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  Nov 2018 Larianne
I want my love for myself
To overflow
And I want my overflow of love
To seep over onto you
But for now
My cup is empty
And maybe you can sense
That I have nothing to offer you
  Nov 2018 Larianne
Shariq Jawed
To be
For you...

The concept
Of perfection
For me...

All that
I had inside
To you...

And returned
Just emptiness
To me...

And thinking
Of you...

Wide awake
Wanting nothing
Of me...
  Nov 2018 Larianne
Lora Lee
This fragile heart
sometimes bursts into
the tiniest shards
                  of infinity
clear as crystal light
yet empty
as an ocean, waterless
to be filled and filled
over and over
as I would fill you
to the brim
overflowing with
enough life
and love to heal
a thousand
                aching moons
  Nov 2018 Larianne
Miranda Lee
Giant blue alligator
in the night sky,
white teeth gleaming
sharp moons.
Chomp, chomp, chomping
everything in its path.
Big teeth grab onto the things
we hold close:
Love, laughter, life.
All gone.
Oh, alligator,
haven't you eaten
Larianne Nov 2018
If only the water could change into an alchohol then probbly im drunk and still drinking right now

If only a problem can be solve in seconds then our life would be peacefull and wont be that hard to live in

If only the wind can carry you all the way id go to your place everyday without paying for anything

If only i could stop the time then  I wont be needing a clock and id have a lot more time spending it with the one I love

If only you can turn back what has happen before you say sorry then everything would be okay

If only a broken heart would turn into stone so that it would be hard enough to be broken again.

If only the illegal stuff would be legal then all the laws are useless

If only the ocean is not that deep then id swim all around the world no more boat that could cross

But If its ment to be , It will be you and me
If only can change everything
Larianne Jul 2018
Bread stick
That looks like
A ****
With a chocolate dip
I saw a wired looking churros today.
Larianne Mar 2018
that came from the sky
The water flows
and runs
All the way
to the  ground
Sunrise on the east
sunset on the west
And you can see
the moon and stars
In the dark and cold night
Hold on tight
And sleep good night
Wish we could turn back time to the good cool days.
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