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Larianne Dec 2017
I used to wish on the clock
every time it turns
My wish is always the same
I don't know the reason why I do it
But all I wished for is
you never should've said
#time #after #time #11:11
Larianne Nov 2017
I’ve lighten you up and you started to shine As bright as the sun.
Few moments have passed and you started crying , melting , broken but still your light never died just the way I have loved you.
Larianne Jul 2018
Bread stick
That looks like
A ****
With a chocolate dip
I saw a wired looking churros today.
Larianne Dec 2017
All I see is darkness
No matter how much I like
staring at the rainbow
shining back at me
No matter how beautiful
this place I'm in

All I see is darkness
No matter how good this coffee
I'm drinking
No matter how fancy
this food could be

All I see is darkness
No matter how bright
the light is
No matter how many stars
are in the sky
No matter how fun
is it to see the sun

All I see is darkness
No matter how much
I want to move on
No matter how people
think that having you back
is wrong

With just a single flash
of your photograph
in my head
the light
always lead my heart
all the way back to you.
When you had an emotional breakdown and remember the person you once loved.
Larianne Dec 2017
Don't break my friend's heart
She tossed me aside
just so she can have a moment
with you
Don't break my friend's heart
She gave you everything
and anything
and you didn't even notice it
Don't break my friend's heart
I sometimes feel alone
cause you always have her attention
Don't break my friend's heart
I know She loves you
as much as she loves me,
but I just want to ask you this,
why did you break her heart?
#heart #break #girl
Larianne Dec 2018
To all the people who are killing me alive
I just want you to know that I am here
I'm not fake
And I am existing

To all the perfect people in the world
**** you are not perfect at all
Think about it, but not too much or you might get crazy

To all the parents out there
Take care of your kids and let them live their own life just support them on what they want.

To all the hypocrites
stop being a hypocrite
just be true and may the truth set you free.

To all the people who i have loved
You had your shot and gave it back
Now I'm not giving in no more

To all my friends who used to be my real friends
Go find someone who would want you to be a friend
And start being a good friend maybe ill work this time

To the people who is trying to **** themselves
Live okay? Don't leave just live
There are things that would mean a lot if you stay please stay  
Larianne Dec 2017
A spark
of your
beautiful light
in the middle
of the
cold night.
New year is getting near,another year, another life to live.
Larianne Mar 2018
that came from the sky
The water flows
and runs
All the way
to the  ground
Sunrise on the east
sunset on the west
And you can see
the moon and stars
In the dark and cold night
Hold on tight
And sleep good night
Wish we could turn back time to the good cool days.
Larianne Nov 2017
Wasn't steady
Wasn't ready
Have a time whenever
You're busy
Got no time whenever
You're unbusy
So close yet
So far away
What are you tryna say?
A little blurry
But obviously a clear lie
Was a good sign
Now a bad one
Fall for love
Fell for desire
Tryna protect me
form the words you cant say
We had it all
But you're gone away
Don't know what to say
Don't know why I feel this way
You told me we cant stay this way
But tell me that you feel the same
I love you and You love me but
Is your desire worth a heartbreak?
#heart #break #vs #desire
Larianne Jun 2019
A famished black shadow
Under the footbridge
Literature professor ask us to write a poem inspired by Ezra Pound
Larianne Nov 2017
I wish people would love me as much as I love them
This loving pattern repeats over and over again.
Am I not ready for love?
Don't I deserve a little bit of it
#love #for #never #love #whatever #bitter #love
Larianne Nov 2020
last night I thought I was gonna die
I wish I was
but I am still alive.

what is the purpose of my life
when all you do is  killing me inside
proving things that don't count
being different and less appreciated
and you told me
"that is what it is like to live"
you tell me
Larianne Nov 2017
I see the sky turning
black and white
I see a fading love,
a stained heart
When did the sweetness begin
I wonder why
everything tastes bitter
Every time when I start to
love  again
#how #to #love #again #bitter #heart
Larianne Sep 2020
I'm sorry for what I did
it wasn't my intention to leave you alone

just got so busy and scared
to face my consequence
but I want you to know that
I did love you

I'm sorry for the heartbreak
that I can never be apart with
and now I wish you all the best
because you deserve the best
and I guess being the best was not  me
since the day I left you
broken hearted
Young Fragile and too Innocent
Larianne Nov 2017
I see the sky turning black and white
I see a fading love, a stained heart
When did the sweetness begin
I wonder why everything tastes bitter
Every time when I start to love
#how #do #we #fall #in #love
Larianne Nov 2018
If only the water could change into an alchohol then probbly im drunk and still drinking right now

If only a problem can be solve in seconds then our life would be peacefull and wont be that hard to live in

If only the wind can carry you all the way id go to your place everyday without paying for anything

If only i could stop the time then  I wont be needing a clock and id have a lot more time spending it with the one I love

If only you can turn back what has happen before you say sorry then everything would be okay

If only a broken heart would turn into stone so that it would be hard enough to be broken again.

If only the illegal stuff would be legal then all the laws are useless

If only the ocean is not that deep then id swim all around the world no more boat that could cross

But If its ment to be , It will be you and me
If only can change everything
Larianne Nov 2018
Bakit siya,hindi ako
Kaibigan mo at kaibigan ko
Mahal ka ,minahal ko
Oo nga pala Kaibigan lang ako

Masaya ako kung masaya siya
Masaya siya kung kasama ka
Naging masaya kayo
Ng iniwan niyo ako ng may distansiya

Sinubukan kong maging masaya
Kahit hindi niyo ako kasama
Unting unting nagdurusa
Umiiyak mag isa

Nag lalakad ng nag lalakad
Bawat hakbang pinag mamasdan
Hangang saan hangang kaylan
Ang pag mamahal na dapat saakin lamang
My Filipino3 subject ask as to write a poem for 10 minutes and that's it.
Larianne Sep 2021
Green is the prettiest color you’ve seen
hate to break things cause they dont agree
I tried different people hope that I could see
things they might like but still Im unhappy
#green #poetry
Larianne Dec 2017
You had me turning
for hours and hours
Washed with water
cleaned with soap
Soften my hard spot
Spin me around and around
like a roller coaster
And wear me
whenever I'm fresh and dry.
Wouldn't it be nice to wear a nice, cool, soft, smooth, clean and fresh shirt with a scent of lavender? It's so satisfying.
Larianne Dec 2018
whats more important
than having the person you love in front of you
or being updated on social media?
Lack of attention
Waste of time
Don't lose what is real.
Larianne Mar 2020
being smart doesn't make you special
everybody must be smart
a talent separates you to be different than others
and that makes you special
education is never a competition
Larianne Jan 2018
Have you ever felt being inlove? I can't read your signs.
Larianne Dec 2017
The days when you're  in love
and the days you're not
Didn't try hard enough
Just tried loving someone you've got
Didn't mean to let you go
I did my best to love you so
You tried hard to make me want you
and at the end
I know this love will never work
#bitter #than #a #bitter #melon
Larianne Mar 2020
I was never a fan of love
never thought of that
until you came around and save me
for  who I am
Not a stolen heart may be a true love
Larianne Dec 2017
Water is good
Water is pure
Water keeps us alive
It's the main source of life

Sometimes it's sweet
Sometimes it's salty
Sometimes it's hot
Sometimes it's cold
But water never gets old

Water is all around us
Some water runs
Some water flows and
Some water falls

Water is a blessing
A blessing for a grateful life
Water is created for
You and l
I just realized how important water is in our daily lives, so let's not waste it or throw our wastes in it.
Water is love.
Water is life.
Larianne Nov 2017
The ashes are burnt up
The chimney tops are cold enough
I just died in a flaming fire
Of your stone cold heart
#love #heart #cold

— The End —