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Lost love Apr 2017
Once haunted by a lonely pass. Your finally here at last. You have become my instant paradise. You are the beauty and light in my day. The shine in the moon at night. You guide me when I cannot see the path. I fall in your arms tonight.
Lost love Apr 2016
My heart beats for you as my arms open to welcome you back to me. An urge for your voice has started. After many hours with tears and sadness. I'm afraid of losing you tonight again. Things have change but I'm still here thinking of you. I'm still waiting for you by the window and the ticking clock. You said I'll be there soon but only the night came with sounds that where not you. The shadow behind the curtains scares me. The walls are fadding and changing as I sit alone calling for you. What do I do?
Lost love Jan 2016
The pond of blooming lotus was waiting for someone to cherish there beauty.  There we were as the shinning city we cherish beneight the credent  moon. Such perfect moment seamed as if a message was being delivered to us as we walked. We drifted away in beautiful wavy lights. We were in a moment where nothing existed except you and I.
Lost love Dec 2015
Your the face without a name.
The person I adore but no one will ever know.
The love that made me see the truth.
That we make mistakes in life.
I have learn to forgive you my love.
Lost love Nov 2015
Let the power and tenderness of my light heal my 'should-haves', could- have's,' and ' wish I would- have's!
Not to me
Lost love Aug 2015
Today thinking of you made my day better.
It all started after reading your letter.
It said the world is better because of people like you.
If you only knew how much my love for you grew.
Back in your arms today i wanted to stay with you.
Thinking, letter
Lost love Jul 2015
Soulless through the eyes but not in your heart.
We once broke each other apart.
the puzzle of love did not come together.
Until we found each other again and forever.
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