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jbui Dec 2018
he lifted my shirt as his cool touch buried me beneath a lover
a lover, i must gravitate towards serenity and sensual acts
acts, messy yet innocent; reeling me in for more
more, i want more, i crave what i bound to give
i give him, something for no returns
impossibilities have peaked, clean and unforgiving.
jbui Dec 2018
Has it been so long to forget what true love must reap
To succumb the temptations of inner crave,
and allow this moment of tragedy, consume our willing lungs
As the world goes round, and flowers bloom,
the beating of our hearts surrender the blackness of the dark
At last, discovery and fallen hearts to the ground
jbui Dec 2018
I met you in the depth of your despairs
during open season and the risk of open wounds,
cut, damaged - only one can repair.
The power you held and the pain you endured,
frivolous, approached and seeking something of worth
but one may only know
the long-awaited truth.
"she was a rebound that lasted too long" - somebody i used to know
jbui Dec 2018
Through the danger and the daggers of evil from within,
I gathered you in my arms and asked for your soul
and when you let me in, the darkness reaped again.
For months, I swallowed your love and pain, for pain and for loveā€¦
The light is almost gone; succession and repent.
jbui Dec 2018
Feel the wetness between those thighs and envision the moments we long,
Wring her up, toss me aside, and realize you were wrong
Escape internal madness for the gift of such despair
So, when I seek joyous encounters, all there will be left is fear
As the sun begins its cycle this morn, I picture the ache of light
Gone. And compressed of all your sins, she drowns in all her might
emotional pain can hurt just as bad as physical infidelity...

— The End —