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Jazmin Ortiz May 2017
They say a mother’s love is the best love,
But what’s the best love when she doesn’t show you love?
Because when you make a mistake she doesn’t want a thing to do with you.
That’s when you seek love in other things,
Drugs, alcohol, boys, people that don’t want you.
You slowly change into a person that you know she won’t like,
You start lying to her and to yourself
Because no matter what, you are still that little kindergartner
swinging on the swing set with a juice pouch in her hands
Pony tails in hair while you giggle about something silly.
But now when you giggle, you are too high to know what you giggling about.
Instead of having a juice pouch in your hands, you have shot of *****.
You start smiling less and start crying more
You aren’t the person you were meant to be,
You are the person you promised you’d never be…
  Aug 2016 Jazmin Ortiz
Mic Buenafe
it took a second for titanic to hit an iceberg

it took 24 hours to sum up your day

it will take a few minutes to make your caramel macchiato drink

it will take you a second or two to finish up your lightened cigarette

and it will only take a minute to brighten up someone else's day

but how long will it take me to accept the fact that you're no longer mine....

maybe in days, weeks, months or a year
I don't know....

but i know in time, I will
I get lost in your kiss
                   Yet feel at home on your **lips
  Aug 2016 Jazmin Ortiz
Lost love
1000 nights of you
500 days without you
It only took one day to fall in love with you.
Im glad I share it with you.
I love you.
Jazmin Ortiz Aug 2016
His kisses are my drugs
He is my dealer
The last time I had my drug was two weeks ago
And I’m addicted
I need it
I can’t think straight without it
How am I supposed to get my drug without my dealer?
He says he doesn’t know if he wants me
But I need him
He keeps me sane
He gives me a high that no one else can
His kisses are my drug
And I’m about to go through major withdrawal without it
without him
Hes not good for me but im addicted
Jazmin Ortiz Aug 2016
You are like a bad case of the flu
but sadly I  do not want to get rid of you
you make me feel sick but i love it
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