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Larianne Sep 2021
Green is the prettiest color you’ve seen
hate to break things cause they dont agree
I tried different people hope that I could see
things they might like but still Im unhappy
#green #poetry
Larianne Nov 2020
last night I thought I was gonna die
I wish I was
but I am still alive.

what is the purpose of my life
when all you do is  killing me inside
proving things that don't count
being different and less appreciated
and you told me
"that is what it is like to live"
you tell me
Larianne Sep 2020
I'm sorry for what I did
it wasn't my intention to leave you alone

just got so busy and scared
to face my consequence
but I want you to know that
I did love you

I'm sorry for the heartbreak
that I can never be apart with
and now I wish you all the best
because you deserve the best
and I guess being the best was not  me
since the day I left you
broken hearted
Young Fragile and too Innocent
Larianne Mar 2020
being smart doesn't make you special
everybody must be smart
a talent separates you to be different than others
and that makes you special
education is never a competition
Larianne Mar 2020
I was never a fan of love
never thought of that
until you came around and save me
for  who I am
Not a stolen heart may be a true love
Larianne Jun 2019
A famished black shadow
Under the footbridge
Literature professor ask us to write a poem inspired by Ezra Pound
Larianne Dec 2018
whats more important
than having the person you love in front of you
or being updated on social media?
Lack of attention
Waste of time
Don't lose what is real.
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