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“As long as the roots are not severed, all is well. And all will be well in the garden.” - Chauncey Gardiner... Trying to remember ...
farthest star
22/F    Expressing myself and my thoughts one poem at a time. All poems posted on this page are created by me © 2018
F/Malaysia    A lover of words
Mitch Prax
27/M/Australia    Mitch. 27. Sydney Australia.
66/M/california    I have been writing for most of my life, I have been fortunate to have married the love of my life for the past 27 ...
16/Trans Male/Chicago IL    Gray Dawson, is a bisexual, trans male from Chicago who tends to write about the darker things in life, in an attempt to spread awareness ...
F/orbis    in mundo .. point of origin is always your self
Poetic T
On Oblivions Doorstep    I am that which was once many stars but faded reborn under a different name Darkness is my tether enjoy my many shades.. Once the ...
sandra wyllie
56/F    My name is Sandra Wyllie. I've been writing poetry for the last twelve years. I've been published in Lucidity Poetry Journal, & Ibbetson St. and ...
Baby Dianah' Rose Richard
29/F/Brooklyn    Poetic soul
Shattered Rose
19/Transgender Female/Having a blast    Thank you everyone, for helping me discover my talent for writing. It only takes a compliment to help make someones day better.
piper m
18/F    this machine kills fascists
Within my Head   
Gaby Comprés
22/F/Dominican Republic    my heart beats in poetry.
moon child
26/F/America    sleep in the car drive away in your bed
16/Gender Questioning/lost    Don't judge a book by it's cover
~ Free your Soul, and your Mind will follow ~
Cat Fiske
United States    though it all, my weak moments have created my strongest yet. my youtube channel, i'm starting to record some of my poems.
Michael Hoffman
Dana Point, CA    Doctor of Addictive Disorders (Dr.AD), clinical hypnotherapist, Jungian/Buddhist counselor, vipassana mindfulness meditation facilitator. Author of The Thirsty Addict Papers and a few dozen poems.
Dark Paradox
I write poetry to exorcise the dark demons that will take over my life if I don't. I also write poems of love for my ...
Simon Clark
I am a writer of poetry, prose, lyrics and plays. I am sharing here with you some of my poetry which I hope finds a ...
Ruby Flynn
to die by your side is such a heavenly way to die.
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