaks for me
The amber nectar in that bottle there
took my soul then destroyed the love I had
She has now gone, taken part of me
but the Ardbeg still remains
Joe Cole Feb 2015
Just had my lunch!!!
Sliced turkey breast with roasted vegetables
And a creamy rich smooth gravy
When I was in the Chefy world
The turkey would have been carved
Into the perfectly symmetrical square
The veg identical cubes
The gravy now a single smear of Jue
Yes, art on a plate and an hour to make
Mine took me about twenty minutes
And tasted just great
Oh yes, I can do the ******* stuff
A fresh summer salad
Garnished with nasturtium flowers
Fresh nasturtium leaves for a peppery taste
Then charge you twenty pounds a plate
Not forgetting cogwheeled tomatoes  on the side
A sight to make eyes open wide
But back to my dinner
Turkey slices half inch thick
Roasted veggies rough cut and crisp
All swimming in a rich brown sauce
No Chefy stuff or Chefy thoughts
Now that is food...
When I was training to be a chef more years ago than I care to remember, we were taught that presentation was 90℅ of a good meal. I never did believe it
Joe Cole Jul 2015
But only if you're under twenty

Walk along a beach,
any beach any country
And pick a metre square of sand
Then paint a pen picture of what you see
Yes sand, simple really

Now, go back tomorrow
Same time and same patch of sand
Yes, sand. Yep you got it
Paint a pen picture of what you see

Now if you really looked at that patch of sand
The picture you painted today
Will be completely different from the picture
You painted yesterday

Simple, don't just look but look and see
Joe Cole May 2015
Take a slice of life and add a little love
For the little touch of sweetness that we need
Add two spoons of understanding
The flavor to enhance
And if your so enclined add a touch of sweet romance
Stir in a little modesty,
It goes so very far
Add some fondest memories
That are kept inside a jar
Now just a tiny pinch of mischief
But please be careful here
The mischief adds a kick of spice
And helps to make the meal
Now cook slowly in a beating heart
And a miracle occurs
If we all followed this simple recipe
We could have the perfect world
Joe Cole Dec 2015
Daffodils and campanula in full bloom
In my garden
But a lawn to waterlogged to mow
Birds singing their mating songs
In branches with fresh leaf buds opening
Bright sunlight glinting on the rippled lake
With coots ducks and swans in abundance
Families walking,alive to the spring
Here in the South, in the depths of winter
It's been 14 degrees again today and once again nature has been fooled into thinking spring has arrived once more
Joe Cole Aug 2015
Grey forbidding skies
Wet, dreary
I dream of warm sunshine
Tropical nights
Of your soft body pressed against mine
The sweet taste of your lips as we kiss

But all I see is rain

I close my eyes, open my mind
You are here beside me
Making love
You are mine
A million stars look down
A lovers moon above
We care not for anything as our bodies entwine
I gaze into your eyes
Sensual, satisfied
The sweet aftermath of love
Relaxed in my arms
Bodies still joined
One last kiss
We sleep with a smile

But it was just a dream
Joe Cole Sep 2015
Gone is the wild unbridled passion of our early years
Hands, lips, bodies in constant embrace
Now, as we grow older yet
We are being overtaken by a deeper love
An early morning caress, the brushing together of lips
The smile in your eyes reflecting the smile in mine
This is real love
When the health of Mollie dog and the cats (our boys)
Are the topic discussed over breakfast
This is the time when we become comfortable
With ourselves and with each other
The time when we can reflect on the good times and the bad
The time to reflect on how lucky we are
To have and to hold, real **love
Joe Cole Nov 2015
Of place we'd been and things we had seen
Memories of a snowy day and a big white dog towing a sled
The sand dunes in the pine woods
When shreaks of joy rang forth
As we hurtled down the those slopes
Then came the saddest day when we said our last goodbyes
To that old white teddybear dog
Trips round Yorkshires lovely hills
Of you in a seat on the back of my bike
And the long haired highland cattle in Bedale park
A photograph I still posses of you sat by Richmond castle
A thousand memories remain
Joe Cole Feb 9
I sit here watching the westering sun
Relaxed now that my work is done
The slight ache in my shoulders
From bearing the weight
Of living the life that I chose

But this now is the time to sit
This now is the time to think
The time to sit and reminisce
Of times long past, opportunities missed

But would I change the times I've had?
The fun, the laughter
The good, the sad
Probably not for its history made
And tomorrow the start of a brand new page

I could have spent my life behind a desk
High blood pressure, ulcers and daily stress
Instead I chose another way
Of winter storms, springs fragrant days
Days spent beneath the summer sun
Free to wander, free to roam
To breath the heady pine scented air
And feel the soft breeze on skin and hair

And now I sit and reminisce
About those times long past
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