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lauren May 2016
I'm always there for people
I'm always the one that they go to
but yet
once they feel whole again
once I have built them up
they leave
and I don't know
maybe I'm just overthinking things
but it really ******* *****
because right now I need someone more than ever and nobody ******* cares about me
lauren May 2016
and you were too drunk to function
and he was too high to care
so I took a couple pills to calm my mind and help me make it through the night
lauren Feb 2016
thank you for being here
thank you for being the only one who stayed when they left me
even though you ******* left too in the end
- l.w.
lauren Feb 2016
I was your bestfriend for five years
five years of my life I can never get back
you dropped me so easily
and the only communication we have had
is for you to vent about her
you miss her
you want her
I was nothing to you
and that is what I'm having a hard time with
because you were everything to me
and I ******* miss you so much
- l.w.
**** i want my best friend back
lauren Feb 2016
I want to text you
but the last time you did not respond
I want to go places with you and our old friends
but they and you hate me
I want to not feel this emptiness
you ******* swore you would never leave
I just want my friend back
what the hell happened
why did you do this to me
- l.w.
lauren Feb 2016
and I'm high on painkillers trying to erase the thought of you from my mind
*then you text me for the first time in months and it is all downhill from there
lauren Feb 2016
and it has almost been a month
since I have spoken to you
since we fought
and I am still not okay
but I never mattered to you
and you have moved on
and I am having the hardest time making peace with that
why have you ****** me up this much
- l .w .
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