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Gavin Barnard Apr 2016
I'm tired of people telling me
Whats ****** up about our country,
About our government or youth.

What I think is ****** up
Is how people like these
Tell me whats ****** up
*And then do nothing about it.
I think my poems have been ******* lately cause I havent had that much emotions flowing, but this one is alright.
depraVed Sep 2015
Skewer my body over the open flame. Rub the coals on my skin.
I will let you.
I will let you to prove that I am human too.
Rake the charred flesh from my bones to reveal that they are broken.
I told you so.
I told you so many times that the hypocrisy is natural. Flowing in our human hearts. Not the spirit. Not the loom. Not the quest of which was given to whom?
You may ask me.
You may ask me who; and I would tell you, "Me and You".
And the quest of which is spoken is to be human too.

— The End —