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Jenniff Hill Mar 2021
i want to pretend i dont care,
that watching you be happy with someone else doesnt makes my heart shatter.
Call me selfish but i wish you were not
because maybe in that way you would come back to me, to us.
But then reality hits me
and its that you are there with her
and im here trying to find you in another person.

Overcoming the pain your absence left
has been a challenge but eventually i started doing it.
My days have become bright, i can see far away a tiny light at the end of my tunnel. Its gonna take me time to get there but at least
now the impossible seems more possible.
Snizzlefish Sep 2017
You once quoted to me, "Every storm runs out of rain."
Little did I know you would be my hurricane.
Mic Buenafe Aug 2016
it took a second for titanic to hit an iceberg

it took 24 hours to sum up your day

it will take a few minutes to make your caramel macchiato drink

it will take you a second or two to finish up your lightened cigarette

and it will only take a minute to brighten up someone else's day

but how long will it take me to accept the fact that you're no longer mine....

maybe in days, weeks, months or a year
I don't know....

but i know in time, I will
MsMercedes Jun 2015
I learned long ago
That we all belong somewhere.
I belong to the Hurt
To the lost
To the broken
To the depressed
To the angry
To the empty
To the hateful
To the hopeless
Who knew one day
I'd belong
To the **healed
Things get better

— The End —